Top Ten Places to Shop Local

 By: Laura Kelton

Chattanooga (UTC/The Loop) -All over Chattanooga, businesses and individuals alike are supporting local shops in troubling economic times.

Shopping local provides a great sense of support in the Chattanooga area. With hundreds of small businesses all over the community, the opportunity to shop local lies around every corner. Supporting local businesses has been seen as one of many ways to take part in the ever-growing ideas of being “green.” Not only is it a way to keep those businesses open, but also helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through less shipping and travel.

Chattanooga is a place booming with some great places to shop and dine, and here are a few ways for you to support your local economy.

10. Niedlov’s Breadworks

Niedlov’s provides Chattanooga with some of the most fresh, beautiful bread in the city. They specialize in organic breads that are naturally leavened, and their process may take up to 20 hours. Their signature loaf is the “Wholely Whole Wheat” comprised of unbleached wheat flour, whole-wheat flour, water, sea salt, and yeast. Their phrase, “We love to knead. We knead to love,” says it all once you have sampled their goods. Not only can you purchase their breads at the bakery located at 215 E. Main St., but they can also be found in local restaurants such as The Blue Plate and Easy Bistro and Bar.

9. The Blue Plate

The Blue Plate is located at 191 Chestnut St. and is open Tuesday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Their restaurant offers both a breakfast and dinner menu all day long. As a local business, they understand the importance of supporting other local businesses and provide goods from Bluff View Bakery, Niedlov’s Bakery, River Ridge Farms, and Stone Cup Coffee. UTC sophomore Sarah Binion said that The Blue Plate has a “fun, modern, comfortable atmosphere. It’s a cool place to just hang out with people while enjoying a good meal.”

8. Aretha Frankenstein’s

Quaintly tucked away in an old house on Tremont Street, Aretha Frankenstein’s offers a wide variety on their menu. From breakfast food to quesadillas, it’s the perfect place to pick up an evening snack, a coffee, or a beer and run into a few of their neighbors. What makes Aretha’s stand out the most, is their substantially large pancakes. Standing at an inch high, they’re hard to measure up to. UTC student Anna Tribo said, “I don’t think I could ever go back to normal pancakes, I would have to eat 10 of them to make one Aretha Frankenstein pancake!” 

7. Rembrandt’s Coffee House

In the heart of the Bluff View Art District you can find Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop. In a beautiful French stucco building, there is interior and exterior seating to hang out and enjoy an item from their full menu. Their menu ranges from coffee and pastry goods to salads, sandwiches and paninis. A perfect spot in the rain or shine, their warm and inviting atmosphere creates a great spot to meet with friends or study for a test.


Rembrandt's dessert display and toasty fireplace!

Rembrandt's dessert display and toasty fireplace!

6. Collective Clothing

Reflective of their name, Collective Clothing is a vintage clothing and accessory store located at 3933 St. Elmo Ave. While the majority of their merchandise is vintage, they also feature local handmade goods. Collective Clothing has also become an entertainment hub for local artists to perform at. Local DJ Daniel Lewis comments, “Collective Clothing is not just a thrift store. These are clothes handed down, but many of these are sorted through, and are actually relics of their time. I’ve seen tour t-shirts from bands and hip hop groups that were actually tour t-shirts printed in that time. Collective reminds me of the shops you see at Little Five in Atlanta, because that’s what it’s modeled after.” Collective Clothing will be featuring items in the MainX24 fashion show at the Choo Choo on Dec. 5.

5. Chazzy Dogz

Owned by their neighbor, Cheeburger Cheeburger, Chazzy’s Hot Dog stand claims itself to be “Chattanooga’s Coolest Little Hot Dog Shop,” so my friends and I decided to check it out. The shop is no more than a walk up window with a few patio tables outside, but in that little space they have a whole lot to offer.


Chazzy's convenient walk-up window at the corner of 2nd St. and Market St.

Chazzy's convenient walk-up window at the corner of 2nd St. and Market St.

Guests can choose from “Nathan’s All Beef Hotdog” or “1/4 Pound All Beef Hot Dog” ranging from $2.50-$3. After making their decision, they can then pile it high with any toppings they wish – for no additional charge! And trust me, if you can think of it, they have it. They suggest a few styles such as “The Basic Chazzy Dog,” “Chicago,” “Atlantic City,” or “Tijuana.” It is an unbeatable hot dog, for an unbeatable price. Chazzy is open Sunday- Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

4. Greyfriar’s Coffee and Tea Company

A local coffee shop in the downtown district at 406 Broad St., Greyfriar’s Coffee and Tea Co. is the home of RareCoffee. RareCoffee offers freshly roasted coffee beans for sale on their website and in house. Their passion brings about a quality of coffee that can only be brought about through “thoughtful experience and creative artistry” according to their website. Be sure to stop in on your next stroll downtown on a cold winter day.

3. Chattanooga Cupcakes

Located at 500 Broad Street, Chattanooga Cupcakes is a sweet deal for some sweet treats. Owner Sonya Reagor said she has always wanted to open up a bakery of sorts, and cupcakes seem to be the hot item right now.


Even the building looks delicious!

Even the building looks delicious!

With an assortment of cupcakes on the everyday menu to featured cupcakes of the day, there is something there to satisfy any sweet tooth. From Lemon to Chocolate Overload, these cupcakes are melt in your mouth succulent and stacked high with delicious icing. UTC sophomore Nick Friend said that Chattanooga Cupcakes “offers some of the most extravagant desert treats I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only do they have a colossal amount of icing, they are very creative with the flavors that they use, like cappuccino and red velvet.” Friend also comments that they provide a comfortable and relaxing environment that “seems like it would be perfect for a day date.”


Nick Friend enjoying a cupcake with Sarah Finley

Nick Friend enjoying a cupcake with Sarah Finley

2. Leo Handmade Gallery

Leo Handmade is located below Clumpies in the Northshore strip along Frazier Avenue. The gallery features handmade clothing, jewelry, accessories, and posters from local artists. Owned by Bridget Miller and John Hall, Leo’s brings about a clean, creative atmosphere along the strip. Some artists featured in the store include Young Monster and OwlEyes’ Accessories. Stop in to pick up a one of a kind item, and make sure to check the back room for $20 and under vintage items!


Accessory display

Accessory display


Look what I found! OwlEyes' Hair Accessories for sale

Look what I found! OwlEyes' Hair Accessories for sale

Want to learn more about OwlEyes’?

1. The Chattanooga Market

The Chattanooga Market is a local weekend hot spot to find both family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. With vendor’s selling items from fresh produce, art, jewelry, and cooked goods, the market provides a free, fun atmosphere for all. The market has something to keep everyone entertained in the afternoon with a rock-climbing wall, children’s play area, and live music.

Local artists such as Paul Fontana find the market to be a great place to show and sell their art on the weekends. Fontana’s photo transfers onto wood drew me in that Sunday as I mingled with the locals and talked to them about their goods. He says the market gives him a great way to get his art out there and tell people about his work, which can also be found at the In-Town Gallery on Frazier Avenue.

Although closed during the colder months of the year, the Market offers events such as the Holiday Market during the first weekend of December. The festivities will re-open April 25, 2010, and go on throughout the summer and fall. 


Local Accessories to Give a “Hoot” About

By: Laura Kelton

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Loop) – One UTC student is watching her dreams come true before her eyes as her eco-friendly accessory line OwlEyes’ Accessories takes flight.

UTC junior Rebekah McCallie is the creator of OwlEyes’ Accessories, designing felt and feather pieces to compliment any outfit. McCallie says her inspiration comes from “watching countless hours of Project Runway, movies and books about renowned fashion designers, and old Audrey Hepburn movies.” But she comments that anything and everything fabulous, pretty and unique inspires her designs. “I just enjoy creating adorable accessories and hopefully adding to someone’s already fabulous outfit.”

Rebekah in the "Brown and Red Indian" headband. $10

Rebekah in the "Brown and Red Indian" headband. $10

As McCallie runs her own business, it has allowed her a lot of leeway in design of both products and the brand itself. She derived the brand name from her own love of owls. She says, “Well, it’s no surprise to people who know me, but for those who don’t: I have a serious obsession with owls. There are probably 20 owls decorating my room, and you will rarely catch me without an owl necklace on.” As far as the product, she takes custom orders at no extra charge. Up and coming Chattanooga fashion blog, Jank is Swank, says that this is their favorite part of OwlEyes, “You can special order any design you desire, from hair pins, to clips and of course headbands.”

Her product line began with felt and feather headbands and earrings, and has expanded to hair clips, pins, brooches, and even a few miniature hats. McCallie says she was motivated to start her own line after shopping one day, as she does frequently, and finding a headband for $30. She says, “I knew I could make them for myself and my friends much cheaper.” UTC junior Brooke Dobson says that McCallie’s creations “cost so little but look so expensive. They go with everything…I own five headbands and a pair of earrings.”

Brooke Dobson in a felt brooch. $8

Brooke Dobson in a felt brooch. $8

McCallie has already seen a large growth in her entrepreneurial business. Dobson says, “I’ve known Bekah for a long time. She is a very driven person and great business woman. OwlEyes will be a huge success.” The accessory line is already available at numerous nearby businesses, including Leo’s Handmade Gallery and Sugar Plums Antiques.

Rebekah in a "Shades of Brown" felt headband. $8

Rebekah in a "Shades of Brown" felt headband. $8

What does the future hold for OwlEyes? “I want it to be selling in many more stores, and eventually grow to a point where I can start my own store,” says McCallie. “I just want to make as many people as fabulous as possible. I hope to see OwlEyes really grow.”

OwlEyes’ Accessories can currently be purchased online from and, as well as through the Facebook page.

Top Ten Reasons to Not Get a Pet on Impulse

By: Laura Kelton

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) – Human beings have a tendency to latch onto ideas that drive their thoughts from time to time. We often refer to this tendency as a “fever” such as “baby fever,” “wedding fever,” and in this case, “puppy fever.” For the general purpose of this article, the driving force will be Presley Coal, the most recent addition to our household.

This is Presley Coal, what a charmer!

This is Presley Coal, what a charmer!

Presley’s original presence in the house was to be one of protection and companionship, but after a month or so, my roommates and I have found that he is a lot more than we bargained for. We originally intended to wait a bit longer to invest in a pet, but once “puppy fever” kicked in, it was just an itch we had to scratch.While I love our puppy, I write this as a warning to those who think that they are prepared for pet parenthood. With that, here are the top ten reasons to not get a pet on impulse.

10. Your roommate may be allergic.

9. You don’t have the time that you think you do.

  • Our justification for getting a pet was that we all had such different schedules that one of us would always be home to be with them. Wrong! While there is generally someone home, it is not for long, and Presley is a space invader. If he isn’t on top of you, he is somewhere doing something he should not be doing. When he began to act up, we decided that we needed to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, this only resulted in the most pathetic of whimpers every time we had to confine him to the kitchen when we were not home, and even worse – at night.

8. They may bite.

Poor Anna! Presley tends to beat up on her the most.

Poor Anna! Presley tends to beat up on her the most.

7. In general, they tend to smell.

6. What you see isn’t always what you get.

  • Our complaints should be few and far between, seeing as to how we got our dog for free, but the ad we responded to was for a 13 pound, one year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Cocker Spaniel mix. Upon arrival to the house, we found him to be a 31 pound, 10 month old German Shephard.

5. Young pets have no self-control.

  • Over appetite, volume, or bladder. Presley will eat anything, anywhere, anytime. He scratches on the door from the outside at the sound of dog food. Unfortunately, this has also resulted to the loss of a bowl of cereal, a corn dog, a bag of granola, and a few shrimp from our own food stash.

4. They know what a trial period is.

  • Really, they are angelic the first three days. It’s like a kid, the first few times they do things they shouldn’t, it is cute. After the fourth or fifth time, it is not nearly as adorable.

3. Hide and seek is not always a good game to play.

  • Lee Kwok of Chattanooga recalls purchasing a pet for his son, but quickly returning it. Kwok says, “It wasn’t even the smell that was the problem. Cleaning up after him was fine, but anytime my son wanted to take him out and play with him, he would scurry off. Hamsters are not easy to find in a house.”

2. They are a distraction.

  • UTC sophomore Graham Uhelski says that his roommate’s former dog was a hassle mostly because he became a distraction during homework and other activities. Uhelski says, “It seemed like every time I sat down at my computer to work, here could come Walden, wanting to play fetch. And of course he would never go away until he got what he wanted.” Like Walden, many good-hearted pets just want some love and attention, which unfortunately for us, comes at the expense of our grades, or even homes.

1. You house will never look the same.

  • Say hello to our couch – or what is left of it.

    This couch is 60 years old and belonged to my roommate's grandmother. Bad dog!

    This couch is 60 years old and belonged to my roommate's grandmother. Bad dog!

Some Celebs Should Consider Investing in Security instead of Chanel

By: Laura Kelton

LOS ANGELES (AP) — For a group of Hollywood-obsessed teens, entertainment news on the Internet offered more than a glimpse into the lives of stars. It helped them break into celebrities’ homes.

The teens tracked the movements of stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and broke into their houses, making off with millions of dollars in stolen possessions in a spree that lasted almost a year.

With a few clicks on the Internet, police say, the suspects developed a wish list of designer clothes and jewelry, then raided the homes while celebrities were away.

“They thought it was fun, kind of an adrenaline rush,” Los Angeles police officer Brett Goodkin said. “They would go in and steal the celebrity’s clothes and possessions, things they could never afford on their own.”

Police last week arrested four young women and two men on suspicion of burglarizing 10 homes in the Hollywood Hills. In addition to Lohan and Hilton, other victims included “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson.

Police said the teens scoured celebrity blogs and Web sites, looking for valuables, and then used the Internet to find where the stars lived.

After watching a home, they would break into poorly protected properties through doors, windows and, in one case, a doggy door. The burglaries lasted from October 2008 until September.

Items stolen “run the gamut of high-end designer clothing,” Goodkin said. “You could pick a designer, and they would be among what was taken.”

Police displayed an evidence photograph Wednesday depicting approximately $2 million in stolen jewelry that was recovered and returned to Hilton. The thieves snatched dozens of items of flashy, gem-encrusted jewelry, then made off with it in the socialite’s Luis Vuitton bag.

The suspects include 18-year-olds Rachel Lee, Courtney Ames and Alexis Neiers, and Diana Tamayo, 19.

Several of the group graduated two years ago from the “continuation campus” at Indian Hills High School in suburban Agoura Hills, said Donald Zimring, superintendent of the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

Such campuses are for students struggling to attain good grades in regular schools, but Zimring could not comment on their academic records.

Additionally, 18-year-old Nicholas Prugo was arrested last month in the same case on suspicion of breaking into the homes of Lohan and Patridge. A sixth suspect, 27-year-old Ray Lopez Jr., was also arrested.

Police also sought Jonathan Ajar, also 27, for a variety of offenses, including receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm.

Prosecutors have filed felony residential burglary charges against Neiers, Ames, Tamayo and Lopez Jr. They declined to file charges against Lee, pending further investigation, and additional charges will be filed against Prugo, who had already been charged with burglaries at Lohan and Patridge’s homes.

Police recovered three guns and a large amount of drugs as they served search warrants in the case. They did not specify where they searched.

The robberies were driven by “celebrity infatuation and greed,” Goodkin said.

Neiers had been the subject of a reality-TV pilot episode that the Los Angeles Times said was about aspiring actresses.

The cable network E! would not confirm that, but network officials issued a brief statement they “are concerned by recent events, awaiting further details and will be monitoring the situation closely.” The statement said shooting began recently and would continue.

In a short interview on E!’s Web site, Neiers said she was eager to put the matter behind her.

“I just learned my lesson that I need to make some better friends and some better decisions as far as my friends go,” she said.

An attorney representing some of the victims said the crimes highlight the growing risks faced by celebrities in a world of unending media attention. Blair Berk worried this was putting a “bull’s-eye on the forehead of celebrities.”

“You cannot on a weekly basis publish pictures of the back entrance to someone’s house and do stories on their collection of cars and jewelry without increasing that person’s vulnerability to theft and harm,” Berk said. “It’s a celebrity envy thing.

“It’s the new sociopath generation of ‘I really like those Chanel boots.’ Instead of going out and buying them, they just steal them.”

Lee appeared to be the “driving force” behind the burglaries, Goodkin said. Attempts to reach her, Lopez and Ames were unsuccessful. A man who answered the phone at a number registered to Tamayo declined to comment or to say whether she had an attorney.

Court records show Lee and Tamayo were convicted of petty theft earlier this year.

Neiers’ attorney, Jeffrey K. Rubenstein, released a short statement saying his client “was at the wrong place at the wrong time” and is “not the party responsible for the events that led to her arrest.”

Prugo’s attorney, Sean Erenstoft, downplayed his client’s role in the burglaries. He declined to elaborate, but said Prugo was pleased that others had been caught.

Erenstoft said he had not yet reviewed any evidence in the case, which includes video surveillance from some celebrity homes.

Publicists for Lohan and Bloom did not immediately respond to e-mails seeking comment. Patridge’s publicist declined to comment.

Paris Hilton retrieved stolen belongings, including most of her missing jewelry, from police, but did not get everything she lost, her publicist said.

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Taylor Swift Walking on Cloud 13

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/The Loop) — Taylor Swift says she is “absolutely walking on a cloud” over her six nominations for the American Music Awards.

“I’ve never been nominated six times for any award show,” the country star said Tuesday before a benefit concert in Nashville. “This is just such a wonderful day for me.”

Her tally, announced on Oct. 13, even beat late superstar Michael Jackson, with five nods and rapper Eminem, with four.

“It’s the 13th today, and 13 is my lucky number, and that’s when I found out about the AMAs. It’s like, I swear, good things happen on the 13th for me, and I can’t believe all those nominations.”

The 19-year-old is up for the AMA’s big award, artist of the year, alongside Jackson, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and rock band Kings of Leon.

“It’s wonderful to be nominated in all genre categories,” said Swift. “I consider it such an honor, because I live in Nashville, I sing country music, and the fact that people outside of this genre have accepted me, just makes my days more sunny, and I am so happy about it.”

Her other nominations include favorite female pop and country artist, favorite adult contemporary artist and favorite pop and country album for “Fearless,” which has sold three million copies.

Her album isn’t the only thing that is “Fearless.”

“I absolutely love the pop crossover stuff, it’s really fun for me. I love hearing different takes on my music and hearing different genres and different formats listening and adding my songs. It’s just something that I’m very thankful for,” she said.

The nominees were selected through a combination of sales and radio airplay. American Music Award winners are determined by online fan voting and will be announced during a ceremony in Los Angeles on Nov. 22, airing on ABC.

For Swift’s sake, let’s hope Kanye West does not decide to make an appearance.

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Florida Teen Set on Fire

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (AP/The Loop) — Authorities say five Florida teenagers have been charged after they doused a 15-year-old with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire because he stopped someone from stealing his father’s bicycle a day earlier.

Michael Brewer was hospitalized with burns on more than three-quarters of his body after the attack at a Deerfield Beach apartment complex Monday.

The Broward County sheriff’s office said in a news release Tuesday that 15-year-olds Matthew Bent, Denver Jarvis, Steven Shelton and Jesus Mendez and 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis were charged with aggravated battery. Mendez is also charged with attempted second-degree murder because authorities say he flicked the lighter. Authorities did not know if the five have attorneys.

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Top Ten Things a Server Does Not Want to Hear From Their Table

By: Laura Kelton

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/TheLoop) – In the world of fine dining, everyone is quick to judge, and many people give good reason to be judged. Over the past two years, I have seen and heard many interesting things. People never cease to amaze me. I firmly believe everyone needs to work in a restaurant at least once in their life, just to see what people can be like at times.

With the help of a few friends, I gathered some of the most common and outrageous things that we have seen over the years. Here are the top ten things a server does not want to hear from their table.

1. Can I have some more of the red sauce that goes so well with the fries?

  • Yes, this happened, and yes, it was ketchup.

2. What do all the numbers on the menu mean?

  • The only polite way I could think to respond was, “Ma’am, those are the prices of the items.”

3. But I ordered the ____________.

4. So much for no __________, huh?

  • Memphis sophomore Anna Tribo explains that sarcastic guests are not fun to wait on. “The only thing worse than that is tables that won’t talk to you. Nothing is more annoying than asking if everything is alright and being completely ignored.” She says that those guests are usually the ones to get frustrated when they do not immediately get their check, even though you are just trying to give them their space.

5. The price isn’t on the menu, so it’s free, right?

  • Tribo continues, saying, “People are so cheap! They will do anything they can to spend less money.” Of course they get upset once you tell them that they will in fact be charged for that item.

6. How can this be a salad? It doesn’t have any lettuce.

7. The check is how much?

  • This is a terribly awkward position to be put in. As a server, you hope to have a high bill in order to obtain a good tip. But in this situation, you realize that you can kiss your 20% tip good-bye. Jonathan Wilson of Chattanooga says, “Nothing drives me crazy more than when someone has a $48 check, they give you $50 and ask for change.”

8. Are you on the dessert menu?

9. This Caesar salad tastes fishy.

  • Also commonly paired with, “Are there anchovies in the Caesar dressing?”

10. I need to see the manager.

  • This is a server’s worst nightmare, generally speaking. While every now and then it will be to compliment the server, most of the time it means something has gone terribly wrong. On the up side, a manager smoothing over the situation may help the server in the long run. It is amazing what a discount or free appetizer will do!

Ever had a similar restaurant experience? Have an idea for a new top ten? Email Laura Kelton at or by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Family Guy Legalization Issues Turn into Illegal Issues

By: Laura Kelton


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP/The Loop) — Venezuelan authorities plan to impose fines on cable television companies that refuse to stop airing the animated television series “Family Guy.”

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami says the program should be pulled from the airwaves because it promotes the use of marijuana.

El Aissami was outraged by a recent episode in which the show’s characters started a campaign to legalize marijuana.

He said Thursday that cable networks that broadcast “Family Guy” would be fined by Venezuela’s telecommunications regulator if they refuse to dump the program.

The government of President Hugo Chavez is preparing to impose new regulations on cable television. Among other rules, cable providers could be forced to carry Chavez’s frequent speeches.


Characters from left to right: Brian, Lois, Peter, Stewie, Chris and Meg


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Man Stalking Singer-Songwriter Jewel on a Mission from God?

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP/The Loop) — A man accused of stalking singer-songwriter Jewel at her rural Texas ranch said he was on a mission from God, authorities said Tuesday.

Michael Lawrence Kozelka of Townsend, Wis., was arrested last week after he went two consecutive days to the 2,000-acre Stephenville ranch owned by Jewel’s husband, rodeo champion Ty Murray, said Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant.

After Kozelka was found on the ranch Sept. 14, the landowner warned him not to return, Bryant said. But on Sept. 15 Kozelka was found at the main house with a pocket knife in his clothing and a dog with him, although he did not resist arrest after deputies were called, Bryant said.

“He was not aggressive and was not mad,” Bryant told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “He just said he was on a mission from God, that God told him to come to Stephenville and led him to this ranch.”

Bryant declined to say what Kozelka may have said about Jewel or her husband, and it’s unclear if either was home at the time.

Kozelka, 50, was charged with stalking, a felony that carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence, according to jail records.

He has been jailed in Stephenville, about 75 miles southwest of Fort Worth, on $30,000 bond since his arrest.

His attorney, Michael Nicholls Pugh, declined to comment Tuesday, saying he was appointed to the case that afternoon and had not yet talked to Kozelka.

Attempts to reach Murray, a nine-time world champion rodeo cowboy and past president of Professional Bull Riders, were unsuccessful Tuesday. A publicist for Jewel did not immediately offer a statement.

Vickie Pintsch, co-owner of Pintsch’s Hardware in Townsend, Wis., said Kozelka lived in the area for years, working on construction and helping with repairs and odd jobs. Pintsch said she had not seen him for several months, although he visited her store occasionally.

She said Kozelka attended St. John Lutheran Church in the town of about 1,000 people, about 80 miles northwest of Green Bay.

“He was pleasant to talk to when he came into the store,” Pintsch said. “He has never hurt anyone that I am aware.”

According to Oconto County Circuit Court online records in Wisconsin, Citizens Bank foreclosed on some property Kozelka owned in November and a sheriff’s sale was conducted in August.

William Foshag, an attorney for the bank, did not immediately return a telephone message Tuesday.

Bryant said Murray and Jewel were concerned about publicity over the incident. According to the incident and arrest reports obtained by The AP under the Texas Public Information Act, a pseudonym is used for Jewel, and few details are provided about what happened that day.

The couple have lived quietly for years on the ranch near the dairy community of Stephenville. Jewel, who was born Jewel Kilcher, is working on a second country album — the first, “Perfectly Clear,” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s charts last year — as well as a second book of poetry.

In the spring the couple joined the cast of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but injuries during training forced Jewel to drop out before the competition began.

Copyright Associated Press 2009.

The Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Landlord

By: Laura Kelton

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) – As first-time home renters, my roommates and I have an old house with many problems, most were not fixed before we moved in. Trying to correct these problems, we may have stepped on some toes, mainly those of our landlord.

Sarah Finley, a sophomore from Memphis, said, “I’ve found it difficult to find a balance in the relationship between tenant and landlord. I understand that this is their home, but it’s ours too.” She says that she has come downstairs and found her landlord, unannounced, sitting in a room, watching people make repairs.

Aside from our parents, this is the first encounter we have had with landlords. While searching for a home, I found there are many different types of landlords. You have the creepy landlord, the nosy landlord, the landlord that never calls back, and in our case, the cheap landlord.

Considering that fact, it seems that many of the issues have become “do it yourself.” Even if we took care of it, it has still become the landlord’s problem. Finley finished, saying, “Although the solutions may be a little out of bounds, I don’t think we have crossed the line.”

With that, I leave you “The Top Ten Ways to Annoy Your Landlord.”

10. Tell your landlord that you spent your entire first week cleaning, right after they finish ranting about how they cleaned it top to bottom.
9. Strip your wallpaper instead of painting over it as you were explicitly instructed to do.
8. Have your mother call and inform the landlord that they will be deducting from next month’s rent all of the expenses spent on improvement.
7. Insist that the landlord change your lock, because while you can unlock it, you cannot seem to lock it back.
6. Never have the utility bill switched over to your name, so your landlord still gets the bill.
5. Have three different plumbers look at your bathroom. You landlord pays for each one.
4. Never pay a pet deposit, but get a pet anyways.
3. Never cut your grass.
2. Use your front yard as a parking lot.
1. Have someone punch a hole in your wall.

Care to share a landlord experience? Or do you want to suggest a topic for a new Top Ten? Click on the link at the top of the page to contact me.


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