Evil Toilet Paper

By: Elizabeth Patterson

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/The Loop) — A Michigan woman says she can’t work or crochet and her bowling game has suffered since her right hand was broken by a toilet paper dispenser in a restaurant bathroom.

The Michigan Supreme Court, in a 4-3 order, has refused to throw out Sheri Schooley’s lawsuit against Texas Roadhouse in suburban Detroit. Liberal justices were in the majority in a decision that raises questions about what businesses need to do to protect themselves from liability in strange situations.

Schooley, 58, acknowledged it’s a “bizarre story.” She and her husband were out for dinner on New Year’s Eve 2007 when she visited the restroom.

“I reached and the cover of the toilet paper dispenser fell down on my hand,” the South Rockwood woman told The Associated Press on Monday. “It looked like the dispenser was up but it wasn’t latched. At first I thought I was all right. I thought it was just bruised.”

But the pain didn’t fade, she said, and her husband had to cut her steak. When Schooley returned to work, she couldn’t use a stapler. Diagnosis: broken bone.

Three years later, “I still cannot use the hand. I have no grip,” said Schooley, who had to quit her job as an administrative assistant because she couldn’t type.

A Wayne County judge and the state appeals court have refused the restaurant’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. The Supreme Court has twice followed the lower courts, most recently in an order released Saturday.

There is no evidence that restaurant employees inspected “toilet paper dispensers to see if they were closed,” Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly wrote.

“It is not for this court but rather for a jury to decide if the dispenser that harmed her constituted a dangerous condition,” she said.

The court’s three conservative justices said the liberal majority was overreaching. In a biting dissent, Justice Stephen Markman noted that the restroom was checked for wet floors and other obvious problems every 15 to 30 minutes.

Texas Roadhouse “apparently also had a legal duty to inspect for hazards that could not reasonably have been anticipated, such as a toilet paper dispenser opening unexpectedly,” Markman wrote sarcastically.

Restaurant lawyer Scott Feuer was disappointed with the decision.

“If the court is going to find something as innocuous as a toilet paper dispenser as a dangerous condition, then what wouldn’t be?” he said.

Schooley said she still bowls but was forced to switch to her left hand.

“My average used to be 140. Now it’s 95 to 100,” she said. “Quite a drop.”

Dirty Dancing at Bonnaroo

It’s three in the morning and you’re standing outside a venue watching your favorite band perform while everyone around you is dancing with nothing on their mind but the music.

By: Elizabeth Patterson


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (AP/The Loop)-This crazy  four day music festival started in 2002 created by Superfly Productions and AC Entertainment. Every walk of life enters the park, guaranteeing a new and unique friend and seeing sights that shouldn’t be seen while jamming out to your favorite band.  The festival has various musical artists performing and tons of activities for the whole family.  Although I wouldn’t recommend bringing your children, everyone is welcomed. Every summer thousands of people gather on a 700- acre piece of land in Manchester, Tennessee.

View of the park

Bonnaroo attracts so many people even celebrities attend the festival.  Drew Barrymore has been spotted in the crowd dancing to one of her favorite bands.  Ryan Brown who has attended the festival four times in a row says, ” I look forward to going to see the music but I’m always looking around to see if my celebrity crush or idol is out in the audience.”

The festival is also sponsored by many businesses across the United States such as:

  • Budweiser
  • Garnier Fructis
  • Cannon
  • Wheat Thins
  • Rolling Stone

To attend Bonnaroo, you must first purchase your tickets online. Tickets run about $250 at the cheapest. You can bring your RV or car but it will cost an additional  $175.  Instead of the general admission, you can get the VIP package .  However if you are resident in the Manchester area or  have volunteered to work at one of the tents, you can receive your ticket for free.

To volunteer at Bonnaroo you can get on the main website and wait until they post the volunteer application.  You must pay a fee of $25 to fill out the application and be at least the age of 18.  They offer the volunteers the opportunity to see their favorite bands and you have to complete three shifts.


Once you have arrived you can park your car and set up your tents and any other equipment you need. Camping is what the majority of attendees do to get the full affect of the festival. You can locate your campground anywhere around the Centeroo Venue.  You will become really close to your neighbors since you’re sharing the campground with about 98% of the population that has come to the festival.

Since Bonnaroo is known for its rainy days and nights,  you can get really dirty and muddy so there are plenty of facilities on site.  You will have showers, bathrooms, medical stations, food and shopping, telephones, hand washing stations, art installations, pods and a general store. You will experience the true outdoors during this four- day festival. ATMs are available for emergency cash and there is a security detail around the festival as well as emergency services.

Muddy Bonnaroo

After putting out your camping gear, it’s time to switch into party mode and watch some of your favorite bands.  The most permanent venues are as followed; Centeroo where all the activity is held.  What Stage is the main stage of the festival that can hold 100,000 people. Which stage, is the second largest stage holding about 30,000 people at the most.  Finally, the Comedy Tent, which is restricted only for comedians such as stand up.

When Bonnaroo first started, they focused mostly on jam bands as their main source of musical entertainment.  However, over the years Bonnaroo has held many diverse musical talents.  The music ranges from hip hop, indie rock, bluegrass, country music, gospel, reggae, alternative and electronic music.  With this much variety everyone can find their niche. Here are some of the various artists that have performed at Bonnaroo over the years:

  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Phish
  • Disco Biscuits
  • Widespread Panic
  • Kings of Leon
  • Katy Perry
  • Dave Mathews

People at the festival cooling off

You can find music, activities and attractions throughout the park.  When you don’t  want to be around dirty, sweaty bodies you can attend the comedy theatre or the fuse barn where you can charge your phone and stand under the mist to cool down.  There is a freedom lounge where you can hangout and meet new people.  The festival even holds yoga classes and a tent where you can have a hairstylist wash your hair and trim your dead ends for free!

Bonnaroos popularity started when Rolling Stone Magazine named it one of the 50 greatest moments in rock and roll history.  The lead singer of Phish, Trey Antasio, was just one of the first to who took the stage in 2002. “That year helped establish it’s rep as a friendly home for jam bands,” said Rolling Stone.  Other magazines, movies, websites and books have also recognized Bonnaroos popularity.

The atmosphere of the festival is one heck of an experience.  Amazing laser light shows are presented while the performer is on stage.  The crowd is in full force jumping around singing and dancing. Balloons, glow sticks, water and huge beach balls are being thrown at you from one direction to the next.  There are even people crowd surfing and the person next to you might be nude.

light shows while artists perform

You will see a lot of nudity because they feel that the festival brings freedom and a “let go” attitude.  Every walk of life comes to this festival.  There are people who paint their bodies, have dreadlocks, piercings, tattoos, nude people and any other strange thing you can think of.  UTC student Sam Stanley says, “The one thing about this festival that everyone loves is people aren’t there to judge, they are there for the enjoyment of the music and to meet new friends.”  Many students from UTC have attended Bonnaroo since the location is about an hour away.  UTC student Meredith Blanchard says, “I have been to Bonnaroo three times and every time it’s worth the money, I have such a good time!”


Bonnaroo is a great festival to come too during the summer to have fun and meet new people.  You’re there to enjoy the music, volunteer, help and love one another.  It’s sort of a replica of Woodstock which was started in 1969.  Without music our world would be boring, this is just a place to escape from the real world for four days and live out loud!

The next Bonnaroo festival is coming in the year 2011, June 9th-12th.  This will be Bonnaroo’s 10th anniversary, and many people are expecting some of the original bands that first started Bonnarroo to attend. The new lineup will be released in January.  Check this link out to find anymore information on the festival or to find out who is playing this summer.


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Chattanoogans Become Bassheads

By: Elizabeth Patterson

E-mail: mary-patterson@utc.edu

A packed venue, multicolor lights flashing, and people dancing this is the trademark of Bassnectar, one of the new DJ’s sweeping the nation.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn( AP/ The Loop)- Raving has become the most popular all night dance party in our generation. The synthesized and heavy bass attracts all kinds of people especially those of  teens and young adolescents.

The drug scene is presentable but most are there for the music.  Talking to ravers I noticed a specific lingo to describe their experience using words like rowdy, drug references and calling themselves Bassheads.

Chattanooga has become involved with the rave scene.  There are many raves held in the downtown area and welcome anyone who is willing to put on their dancing shoes.  Bangers Ball located on Market St.  is just one of the all night parties that Chattanooga holds for the price of five dollars.  Chattanooga also has its fair share of up and coming djs.

2009 Summer Camp - Afternoon Set Credit: Chad Smith

Bassnectar throwing down the bass

One of the most popular dj’s that has started the revolution of electronic/dubstep craziness is no other than Bassnectar.  Not only does Bassnectar allow you to let loose and dance the night away, his music also leaves the audience open minded with his socialist ideas.

Click here to listen to tracks of Bassnectar

Bassnectar a.k.a Lorin Ashton started off underground in the Bay Area with his insane parties and mixtapes that eventually led him worldwide. “What started back in the mid nineties as an experiment fusing youth culture and social action has turned into a multi-faceted, multi-faced creature called Bassnectar, “says bassnectar himself.

Bassnectar is very popular in Chattanooga, Nashville and Atlanta. “His shows are crazy as all get out, the atmosphere is incredible,” said UTC student Kara Livingston.  I also spoke to people who are extremely into the rave scene and create their own style of music. ” Bassnectar has been a huge inspiration towards making my own music,” said student Brent Murphy.

Bassnectar Family

I myself have had the experience of seeing Bassnectar live.  The crowd does get extremely rowdy by throwing glow sticks and water.  The atmosphere is like no other with people dressed in the most interesting outfits with hulu hoops.    It’s a very different scene but definitely one you will never forget.

Bassnectar next show is December 30 in Atlanta at the Tabernacle.  Come out and experience the craziness of the show and become a basshead( bassnectar fan).

Post Office Shooting

HENNING, Tenn. (AP/The Loop) — Two gunmen opened fire Monday at a post office in a rural West Tennessee town that was home to “Roots” author Alex Haley, killing two workers during what a survivor and authorities described as an attempted robbery.

The shooting happened Monday morning at the post office in Henning, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department said. Officers were searching for a maroon Chevrolet Malibu with two men inside, and no arrests have been made.

District Attorney Mike Dunavant said the case involved “disturbing violence” but did not elaborate.

The post office, which sits between a self-service car wash and a coin-operated laundry called “Mom’s” in this town of about 1,200 people, often has residents coming in to pick up their mail. Home delivery isn’t provided in Henning, some 45 miles northeast of Memphis.

Beth Barnett, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service, said that five people usually work in the post office but that she was not sure how many were there at the time of the attack.

Mary Hammock, who works at a nearby market, said Monday afternoon that she had been in the post office about 8:25 a.m. and noticed it was not as loud or busy as normal.

“I knew something didn’t feel right because it was real quiet,” she said. She returned to the market and heard police sirens about 15 minutes later.

“I might have been real close probably to losing my life,” she said.

Around midday, plainclothes investigators were scanning the area along a railroad track that sits behind the post office. Lines of yellow police tape kept people away from the building as a crowd gathered nearby, some sitting in chairs, waiting for more information about what happened.

Crime scene investigation trucks were parked outside, including one from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Ella Holloway, who lives within walking distance of the post office, said she knew one of the women killed. Holloway said she would be greeted by the woman’s smile when she went to the post office to buy stamps.

“She was a real nice person,” Holloway said.

Tony Burns, a state employee at the Tennessee Capitol in Nashville, said his sister-in-law is a postal service worker who was assigned to the Henning office Monday. She told him that the shooting happened during a robbery attempt, but that she escaped unharmed. The sheriff’s department also said earlier in the day that the incident may have been a robbery.

Standing on a street corner near the post office, city resident Emmitt Hennings, a 71-year-old retiree, said it was hard to comprehend what happened.

“I just couldn’t believe it, not in this town,” Hennings said. “It’s too quiet.”

Postal officials offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The post office is less than a half-mile away from the museum dedicated to the “Roots” author Haley, who died in 1992. The 1976 book won a Pulitzer Prize and was the basis for a top-rated TV series. The story chronicled his family history from Africa to slavery and freedom in the U.S., and it inspired many people to research their own families’ roots.


Associated Press writer Lucas L. Johnson II in Nashville contributed to this report.

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Trevor Hall Live in Atlanta

By: Elizabeth Patterson


ATLANTA, Georgia (UTC/AP)-  For those of you who love the acoustic and soft sound of Jack Johnson, I’m sure you will be fond of Trevor Hall.  Trevor Hall is an artist who has been low key in the music industry.  However, he seems to be gaining popularity throughout his career.  When I went to his live show in Atlanta the audience couldn’t believe how packed the venue was.  “Normally his shows are really laid back, having only about 60 people,” said die hard fan, Sam Stanley.

Hall began his career in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  When he was eleven he started writing and performing with the help of his father.  ” He started on the drums and worked his way up to other instruments in tour home in Hilton Head,” said Jeff Hall.

During Halls senior year of high school his father surprised him with a recording session.  From that day on Hall has worked his way up to the top by moving to Los Angeles and meeting people who inspire him to write music.

I had the chance to interview the guitarist, 25 year old Brian Blang.  He has been playing music for about 12 years but I was shocked when he said he had only been playing with Trevor for about three months. “The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder are my influences,” said Blang. He acted very excited and when asked how he liked the feeling of being up on stage he said it is one of the most fun things you can do.

Hall has a new album out Trevor Hall Live (Explicit) you can listen to samples of his new album at this link. His music is a mix of acoustic rock and reggae.  His lyrics are very thought provoking and inspiring.  One of his most famous songs that the crowd immediately called for in Atlanta is the song Lime Tree.

The atmosphere of his shows are laid back and enjoyable.  For those who like the laid back scene and letting the music take a hold this is one show you must see.  You can check out Trevor Halls tour dates and plan to go to the next one!

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Gladwell coming to UTC

By: Elizabeth Patterson

      CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (UTC/AP)-The George T. Hunter series is kicking off with award winning writer Malcom Gladwell.  Gladwell is a staff writer for New Yorker magazine and has sold million of books on topics such as networking and digital technology. 

     He is best known for his books, The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, and What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures.  He graduated with a degree in history from the University of Toronto’s Trinity College in 1984.

      “Embracing the diversity of human beings we will find a sure way to true happiness.”  said Gladwell.  His lecture is titled Over Confidence and the Disease of Experts. Check this video out to get more information on Gladwell coming UTC. 

     The first lecture will be Oct. 5 at seven p.m. at Rowland Hayes concert Hall in the fine arts serve basis. Overflow rooms will be made available.

School Drug Testing

By: Elizabeth Patterson

JACKSON, Tenn. (UTC/AP) — Humboldt High School has started randomly drug testing students involved in athletics following a new state law that allowed schools to randomly test students in voluntary extracurricular activities.

The testing began Thursday after student athletes and parents were required sign letters allowing the testing in order to participate in athletic programs like cheerleading and football.

Principal Arthur Moss told The Jackson Sun that testing will occur every other month to give students a way to counter peer pressure and to ensure athletes are drug free.

“This is to change the perception that all our athletes are on drugs,” Moss said.

The first round of testing included 10 students who were randomly selected through a numbering process, he said. School officials plan to expand the program to include all extracurricular activities once a structure is in place to test a larger group of students.

Although drug testing in Tennessee schools is not new, random testing for students involved in extracurricular activities was permitted under an amendment passed in June.

Rich Haglund, general counsel for the State Board of Education, said prior to that amendment, Tennessee law only allowed students to be tested based on reasonable suspicion.

Steve Bayko, superintendent of Humboldt City Schools, said the testing is not harmful and refusal to participate in the testing would prohibit students from taking part in athletics.

“There’s no requirement that any student has the right to extracurricular activities,” Bayko said.

Ja’Lisa Smith, a Humboldt High student, said she signed the authorization form for drug testing to be on the volleyball team and supports the program.

“I think it is great because drugs could affect how (student athletes) play,” Smith said. “They should have been doing it a long time ago.”

However, Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, said her group lobbied against the amendment because the organization believes it infringes on children’s rights.

“While we are concerned with students using drugs, we do not believe that random drug testing of students is the solution,” Weinberg said. “In fact random drug testing in school has proven to be ineffective in deterring drug use among young people.”

Weinberg said there’s a potential for inaccurate results from urine sampling. To eliminate tampering with the samples, a witness would have to observe the student at all times during testing, she said.

“It’s important to remember the random testing is not based on probable cause or even reasonable suspicion and challenges what young people learn in their civics classes,” she said.

She encouraged parents with concerns about Humboldt’s testing program to contact the ACLU.


Information from: The Jackson Sun, http://www.jacksonsun.com


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UTC Students Reaction to Justin Beiber Winning New Artist of the Year

By:Elizabeth Patterson


LOS ANGELES, CA(UTC/The Loop) – For those who had the Bieber Fever on Sunday, September 12th were cured at this year’s VMA’s awards. Usher, who signed Bieber on the spot after finding him on YouTube, has made this sixteen year old cutie a star and Best New Artist of the Year. Check out this Youtube video, where Justin was first discovered.

JB was founded by Usher but was also asked to be managed by Justin Timberlake.  Having two platinum artist fighting over who is going to sign your record deal must be an incredible feeling for a sixteen year old.

Youtube stars Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston on the cover of their song "eenie meenie"

Bieber has had many hits this past year starting off his career with the song, “One Time” and following with “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Baby,” and “Eennie Meenie” featuring Sean Kingston, a recording artist who was also found on YouTube.

The pop teen sensation who has girls drooling and crying.  He has been tweeting almost everyday leading up towards the VMA’s and looks like it payed off.  Stars such as Selena Gomez voiced her opinion and her support for Beiber to win the award.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin singing to Selena Gomez

Beiber was up against Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and Broken Bells.  Although I wasn’t surprised of his winning others were and tended to have a different opinion on who should have won. Check this link out to see all contestants for Best New Artist.

” Nicki Minaj totally should have won new artist. ” said UTC student, Kara Livingston.  Some people were  upset about him winning because they feel he is too little and not really talented.  ” He is a one hit wonder, as soon as he hits puberty his voice will change.” said Kerri Crawford also a student at UTC.  ” He is sixteen years old and singing like he knows all about love!”

 Check out this page to see what others have to say about Justins winning.

Justin Bieber winning Best New Artist of the Year at the VMA'S

People have mixed views about Bieber winning best new artist.  Either way it is “one dream come true” to a young sixteen year old to be found on YouTube and the next you’re winning a moon man for Best New Artist in the world.

Check out this Youtube video to see Justins performance at the VMA’s.

  I wonder if students just don’t like him because he is a famous sixteen year old boy who is making millions of dollars. Is it jealousy or pure dislike? What are your thoughts?

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Nelly 5.0

By: Elizabeth Patterson


LOS ANGELES, Calif. -UTC/AP   St. Louis rapper, Nelly is back into the music world with his new album 5.0.  Millions of fans rapped along to his famous hits such as “Hot in Herre,” “Air Force Ones” and “Country Grammer.”  Fans even placed the trade mark of the band-aid under their left eye to show their support for Nelly.Nelly

Fans get those band-aids ready and your Air Force Ones on.  After his disappearance for two years, he is ready to drop his new album.  He will be working with high-profile producer, Jim Jonsin who has helped Beyonce and Little Wayne.  Usher, Jamie Foxx and producer Dr.Luke have also signed on to collaborate on the new album.

The album’s title 5.0 was named after the 2011 Mustang 5.0 liter V8 car.  Nelly says, “the album is unbelievable” and knows that his fans will enjoy.  He released two new songs from the album in Las Vegas last summer, “1000 stacks” and “Angel Eyes.” Check this site out to see the live perfomance of “Angel Eyes.”

Songs on the new album:

  • Just a Dream
  • Calm Down
  • 1000 Stacks
  • Angel Eyes

This album will have a different sound than his original music.  However, he believes that no matter what the difference is he is sure that his fans will agree with him and love it.  He will have a different sound but someone who fans might recognize is Kelly Rowland.  A former “Destiny’s Child” who collaborated with Nelly in 2007 will also be on the new album.

The album is to be dropped November 16, 2011.  A UTC student Kerri Crawford, who is a huge fan of Nelly’s says, ” Nelly is coming back and he is going to be even better than last time.” She says, “his songs have given me memories of the eighth grade dances.”

Nelly has been one great performer.  His new tracks will make him an even better performer and lead to more dancing.  For all those fans out there be sure to keep a look out on iTunes and the record shelves for Nelly’s new album, 5.0 November 16th. Check out this site to learn more about Nellys album.

 What do you guys feel about Nelly coming back into the lime light? Do you think he will be a success or a failure?

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Nigeria epidemic death toll

By: mary-patterson@utc.edu

ABUJA, Nigeria (UTC/

AP) — All of Nigeria is at risk in a cholera epidemic that has killed 352 people in only three-months time, health officials warned Wednesday, as the country’s rainy season continues to spread the water-born infection.

The nation’s Health Ministry issued a statement saying Nigeria has had more than 6,400 cases of the disease since June. Doctors now have detected it in 12 of Nigeria’s 36 states.

“Epidemiological evidence indicates that the entire country is at risk,” the statement read.

Cholera is a fast-moving infection that causes diarrhea in victims, leading to severe dehydration and possible death. The infection is highly contagious yet easily preventable with clean water and sanitation.

The health ministry blamed the recent outbreak on heavy seasonal rains spreading the infection across rural communities without access to proper toilet facilities. In many areas, wells remain uncovered, allowing tainted water to flow into the communities’ drinking water supplies.

The Nigerian cases comes as an outbreak in neighboring Cameroon has killed 155 people out of 2,000 confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, the health ministry says a measles outbreak in four states has killed 83 and sickened more than 5,000 so far this year. Measles is usually characterized by coughing, rash and high fever, and is fatal in rare instances, though a vaccine exists to prevent the disease.

The outbreak comes after the World Health Organization warned in May that measles is making a rapid comeback in the world, as funding cuts for vaccination campaigns have allowed the disease to spread.

  • Nigeria has more than 6400 cases of the disease
  • killed 352 people
  • killed 155 people out of 2000 confirmed cases in neighborhood Cameroon
  • measles outbreak killed 83 people

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