UTC Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

By: Janay Roberson


CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop)—Graduation is intended to be a great accomplishment to anticipate. Many students have stayed up long hours to study for exams, finish projects, and even put their personal lives on the back burner to succeed in college. Most  are ready to graduate, but for others, reality is sinking in and it’s beginning to bother them.

Some students are nervous about finding a job after college and moving to a new city. Others feel like they are losing their college support system  and having to move out on their own. Students who stay on campus and graduating in May from UTC have a few days after graduation to move out.graduation1ik9

Some students aren’t in a rush to be completely on their own. Even though moving back home may not be at the top of most students’ lives, there can be some pros for moving back in:

  • Students may not have to pay rent or utilities
  • Gives students the opportunity of saving money
  • May be able to work for a previous employer while back at home
  • Don’t have to worry about spending money on furniture
  • Gives students the opportunity to spend time with family that was lost while away at school

Amanda Standefer is a Human Resource Management major from Dunlap, TN who is graduating in May.  She is like any other college student who has enjoyed the college life, exams, homework and the experience of meeting new friends. The only difference between Standefer and other college students is the fact that she has been staying at home with her parents since she started school in 2006.

“I drive an hour every day to get to school. So I am comfortable with staying with my parents. I will definitely be staying there after I graduate until I start my career but I’m in no big hurry, Standefer says.”(misplaced quotation marks)


Moving back home just doesn’t sit well with too many college students no matter the benefits that it might have.  Latasha Spears, who is a Finance major from Memphis, TN, says that moving back in with her parents after graduating in May is not an option. Spears is currently working at BlueCross BlueShield in the security department. She is interested in moving closer to her family between Memphis and Nashville, but refuses to move back in with her parents.

“I have been living on my own for a while and I can’t put myself in a situation where I know I will be living off of anyone else,” Spears says.

UTC anxiously await for Graduation day

UTC anxiously await for Graduation day

With the down  economy and the job market to match it, some students are looking forward to grad school. Standefer is definitely considering graduate school in the fall after working in the summer to save money.

“I feel like the economy is bad,” Standefer says. “I feel like nowadays a college degree is basically like a high school diploma so graduate school is the best way to go.”

 After a student graduates and see that they are ready to apply to a graduate program, they need to first figure out what the best programs are for their major. According to viewspoints.com, the top five graduate schools of business are:

Harvard University is in the top graduate program for Business according to viewpoints.com

Harvard University is in the top graduate program for Business according to viewpoints.com

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of Pennsylvania
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Northern University

In Spears’ case, she doesn’t believe that graduate school would benefit her because she is looking to follow in her father’s footsteps. Spears’ father has been an owner of a chicken wing restaurant for the past eight years and she is looking to become owner of the restaurant one day.

“I want to be my own boss. I’m going to be an entrepreneur so me attending graduate school is not necessary,” Spears says.

For Criminal Justice major Talesha Wade from Milan, TN, graduate school is not even a question. “For my major, I have to go to law school, so the only problem that I’m facing now, is getting accepted into graduate school,” Wade says.

On May 2nd, UTC students will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and start their journey into the real world. Some students will find themselves scrambling for ideas and opportunities that will lead them on the right path to success for life after college.

The Night of The Gentlemen Scholarship Pageant

By Janay Roberson

Chattanooga, Tenn. (UTC/The loop) — Slow and sexy music, extravagant suits, and the swim wear contest was just a little bit of what UTC students saw during the 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Scholarship Pageant. The gentlemen hit the UC auditorium stage, concluding in the crowning of a UTC freshman.

About 135 students, most of them adoring and screaming fans of the five contestants, watched as the gentlemen competed for the chance to win scholarship money and for the opportunity to be crowned Gentlemen of The Evening. The contestants included Justin Brown, Jonathan Henderson, Alex Nelson, Robert Sharpe III, and Russell Smith.

The contestants in The 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

The contestants in The 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Pageant. From left to right: Justin Brown, Jonathan Henderson, Robert Sharpe III, Alex Nelson, and Russell Smith.

The show started off with a choreographed number where  all the contestants moved about the stage to “Stepping to the Bad Side.” The show then moved to swim wear where the gentlemen showed off their bodies in hopes of getting a good response from the crowd.

Next, the gentlemen dressed their best from top to bottom in the formal wear portion of the pageant. And then there was the question-and-answer where  the five contestants were asked questions such as “What is the top problem facing the school system?” and “How do you feel about the new health care bill?” Robert Sharpe III , who had the health care bill question, is in favor of the bill. “I think that it is a really good thing. The fact that that people who can’t afford health care are now able to get it, is great,” Sharpe  said.

Jonathan Henderson, Winner of The Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

Jonathan Henderson, Winner of The Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

Third place went to Alex Nelson, Runner-Up went to  Sharpe  but in the end, the judges were won over by UTC’s Freshman Jonathan Henderson.

“I felt honored and astonished,” Henderson said. “Winning this pageant just means a lot to me. This is just the beginning of great things headed my way.”

Students voted  for their favorite contestant via e-mail and the winner was contestant Robert Sharpe III,who was named Mr. Popularity the night of the show.

The pageant was sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi and all of the proceeds went to The American Heart Association for patients with Cardiovascular disease.


UTC Fraternity Prepares for Black History Month Step Show

By: Janay Roberson

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop)—As Black History Month comes to an end, UTC’s Eta Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity makes last minute preparations to their step routine, which they have been practicing in anticipation for the 6th annual Black History Month Step Show will be February 27  at 6:00 p.m. in The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium.

Members of Eta Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha

Members of Eta Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha

The step show is held annually in the spirit of Black History Month. It is a family oriented show that traces back to the early 1950’s and is deeply rooted in traditions. Power 94 and Deep End Entertainment bring together fraternities and sororities such as Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, and many more from around the country to compete in the no holds barred step show.

“The meaning of the step show is to show unity of the black Greek organization,” says Eta Phi chapter member, Ronald Sutton. “It shows the leadership of black Greeks serving the community to help lift mankind spirits by showing that African-Americans can come together in a positive way without violence.”

Fraternities and Sororities competing in the 6th annual Black History Month Step Show

Fraternities and Sororities competing in the 6th annual Black History Month Step Show

UTC’S Eta Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity is no stranger to the step show because they compete every year. Eta Phi chapter member, Junior, Bryson Simpson says this year’s step show will be even better than last year’s. “Our theme this year is “Graduation/Nerds. What we are trying to do this year is incorporate more steps,” says Simpson. The step show generally draws over 3000 people from all over who come to cheer on their favorite Greek organizations and step teams.

In addition to student performances, nationally known comedian, Lil Duval, will host the show. Also there will be celebrity performances at the show including: Young Dro, Skinny Playa, Tierra Mari, The OMG Girlz, and Pretty Ricky.

Simpson expects that this year celebrities will bring a bigger crowd than last year’s. “It is going to be a good show. I believe it will be comical and entertaining at the same time, so I hope everybody will come out and support the step show,” says Simpson.

General Admission tickets are $16 in advance and $20 on the day of the show. Tickets may be purchased at Tisdale Fashions on Brainerd Rd. and the following Kanku’s convenience stores locations: Wilcox Blvd., Market St., and 4th Ave.

Click here to order tickets online.

Teenage Girl Badly Beaten at Seattle Bus Terminal

SEATTLE (AP) — Three unarmed security guards were following orders last month when they stood by without intervening as a 15-year-old girl was badly beaten in a downtown Seattle bus tunnel. Now the company they work for and government officials say those orders should be revised.

The guards’ actions during the brutal attack — captured on surveillance video — prompted an outcry from Metro Transit and King County authorities, who said they wished the guards had broken up the fight even though they’re not supposed to.

“We are very disappointed in what people see in that video,” said Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond. “It was absolutely unacceptable.”

Police arrived minutes after the attack, and after the group had fled. Investigators tracked down four, including the alleged attacker, and arrested them on Friday and Saturday. The four were all charged with first-degree robbery.

In court papers filed Wednesday against the teen girl accused of attacking the 15-year-old and the three young men accused of stealing her purse, phone and iPod, the victim told authorities she thought the security guards would protect her.

Surveillance video first aired by Seattle’s KING-TV this week shows the attack at Westlake Station on Jan. 28. The victim appears several seconds before her attackers and sidles up to the three guards, who are standing together and talking.

When a group of teens and young adults approaches the girl, she appears to seek refuge by moving around to the other side of the guards.

Another 15-year-old girl shoves the victim and begins punching her. The two crash into a wall and then onto the floor. The assailant gets up and kicks and stomps on the girl’s head. Others grab her purse, iPod and cell phone.

The guards, who have standing orders to “observe and report,” called police.

The victim told a King County sheriff’s detective that the group followed her from a nearby department store into the bus tunnel at Westlake Station on Jan. 28, and she deliberately stood next to the three guards.

At the department store, two Seattle police officers noticed the escalating situation and kicked the group out of the Macy’s, then brought the girl and her friend to another exit, the victim said. She reported that she asked the officers for an escort to the bus tunnel, just below the department store, but the officers refused.

“Had these officers known what was to transpire, they probably would have paid for a cab for this victim to be taken safely to her home, but they didn’t know. They broke up a couple of disturbances and provided the victim an opportunity to leave the area via bus,” said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, a Seattle police spokesman.

One of the defendants, 18-year-old Dominique Whitaker, told detectives that earlier in the evening the victim had pepper-sprayed another person in the group.

The 15-year-old, who reported that she lost consciousness during the attack, was not hospitalized but did see a doctor.

King County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Urquhart said the guards were right to follow their training.

“If you’re a bank teller and you do something other than give them the money, you’re going to get fired,” Urquhart said. “We don’t expect civilians to take police action. In this case, it was a violent fight, and they were outnumbered by this pack of people 3-to-1.”

Metro Transit contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for 68 police officers, and supplements that force with civilian guards provided by Olympic Security Services Inc. of Tukwila, Wash. All three of the guards involved are Olympic employees.

The guards’ duties include helping customers and reporting suspicious objects, disruptive behavior and equipment problems.

Olympic Security President Mark Vinson did not immediately return calls seeking comment Wednesday. Desmond said he has been in close contact with the company, and its executives were disappointed in the response of the guards.

Olympic Security is working up a proposed contract revision that could include additional training and new guidelines on how and when guards should intervene, Desmond said.

“They are highly motivated to make changes very quickly,” Desmond said. “I am motivating them, and they have a reputation to keep.”

Other options include hiring armed guards.

Unarmed guards could put themselves and others at risk if they intervene in certain situations. But this incident was largely a fight between two teenage girls, and there does not appear to be any indication that the larger group would have become involved if the guards broke it up, Desmond said.

“If I was there on the platform I don’t know that I would have stood there,” he said. “It’s their job to be down there. The people at Olympic Security had the same human response: ‘Why didn’t we step in to protect the girlon the ground?'”

The girl charged with being the primary attacker faces up to 2½ years in juvenile detention if convicted. Whitaker and Latroy D. Hayman, 20, each face a sentence of 31 to 41 months in prison if convicted, and the third adult defendant, Tyrone J. Watson, 18, could face a sentence of 36 to 48 months in prison.

It was not immediately clear if any had obtained lawyers.

First Lady Reveals Childhood Obesity Campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama on Tuesday unveiled “Let’s Move” — her national public awareness campaign against childhood obesity, a problem she says concerns her both as first lady and as a mom.

One in three American children are overweight or obese, putting them at higher risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other illnesses. Billions of dollars are spent every year treating obesity-related conditions. And public health experts say today’s kids are on track to have shorter lifespans than their parents.

“None of us wants this future for our kids,” Mrs. Obama said at the White House. “We have to act, so let’s move.”

Her campaign has four parts: helping parents make better food choices, serving healthier food in school vending machines and lunch lines, making healthy food more available and affordable, and encouraging children to exercise more.

Michelle Obama and school students having fun while they help with Harvest of White House Garden

Michelle Obama and school students having fun while they help with Harvest of White House Garden.

The ambitious campaign, which Mrs. Obama hopes will be seen as her legacy, is aimed at solving the childhood obesity problem in a generation, so that children born today can reach adulthood at a healthy weight.

“This isn’t like a disease where we’re still waiting for the cure to be discovered. We know the cure for this,” Mrs. Obama said at the unveiling, which was moved to the State Dining Room as the second blizzard in less than a week bore down on the city.

Major elements of Mrs. Obama’s campaign include:

—The Food and Drug Administration working with food manufacturers and retailers to make food labels more “customer-friendly.” The nonalcoholic beverage industry said Tuesday it will start putting calorie information on the front of its products.

—The American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging doctors to monitor children’s body mass index or BMI, which is a calculation of height and weight used to measure body fat.

—Serving healthier food in schools. Congress is due to rewrite the Child Nutrition Act this year, and the administration is asking lawmakers to spend $10 billion over the next decade to give schools more money to make needed changes. More than 31 million children get meals through the federal school lunch program, and many kids eat up to half their daily calorie total at school.

—Offering $400 million in tax breaks to encourage grocery stores to move into “food deserts,” areas with limited supplies of nutritious food, and spending $5 million more to establish and promote farmers’ markets. Both steps would require congressional action.

—Encouraging children to exercise more; an hour a day is recommended.

—Setting up a Web site, www.letsmove.gov, with shopping tips, a recipe finder and other resources.

Judith Palfrey, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said the problem needs a national solution.

“So having the president and first lady take the lead on this, particularly the first lady, the first mom, is giving us the reinforcement that we’ve needed,” Palfrey told The Associated Press.

Mrs. Obama has pushed a few causes since becoming first lady, including support for military families, volunteerism and the arts and arts education. She planted a garden on the South Lawn, something that helped this self-proclaimed lover of burgers, fries and White House pie to begin talking to youngsters about the importance of eating a balanced diet.

She also has talked about her own experiences as a working mother, often feeding daughters Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8, with quick and easy but less healthy options like fast food and takeout meals. Mrs. Obama said she made minor changes in their diets after their doctor said he was concerned about their BMI. She said she saw improvement after replacing soda with water and trimming portion sizes.

Some have criticized the first lady for using her daughters as an example. Mrs. Obama says she understands how sensitive the issue is, particularly as a mother of girls. She said her initiative is about children’s overall health, not just body weight or size or BMI.

Mrs. Obama’s campaign kicked off Tuesday in the Oval Office when President Barack Obama signed a memorandum creating a task force on childhood obesity. He gave the panel 90 days to develop a plan for solving the problem, including setting ways to measure progress.


Associated Press writer Julie Pace contributed to this report.

National Signing Day at UTC

By Janay Roberson

Chattanooga, Tenn. (UTC/The loop)­­—To many football fans, National Signing Day is a holiday. At least it felt like a holiday at Finley Stadium as fans celebrated Feb. 3 while UTC’s head coach Russ Huesman announced the 16 football recruits for the 2010 season.

Last season, Huesman and his staff only had roughly two months to put together a recruiting class for National Signing Day being that he was hired in December 2008. This year Huesman had more time to prepare. A lot of fans, especially students are ready to see what the new players have to offer. Senior Davaunte Dotstry from Memphis, Tenn. who was satisfied with the first season under the new coaching staff and is eager to see the continued success.“I have a good feeling about the new Chattanooga Mocs. I think the future is very bright for the team,” Dotstry said.

footballfeEven though the Mocs focused their recruiting on high school seniors, they had two transfers among the recruits. Like B.J. Coleman who transferred last year from Tennessee,Chris Donald, from Huntingdon, Tenn., also transferred from Tennessee in January. Coming out of high school in 2006, Donald was ranked a five-star recruit. To add to him being a five star recruit, Donald was also the No.1 rated inside linebacker as a senior in high school.

Also among the 2010 recruits was Terrell Robinson  from South Pittsburg, Tenn., who was the 2009 Tennessee Mr. Football Division I-A Back of the year. Robinson threw for 1,687 yards, rushed for 1,322 yards, and scored 46 total TDs as a senior. Even with local players, Huesman said that his recruits have been amazed with what UTC has to offer and that’s it has been a great selling point for them to get football players to UTC.

“The last two years I’ve been recruiting for UTC, every recruit we had come in here has loved the campus, and loved our academics,” Huesman said.


While looking forward to another successful year, The Mocs’ will try to “Restore the Glory” with their 16 new recruits that will be welcomed for the new season.

Click here for more information and the list of 2010 Chattanooga Football Signees.

The Uncovering of Fencing at UTC

By: Janay Roberson

CHATTANOOGA,Tenn.(UTC/The Loop)—From slam-dunks and free throws to touchdowns and first and tens, basketball and football seem to be the hottest things when it comes to college sports. Many people usually tend to focus on just those sports. Not only are they the most popular sports, but they usually bring in the most money. What about the other sports?

Many sports are forgotten because it may not seem amusing or hold great interest for some people. That makes it difficult for some sports to exist. Lauren Tweedy, vice president of UTC’s fencing club, often feels this way.


Most students have no idea UTC has a fencing club for students. What is fencing? It’ s a style of sword fighting that originated in Europe. There are three types of fencing and UTC’s fencing club focuses on the Epee style because the equipment is easier to get and maintain.

Tweedy is happy the club is growing and drawing not only UTC students, but also non-UTC students. Ten UTC students come almost every week. Others come every now and then with the non-students.

“I’d say the fencing club is a very friendly group and we welcome anyone who wants to come and try it out,” Tweedy said.

While they practice footwork and basics, students also spend time planning to compete in two tournaments this semester.

The fencing club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7p.m.-9p.m. in the aerobics room on the third floor in the Aquatic and Recreation Center (ARC) on campus.