New Report Finds Campus Crime on the Rise

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Crime is increasing on Tennessee’s college campuses for the first time in five years.

According to a report released Wednesday by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the number of offenses reported last year increased by just over 9 percent, although violent crime was down by 6.4 percent. The single greatest increase was in shoplifting, which jumped 700 percent between 2008 and 2009. Fraud increased by 75 percent and drug violations increased by 16 percent.

Officials at colleges and universities reporting the largest number of offenses were asked why they thought crime had increased. Responses varied but included the fact that college enrollment had increased 10 percent, likely the result of people trying to improve their skills in a tight job market. Larceny and theft made up the majority of offenses last year at 38.5 percent.

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Woman Says She Was Raped at Decosimo Apts

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) — UTC police investigate reports of an on-campus rape.

According to the police report obtained by The Loop, officers responded to a call at 800 East 8th Street on October 11 at 9pm. The victim says that she and friend went off campus just after midnight on October 11 to the The Drink nightclub. Afterwards, the victim says they came back to Decosimo Apartments where the sister of one of the men reportedly had an apartment.

The victim says she never saw the “sister” there. She says she was sexually assaulted between 3am and 6am. The victim first called Chattanooga police who forwarded the call to UTC.