Student Picks at Wound

Jan. 2, 2010—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous injury Johnson-Obear Apartments.

A woman told police that her son, a UTC student, had been in a car accident on November 29 and had sustained a head injury.

He is quitting UTC and had come back to get his belongings. While in the apartment, he started picking at the wound, which caused it to start bleeding.

His mother called 911 and they dispatched an ambulance. Nothing further at this time.

Too Drunk For Jail

Sept. 26, 2009–UTC police a liquor law violation at the 700 block of East 8th Street near Brown Elementary School.

Police saw three parties on street who were intoxicated. All three parties were underage.

Police charged all parties with underage drinking and transported a female student to Hamilton County Jail for public intoxication. Hamilton County Jail rejected her due to the severe nature of her intoxication and was transported to Erlanger Medical Center.

All parties were cited in lieu of arrest.

Golf Cart Wrecked on Campus

Sept. 27, 2009—UTC police responded to a property damage call at Frist Hall.

The golf cart that belongs to the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD), had been wrecked and was against a telephone pole in Lot 26.

The golf cart sustained damages to the front, left and right sides of its fiberglass body, damage to the front axle cover and possible undercarriage damage. Photos were taken before the golf cart was moved.

There appeared to be no damage to the telephone pole, which sits on the line between Lots 26 and 39. The golf cart was moved to its usual location.

An attempt to disable the golf cart so it could not be taken again was in place, pending a better means to secure the golf cart.

Student Contributes to the Delinquency of a Minor

Sept. 26, 2009—UTC police responded to a liquor law violation at Lockmiller Apartments.

Police found a juvenile to be in possession and under the influence of alcohol. When questioned by police, the juvenile admitted he was in possession of alcohol and had been drinking underage.

Police found that a resident of the apartment had facilitated the juvenile’s possession of alcohol.

The juvenile was taken into custody by police and released to his parental guardians. Police cited him for possession of alcohol underage and drinking underage in lieu of arrest.

Police cited the resident for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in lieu of arrest.

The juvenile was trespassed from all UTC property. Two other students were also in the apartment and were cited to Student Development.

Jell-O Shots Found in Apartment

Sept. 24, 2009—UTC police responded to a liquor law violation at Boling Apartments.

Police spoke with the students in question who admitted to consuming alcohol and were underage.

Police recovered three large liquor bottles and numerous Jell-O shots.

RA Appears Biased in Roommate Incident

Sept. 24, 2009—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous call at UTC Place 2000.

The complainants, two female students, said that they were in their apartment when their roommate came in with several friends who were being loud and disrupting their study time.

The guests were hitting the walls and bedroom doors and yelling in the apartment. The students contacted their RA and made a complaint of the noise and the contract violation between the roommates.

While they were waiting for the RA to come, a guest tried to enter a bedroom. It was locked and the guest banged on the door. The students were in another bedroom and the door was locked. The students said the guest began banging on that door and tried to enter saying, “Come out and play, so they could talk this out.”

The male kept trying to get in the bedroom. They said they were afraid and concerned because they didn’t know who was at the door. The students also said it took the RA a long time to get to the apartment.

Two RAs came and they said the RAs told them to go back to their bedroom and that a noise complaint was the only complaint that had been filed. The students said one of the RAs told them “This didn’t happen and this isn’t going to happen.”

The students said they felt that the RA was biased because she knew the people in question and was talking to them as friends.

The students wanted to document this incident and handle it through UTC Housing and Student Development. Police will send this incident to UTC Housing and Student Development for follow up later.

The only information given about the male trying to enter the bedroom was that he was a black male, 5’11” tall, weighed about 160 pounds, had a deep voice and was well groomed.

Lovesick Text Messages From Lee University

Sept. 24, 2009—UTC police responded to a call concerning harassing phone calls.

Police spoke with the student who said she had been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from a male student who attends Lee University.

She said he had not verbally or implied in his text messaging that he was going to physically harm or kill her.

Police read the text messages and found no harassing or threatening statements toward the complainant.

The text messages did state that he missed her and that he would love her forever.

Car Theft Turns Into a Lead on Thieves

Sept. 24, 2009—UTC police responded to a theft from a motor vehicle from a general parking lot on East 5th Street.

A student told police that her car had been broken into and her parking decal was missing. An iPod adapter, CDs, phone charger and a metal license plate cover had been taken from her trunk.

Police received a call from the police department in Prattville, AL who said they had two white males who admitted they had broken into cars on UTC’s campus and some of the stuff they stole was from her car. They had the parking decal in their possession.

The Chattanooga Police Department is going to lump all of the charges together.

Student’s Temper Flares Over Basketball Game

Sept. 23, 2009—UTC police responded to a miscellaneous call at the ARC.

A male student told police that he had been playing basketball in the ARC. Another student was trash talking and taunting him and he became angry. The student said he knew his temper was out of control and that he got too upset about the game.

An ARC worker told police that the student was very upset and kicked an orange cone once he was outside the building.

Police told the student about Student Development and gave him some options he might pursue there. The student said he would pursue those options. Police will follow up with Student Development.

Expensive Auto Theft in General Lot

Sept. 22, 2009—UTC police responded to a theft from a vehicle at a general lot on East 5th Street.

The victim told police that he had parked his car there Saturday evening and returned to his car on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.

When he unlocked his car, he found that things had been taken from it. The items were a JL Audio 10 inch subwoofer, a black Cobra GPS, a black and red U2 edition iPod, and a Whistler radar detector. Total value of the stolen objects was $575.

There were no serial numbers to report.