Man Robbed and Assaulted on Douglas Street

Jan. 9, 2010—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous call at UTC Place 3000.

A man told police that some black men had robbed and assaulted him on Douglas Street. The dispatcher then notified Chattanooga Police since the incident too place in their jurisdiction.

The victim told police that four or five black males had robbed him. He said he was walking down Douglas Street when a black male sitting in a dark colored Caprice shouted at him and said he needed to use his phone because he was out of minutes.

The victim said that the man could use his phone, but wanted him to hurry because it was cold. While the victim was focused on this man, another man exited the vehicle and began to assault the victim.

The victim was fighting with this man, when the driver hit the victim with what he thought was a small pistol. The victim said another black man took his wallet, which contained about $190 in cash and two debit cards, from him at this time. They also took his black Envy Touch cell phone.

The victim said they threw down his wallet after taking the items. He then scooped up his belongings and ran toward UTC Place Apartments.

The victim did not want medical attention and an officer is handling this case for the Chattanooga Police Department at this time.

Student Owns Up To Smoking Pot in Apartment

Jan. 8, 2010—UTC police responded to a drug offense at UTC Place 5000. A security officer called police to the apartment. A RA had told the security officer that he thought he smelled marijuana coming from the apartment.

The security officer had knocked on the door about a loud television and when the door was opened there was a strong odor of marijuana. The RA asked for everyone’s identification.

Police asked if anyone in the room had been smoking marijuana and a resident said he had just smoked some while watching a game. Police then searched him and all open areas of the apartment and found no marijuana. The student was told he would be sent to student affairs.

Students Get Busted Big Time for Drugs

Jan. 8, 2010—UTC police responded to a drug offense at UTC Place 3000.

Police arrived and found the suspects to be in possession of 27.5 grams of marijuana, two pipes, one crushing device, one decorative box containing marijuana stems and seeds, and a homemade smoking device.

All three were charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. One suspect was also charged with underage drinking after police recovered several liquor bottles in his possession.

Police arrested and transported all three to Hamilton County Jail.

Apartment at Boling Burglarized

Jan. 7, 2010—UTC police responded to a burglary at Boling Apartments.

Police contacted the victim, who was on Palmetto Street, to tell him his apartment had been burglarized and several items had been stolen.

The victim told police that a 22-inch Phillips television, a pair of New Balance shoes, a HP Deskjet printer, a HP digital camera, a Playstation 2, several video games, and a pillow had been stolen.

The victim is insured with State Farm.

Student’s Bike Stolen by Roommate

Jan. 5, 2010—UTC police responded to a delayed theft that occurred over Christmas break.

The theft occurred at Johnson-Obear Apartments. Police spoke with a student who said that when he left UTC for Christmas break, his red and silver mountain bike was left on the balcony of his apartment. Two of his roommates confirmed this.

Another roommate stayed in the apartment over Christmas break. When the victim returned and said that his mountain bike had been stolen from the balcony. There was no forced entry into the apartment and the roommate had moved off campus.

The victim said that he believed the roommate had stolen his mountain bike. The value of the theft is $160. The victim said he would not prosecute if the bike was found. There is nothing further at this time.

Residents of UTC Place Try to Lie About Marijuana

Jan. 5, 2010—UTC police responded to drug offense at UTC Place 3000.

Police were walking in the hall of UTC Place 3000 on the third floor when they smelled smoke.  When police entered the apartment, there was a strong odor of marijuana.

Both residents said that they had not been smoking and that their roommate who had left when they got there could have been the one smoking.

After more questioning and investigating, police told the residents that if they began to search the apartment and found any violations, that because they had lied, police would arrest them.

One of the residents then admitted that he had some marijuana and got up to go get it. He handed police a medicine bottle with five grams of marijuana in it. The resident was cited for simple possession.

Elevator Stops But Does Not Trap Woman

Jan. 5, 2010—UTC police responded to elevator entrapment Hunter Hall and when they arrived the elevator door was open and the complaint was off the elevator.

The complainant told police when she entered the elevator that it dropped slightly, and that the panel lit up and then went out. Then the panel cleared and the elevator opened.

She said that the “one” and “four” buttons were lit simultaneously inside the elevator. She was not injured but told police she became nervous because she was claustrophobic.

Student’s Apartment Gets Burglarized

Jan. 4, 2010—UTC police responded to a burglary at Boling Apartments.

Police contacted the victim and told him that his apartment had been burglarized and that several items had stolen.

The victim told police that his X-Box 360, 15 video games, and a HP LaserJet printer. The victim told police that a roommate’s television was stolen as well.

Police noted that the residence had been entered forcefully and the doorknobs and the metal shielding on the front doors had been removed. All four of the interior bedrooms had also been forcefully entered.

There is no suspect information at this time.

Girl Threatens Roommate With Physical Violence

Jan. 3, 2010—A student came to the UTC Police Department to report that a girl had threatened to bash her head in.

The student was afraid that the girl was going to through with the threat. The student and girl are roommates and the student had gone to UTC Place Housing and spoken with the R.D. who said that they were trying to move the girl out of the apartment.

Police spoke with the R.D. and she told them she had found a place for the girl and were moving her out. The R.D. also said they were sending the girl to Student Development.

Student Panics in Race Hall

Jan. 3, 2010—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous call at Race Hall.

Police were told that a white male was attempting to get into Danforth Chapel. When someone approached the male and asked if he needed assistance, he took off running.

Police stopped the male at Douglas St. He told police that he was walking through Hooper/Race Hall and realized there was a wedding going on and he attempted to open the nearest door.

When the person approached him, he panicked. Police verified he was a student in good standing.