Professors and Peasants

By: Alex Givens
Chattanooga, TENNESSEE(UTC/ The Loop)- A hot topic of discussion for years now has been the age old issue of text books. The price of textbooks is no joking matter for college students.

Each semester students will shell out hundreds of dollars for textbooks, and in some cases books that will never be used in class.

Further, should professors be allowed to require students to purchase textbooks they wrote? Maybe this is a part of some huge scam the university has going on in an attempt to keep the money circulating within the walls of the University. Does it seem fair to force students to pay hundreds of dollars for a textbook that benefits them?

The argument has been brought to the table that it is not fair to ask students to purchase textbooks that are written by the professors of the classes that they are taking. Where does the money from these purchased textbooks really go? Are the professors pocketing a hefty portion of these funds and putting it towards their vacation home in Cabo?

Here is a list of reasons why some students do not believe in purchasing textbooks that their professors have written… or purchasing textbooks at all.

1. “Buying a textbook that your professor has written is ridiculous. It’s like, I am paying to take your class and you already know everything about the subject so why can’t you just teach me the information instead of making me buy a 200 dollar book?! You could just give me a packet or TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO KNOW.” – UTC Sophomore Kayla F.


2. “What really makes me mad is when I pay a ton for a textbook and then it is just full of crap that I don’t understand or we don’t even use it! Why did I pay all of this money for a book that we never use from a teacher who already knows everything that is in it.” UTC Senior Faith D.


BUT… There is a reason that professors require students to have textbooks. In order to have in depth discussions about material, everyone has to have their own copy. True, some teachers do not use their textbook and they should take that into consideration each semester, but most of the test material is based off of facts that originated from textbooks.

Here is a list of reasons why it is necessary to buy textbooks:

1. Some students, myself included have chosen not to purchase textbooks hoping and praying we can skim through the semester by the grace of Google and Wikipedia. Some teachers require weekly journal entries based on chapters from the textbook and if you don’t have the textbook you may open your first assignment and think to yourself…


2. Yes, purchasing textbooks is a pain and looking at the final total may feel like someone drove a stake through your heart like Buffy the Vampire Slayer,but professors require textbooks based on the assignments that will be given in class. Sure, spending 400 dollars on textbooks may leave you feeling like you need a heavy drink…

But, professors are trying to make sure that you are fully prepared for any assignment that they may potentially assign during the semester. They also want students to have as much information at their fingertips as possible to learn as much as they can in the four years that they are in college.

Aside from the usual “I don’t want to buy a book that I will never use” argument there is also the argument of “We are already paying to take the class why should they get more money from us?” Here are some things most students are not aware of

– 78% of what students pay for textbooks are publisher costs (copyrights, printing, etc.)*
– only 11.7% is what the author makes

Take a moment to think about that. If your textbook cost 100 dollars, your professor only profits 12 dollars. That will buy them one movie ticket, not even a midnight premiere ticket.

– Schools are proud of professors that have dedicated their time into transcribing their knowledge into text so their students can benefit from it.
– If professors only assign the textbook they have written because it feels like they have covered all the necessary material they are saving YOU money.

There is a balancing act that must happen between students and professors. Students should feel free to express if they are not using their textbooks enough. It is their right as students and consumers of education to give feedback and let the professor know what they need. It is then the professors responsibility to listen to this feedback and take it into consideration for the required text the next semester. So pep up, and play your role either as a student or an educator.




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New Chattanooga Fire and Police Pension Fund: Burning Topic of Discussion

By: Alex Givens


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/ The Loop) — Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and City Council unanimously reached a verdict and decided to pass the new pension plan. Mayor Berke believes that this plan is critical in what it says about Chattanooga and the actions we are taking as a community.

The people of Chattanooga will finally be receiving the benefits they deserve. Mayor Berke says this new pension plan is about meeting goals, “It will continue to motivate the workforce, attract quality employees and we will do this by being responsible to tax payers”.

This new and improved pension plan will save Chattanooga 227 million dollars. With the fund saved Mayor Berke plans on investing in public safety and taking care of employees today. These funds will boost morale and help to fix the problem. Mayor Berke is proud of everyone who was involved in the development of the new pension, “We have outstanding employees who work for us- outstanding”.

The new pension fund:

  • – $227 Million saved
  • – Will improve public safety
  • – Take better care of Chattanooga employees
  • – Boost morale
  • – Reflection of the participants who were involved

Among many that disagree with the City’s plan to move forward with the updated pension plan is Kirk Salter. Salter was more than unhappy with the outcome of the court hearing.  He believes that the fund has continually sunk.

Kirk Salter taking a stand against new Chattanooga Pension Fund.

Kirk Salter taking a stand against new Chattanooga Pension Fund.

He believes they are making a change that is detrimental to the people of Chattanooga and as far as Salter is concerned, ” Andy Berke and Travis McDonald, okay, and the city council they are on notice that if you knowingly violate the law, okay, and go through with this you are exposing the city to liability… Travis McDonald and Andy Berke are no friends to public safety”.

Salter refers to himself as a “firecracker” and has reassured the people of Chattanooga that he is nowhere near done fighting against this pension plan. He believes the city has not been responsible for funding the pension over the years, and have allowed it to continually sink.

For some, this new pension fund may come as a shock and betrayal to the people but to others it is an extreme source of financial relief that has been long overdue.

Visit for more information.



“Go Green” by eating yellow- Yellow Deli, that is.

By: Alex Givens
Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Loop) – “Go Green” by eating yellow- Yellow Deli, that is.
For some, the Yellow Deliis a place of studying solitude. It provides an earthy atmosphere where students, business men and friends can come together over a hot cup of fresh herbal tea and enjoy fresh hand made bread. It is best compared to what it would be like to live inside of a tree trunk that Sunny and Cher hand painted in the 60’s.
The Yellow Deli- Chattanooga, TN

The Yellow Deli- Chattanooga, TN

Since 1978 the Yellow Deli has provided a wide variety of fresh garden made from vegetables grown in the garden to organic breakfast muffins with berries. According to one of the “Found Fathers” of the Deli, Ayal, the Deli Roast is the most popular sandwich. Nothing they serve has been prepackaged.
For those that have ventured into the Yellow Deli they have seen the colorful walls decorated with Biblical images as well as a feature that makes the Deli unique. Everything inside of the Deli is made from reclaimed wood, “We tore down old buildings and put it all together. We even straightened out nails! We were just out of the 60’s so the decor is out of the 60’s” says an enthusiastic Ayal.
Along with a variety of delicious meals to choose from, the Deli began producing all natural beauty products from lotions to creams. This addition came in 1979. Not only does it have a beauty bar, but there is also a smoothie bar where patrons can choose from a variety of fresh blended drinks.
Their food is not the only thing that has the people buzzing. The religious practices of the Deli has also raised a few eyebrows. They are considered to be one of the “Twelve Tribes” that participate in the Jesus Movement that began in 1972 by Gene Spriggs.
Originally the “community” began at a coffee shop called “The Lighthouse” where the members lived communally and then opened the Yellow Deli. Their division from the traditional route of religious practice raised concern from Chattanooga’s Citizen Freedom Foundation who deemed the group a ‘cult’.
Of the many people who find their practices to be on the “cultish” side, Karne Draper of Utah who was once a member of their “family” lived with them for two weeks before deciding she did not agree with their lifestyle choices or religious practices. According to Draper, the “Supreme Disciple” who will remain unnamed, is in charge of every detail of their lives including what they eat and wear.
Draper, who was a student at Chattanooga State College withdrew herself from the program after speaking to her academic counselor, “You should have seen the look on my counselor’s face when I told him what I was doing. I just smiled and said, ‘I found Jesus!’”.
While her experience there was less than pleasant that does not speak for the entire population. There are many who have found their food, service and attitudes to be pleasant and more than satisfactory. Experience it for yourself over a hot bowl of soup or a hot discussion about your religious practices. Both are popular options on the menu at the Yellow Deli.

Leave the Biebs Alone, that’s somebody’s daughter.


By: Alex Givens
Miami, Florida (AP/Theloop) – MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Justin Bieber’s mug shot hints at the boy-next-door image he’s carefully crafted over the past several years, with a glistening smile and professionally upswept hair.
But the red jail jumpsuit also visible in the photo tells a different story, one about the singer’s recent troubles and emergence as a bad boy. The 19-year-old pop star is facing possible jail time after his arrest in Florida on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Still, as he has been so many times since achieving stardom at age 15, Bieber was swarmed by crowds of news media and screaming young girls as he left jail Thursday afternoon. He popped through a window of his black SUV in a black hoodie and sunglasses to wave back.

Police said they arrested a bleary-eyed Bieber — smelling of alcohol — after officers saw him drag-racing before dawn Thursday on a palm-lined residential street in Miami Beach, his yellow Lamborghini traveling at nearly twice the speed limit.

He was arrested early Thursday with R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff, after police saw them racing two luxury vehicles down the street at 4:09 a.m., with two other vehicles apparently being used to block off the area.

The 19-year-old singer later admitted smoking marijuana, drinking and taking a prescription medication, police said.

Police Chief Ray Martinez said the singer was initially not cooperative when the officer pulled him over. Martinez said the singer also had an expired Georgia driver’s license.

Police said Bieber was driving the Lamborghini and Sharieff was driving a Ferrari. Both cars were towed. Police say Bieber was clocked at nearly double the area’s 30-mph speed limit near a high school, youth center, golf course, city firehouse and small apartment buildings.

According to the arrest report, Bieber “had slow deliberate movements” and appeared to be in a stupor when the officer ordered him to exit his vehicle. Bieber was arrested after repeatedly refusing to put his hands on his vehicle so the officer could pat him down to look for weapons, the report said. It says he cursed several times at the officer and demanded to know why he was being arrested. At one point, Bieber said to an officer: “What the f— did I do, why did you stop me?”

The Biebs resisting arrest.

The Biebs resisting arrest.

Bieber failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Miami Beach police station for a Breathalyzer, police said. Results haven’t been released.

“I think this case will proceed hopefully as any other case would proceed,” said Bieber’s attorney, Roy Black, whose other celebrity clients have included Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith.

Under Florida law, people under the age of 21 are considered to be driving under the influence if they have a blood-alcohol content of 0.02 percent or more — a level the 5-foot-9, 140-pound star could reach with one drink.

For a first DUI offense, there is no minimum jail sentence and a maximum of six months, a fine of $250 to $500, and 50 hours of community service. For anyone under 21, there is an automatic six-month license suspension.

A Miami-Dade County judge set Bieber’s bond at $2,500 Thursday afternoon. Sharieff’s bond was set at $1,000 for a DUI charge.

Bieber reportedly spent far more money at a Miami strip club Monday night, when the King of Diamonds club tweeted that Bieber ordered $75,000 in dollar bills. The club’s operator later acknowledged that was an exaggeration and that the singer only stayed about an hour.

Bieber and his large entourage were escorted to a closed-off section of the club. They enjoyed the dancers and ordered a large amount of bottled water, but no alcoholic beverages were sold to them, said Ricky “Disco Rick” Taylor in a statement.

“He had a lot of fun,” Taylor said. “We hope he returns again.”

The Canadian-born Bieber was only 15 when his platinum-selling debut “My World” was released. His brand was clean-cut and charming, earning him an invitation to sing for President Barack Obama and his family at Christmas. But his image tarnished as he got older.

Bieber has been accused of wrongdoing in California but has never been arrested or charged. He is currently under investigation in a felony vandalism case after a neighbor reported the pop star threw eggs at his house and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

A neighbor had previously accused Bieber of spitting in his face, and a paparazzo called deputies after he said Bieber kicked him, but prosecutors declined to file charges in either instance. He was also accused of reckless driving in his neighborhood, but in October prosecutors refused to seek charges because it was unclear whether Bieber was driving.

His arrest in Miami is unlikely to affect the egg-throwing investigation, which included nearly a dozen detectives searching Bieber’s home last week searching for video surveillance and other evidence that could be used to pursue a vandalism charge.

Bieber is also being sued by a former bodyguard who says the singer repeatedly berated him, hit him in the chest and owes him more than $420,000 in overtime and other wages. The case is scheduled to go to trial in Los Angeles next month.

Bieber’s arrival in Florida earlier this week also is under investigation. Authorities in the suburban Miami city of Opa-locka are investigating whether the singer was given a police escort when he landed Monday at the Opa-locka Executive Airport.

Police escorts from the airport are not uncommon, but they must follow procedure because they involve city vehicles, Assistant City Manager David Chiverton said. Administrators had not authorized any escort for Bieber in this case.

Despite all his legal troubles, the charges against Bieber likely won’t put him at risk of being deported or denied entry into the U.S. According to U.S. immigration law, authorities generally do not revoke an individual’s visa unless the person has been convicted of a violent crime or has been sentenced to more than one year imprisonment.


Kay reported from Miami. Associated Press writers Suzette Laboy and Laura Wides-Munoz in Miami, Tony Winton in Miami Beach, Fla., and Anthony McCartney in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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From Nada to Prada: Fashion Week in Milan

By: Alex Givens

MILAN (AP/UTC The Loop) — Designers are offering alternate realities for men next winter.

Yes, tailored suits and overcoats, the staples of any wardrobe, have their place on the runways on the second day of Milan Fashion Week on Sunday.

But designers also are recognizing men’s need to escape their urban work-a-day worlds and get in touch with nature. They don’t go so far as to offer outdoor clothing, per se. But there is more than a smattering of short, hooded parkas worn over suits and with backpacks that suggest some other destination after the office. And many collections incorporate active wear, including athletic trousers, often knit, with elastic or drawstring waistlines and gathered cuffs.

Milan Fashion Week runs through Tuesday.



Miuccia Prada is closing the book on her study of pop culture, choosing a more intimate look at fashion.

Prada set the stage by conjuring European avant-garde theater of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Her materials: sheer and light-weight fabric. Her color scheme was mostly deep tones with purple, rust, teal and browns offset by cream, red and magenta.

The looks themselves had a theatrical appeal — men’s leisure suits in deep tones with contrasting piping along the outer seams were accented with silky scarves tied around their neck, instead of ties. Suits were paired with silky collared shirts, or super-sheer knit tops that put in clear evidence the wearer’s state of fitness.

Prada couldn’t say all she wanted with just men, so included women also in the show.

They wore paper-light leather dresses gathered at the waist and neckline or long sheer skirts with floor-skimming boas.



Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier’s details startle with their subtlety.

The quiet bronze plaid jacket appears to have had its hemline dipped in electric blue dye that gently fades at the edge. An argyle pattern is knitted on a bias. The asymmetrical neckline of a soft pullover hugs a shoulder, giving the effect of one-sided shrug.

Some of the details in the menswear collection for next fall and winter have feminine antecedents, like a broad scooped neckline on a sweater, but the overall feel of the collection was decidedly masculine, defined by an athletic silhouette.

“The collection is about versatility and ease,” Maier said in notes.

Many of the trousers taper to ribbed cuff, mimicking active wear, and worn often with a bomber jacket and heavy shoes. Two tone knit caps tucked under the ears finish the look with a bit of whimsy. Dark neutral colors dominate.

Bottega Veneta started as a leather goods company, and Maier exploits the tradition with a cross-body satchel that is clutched under the arm, as are large shoppers often in the fashion house’s trademark weave.



Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo’s menswear collection for fall took traditional male staples like jean jackets and trench coats and re-worked them in earthy colors blended with just a hint of ethnic or nomadic pattern.

Long wool trench coats in tan were splashed with bands of sesame and chocolate. Jackets and even suits were sprinkled with stripes or patterns lifted from Native American blankets, keeping things interesting. Peacoats and military jackets came in an unexpected pale mint green.

The collection by designer Massimiliano Giornetti made stunning use of leather, as befits a house which began as a shoemaker to the Hollywood stars in the 1920s.

Boots with thick soles and a strap around the ankle came in different color variations, including a deep blue, and looked great with both suits and less formal looks. Short little jean jackets came in leather or pony skin. But for a house that makes its bread and butter from accessories, there were few bags on the runway except for hefty-looking large totes perfect for a weekend getaway.



John Richmond has had skirts in his personal wardrobe since his youth, or as the designer put it, “before everyone started doing it.”

In fact, it is a skirt from Richmond’s own closet that was worn by a bare-chested male model on the 1984 cover of British magazine The Face, which has earned a place in fashion history.

Notice he doesn’t call them kilts. This is no Scottish fetish.

“It is more punk-associated,” Richmond said backstage after the premier of his winter 2015 collection, which included knee-length skirts with front pleats layered with a man’s suit in matching fabric, a novel variation of the three-piece suit.

Richmond concedes the skirt is not for everyone, but for the few who are willing to give it a go, he doesn’t see a risk to their masculinity.

“I don’t think that guys look feminine wearing a skirt. They look really cool,” he said.

The overall mood of the collection was decidedly masculine, with leather white-on-black bomber jackets, quilted jackets with leather pants, pullover sweatshirts with optical flair and sartorial suits in checks and stripes.

At the end of the show, Richmond’s 3-year-old son Lou joined him on the runway for a hug.



British designer Vivienne Westwood’s menswear collection for fall was full of baggy trousers referencing hip hop music, mixed up with environmentalist messages.

There were three versions of the tracksuit, a hip hop favorite: a tight, high tech zip-up in gray, a loose and baggy one accented in black trim, and a full-on gold version with a hood.

Westwood’s clothes have strong ties to music, so the nod to hip hop seemed only natural for the women who invented the safety-pin looks that defined punk rock in the 1970s.

Fond of splashing political messages across T-shirts, she sent several models out wearing shirts emblazoned with the words “+ 5 degrees,” in reference to global warming.

Her casual looks often featured low-waisted baggy trousers cut off at the knee, paired with a big sweater and oxfords, or a leather jacket, or just a T-shirt and sneakers. A raincoat as thin as tissue paper looked like just the thing to pop into a suitcase before a trip.



Calvin Klein’s looks for next winter suggest something of a futuristic global adventurer/man of mystery.

His outfits are monochromatic in tones of camel, olive and blue-gray that give the impression the wearer can mimetically conceal himself in any environment: desert, forest or sea.

Loose trousers shimmering in copper and silver are worn with bulky graphic or quilted satin sweatshirts that relay a sense of utility and strength. For outerwear, there’s a shiny hooded parka or woolen bomber.

Suits were closely tailored, with tapered cuffs worn over laced boots. Jackets had mildly contrasting lapels, and are worn over button-up shirts, tieless. The mystery comes in with the ample backpacks that require a cross body strap, and the oversized overcoat.

If he is just going to work, why all the gear? What could this apparently mild-mannered traveler with the slicked-back hair be really up to?



Moncler, the company that glammed up the down jacket, topped off its recent blockbuster stock market debut with a debut of another sort during Milan’s menswear shows — it added womenswear to its only-for-men Gamme Bleu fall-winter 2014-2015 line.

Designer Thom Browne has proved adept at Moncler at channeling the rich visual language of sports into city wear for fashionable urbanites. For his Milan Fashion Week preview, he turned a former factory in Milan into a wood-paneled library at a British country estate, and showed a collection that pulled its inspiration from the golf green circa 1920.

The collection was a riff on diamond-print argyle done in every way possible on jackets, pants, socks and even a full-length down skirt (shown on both male and female models). For the less bold, the Moncler gray quilted down jacket, cut like a blazer, ornamented with a stitched argyle pattern, will probably be enough to recall the summer greens.

Moncler pulled off Europe’s most successful IPO last year when its shares rose nearly 50 percent on their first day of trading. On Sunday, Moncler showed it is serious about continuing to broaden its product line.



London-based Italian designer Angelo Galasso is bullish on Milan.

Galasso sees so much potential in Milan’s retail market that he is moving his store this winter, tripling its size just 2 ½ years after opening in Milan and five years after launching the eponymous brand. While most shoppers at Galasso’s Milan store are foreign tourists, the designer says his Italian clientele is growing and often spends in equal measure to his foreign followers.

“Italians are tired, and it is not just because the economy is not doing well, but also of their wardrobes,” Galasso said. He senses Italian men are ready to burst beyond the classic blazer and find less repetitive looks.

Galasso’s collection for next winter includes tailored jackets with wide lapels made from printed tie fabric or velvet, and worn with ripped jeans — giving both a dandy and a 1970s vibe.



German designer Philipp Plein called his fall-winter 2014-2015 menswear collection “Noir Cowboy.”

The show started off with a bang with a real-life rodeo show complete with a bucking bronco. Overwhelmingly black, both matte and shiny, the only splashes of color in the entire collection were in the red checked shirts or the fringed scarves.

Versace also mined the western theme for its menswear show, but Plein’s take was more decadent and luxurious.

Plein’s collection made expert use of animal skins ranging from leather all the way through to crocodile and snakeskin. A buffalo skull motif was worked onto T-shirts and on cashmere blankets thrown across the torso and belted. Some of the jackets featured snakeskin lapels with Swarovski micro studs. That’s some sharp cowboy.



Fur highlights Marni’s menswear for next winter.

The centerpiece item is the fur collar accessory, replacing the scarf, which comes in green mink or dark Astrakan. Soft, hug-inviting vests are made from beaver. And goat fur is used in pants as well as caps.

As in other collections in Milan this season, Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni included athletic wear, knitted sweatpants and sweatshirts with a strategically concealed pocket.

Marni’s trademark prints also were on display, Castiglioni’s own floral designs as well as prints made from artworks from so-called outsider artists who achieve a level of mastery despite a lack of formal training.


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