Bookstore Changes Things for Fall

By Sarah Waugh

The bookstore on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will have the help of new technology to tackle the crowds this fall.

Cheryl Buckles, Assistant Manager of the store, said they’ve had a “mini remodel.”

“We have updated our clothing area with new displays,” she said. “We’ve added some new technology with computers for sale.” Buckles also said the store will replace their old cash registers with new ones that are much faster.

Jackie Dudley, the Textbook Supervisor, said the new room for online orders will now have a window for the employees to work at instead of a counter. The boxed orders will be neatly organized there, and will no longer have to be among the trade books that were in that space before the remodel. Dudley said the boxes will be “shelved quite nicely and orderly so that hopefully the whole process is streamlined.”

Staff member Amanda Martin was enthusiastic about the new changes. The best part for her was the improved stock selection. “We have all kinds of new patterns and colors and designs,” she said.

With student enrollment remaining high, new students and returning students alike will find the quicker service at the bookstore a relief. We will all see in the fall if the predictions for speedier shopping trips are accurate.