Student Support Services Help Out

Chattanooga, TN. (UTC/ The Loop)- Student Support Services help out low-income students at UTC to excel academically and financially in school.

The Student Support Services, or S-S-S, are an organization that offer a wide variety of services to help out students that are from low-income, first generation backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities to graduate.

This organization is entirely funded by the U.S Department of Education through a competitive grant process.

Student Support Services have well trained and caring staff members that help create a climate that’s supportive of the success of students.

Shirl Gholsten, director of Student Support Services, entered her nineteenth year as director and says that she has enjoyed every minute of her job.

“My favorite thing is providing the support for the students and seeing them as freshman participate in the program for four, five, or maybe six years.”  Gholsten said.  “And seeing their development throughout those years and seeing them walk across that stage is heart warming.”

Gholsten also emphasized how that her main focus was to only help those students who need the financial and academic aid.

“We only serve two hundred out of twelve thousand students.”  Gholsten said.  “We don’t really recruit students but out students recruit for us.  Most of our students are in the program one year and they come back and they help us serve those new students.”

Click here to listen to Shirl Gholsten about Student Support Services

Domique Batson, a UTC graduate, enjoyed not only the academic advice he received during his years there, but the financial aid as well.

“They helped me with my studies and funding.”  Batson said.  “Every time I had a question, they helped me with that and they helped with problems out of school.”

Click here to listen to Domique Batson about Student Support Services

Student Support Services have no funds to join or receive their help.

Application packets are at 216 Frist Hall or downloadable from their website at