Stolen dump truck eludes police for 50 miles

STOW, Ohio (AP/UTC) — Police in Ohio say a 50-mile pursuit of a stolen dump truck had officers dodging bricks hurled from its window and dodging the truck itself when it suddenly went into reverse.

Police cruiser video shows the truck striking police cars and several civilian vehicles during Saturday’s chase through parts of three northeast Ohio counties.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports authorities have charged a 17-year-old suspect with multiple juvenile court charges including felonious assault with a weapon — namely, the truck.

The pursuit began after the truck was reported stolen in Stow, about 25 miles southeast of Cleveland.

Stow Police Chief Louis Dirker Jr. says one of his cruisers was totaled and two others were damaged. Two officers were treated for bumps.

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What Do You Drive?

By Christine Sumner

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/TheLoop) — Transportation is something most people don’t give much thought to. You get up in the morning, get in your car and go. For UTC students, it’s a very similar scenario.

Some live on the campus and have the luxury of missing a commute. But for others, a commute is a routine part of their day. This journey is all made possible by their car. Whether it be a truck, van, compact, or suv, that car gets you where you need to be.

For UTC, Mallory Norris, her Toyota Yaris gets her to classes on a daily basis. She hasn’t had for very long but so far she likes it. The only thing she doesn’t like is that it doesn’t have cruise control and it’s red. Other than that, it was a very economical purchase.

Compact cars are not everyone’s style though. John West has had 2001 Dodge Dokata since he was 15 years old and it’s still running strong.

Not all students are content with their mode of transportation. Like myself, some students can’t wait to get rid of their first car and get something that suites them better. Courtane Stanton shares these feelings. She drives a Ford Focus but is ready to get a Honda.

No matter what kind of car you drive, it sends a message to other drives. The make, the model, and color all share something about you with  other people. According to Bukisa, people share traits with their cars. People who drive black cars tend to be more aggressive and dangerous drives.

The model also shares information with other people on the road. People who drive sport cars tend to be more adventures in life and drive faster than the average driver. Minivan drivers are looking for an escape and are nurturing individuals.

No matter what car you drive it is important to keep it run in top shape for as long as possible. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind to help improve your car’s life.

  • Get routine oil changes
  • Check the air pressure in your tires
  • Don’t let it run out of gas.
  • Wash regularly and wax occasionally to keep the outside looking brand new.

These are just a few idea to help maintain your car. For more ideas check out Reader’s Digest
online for 74 car tips that could do your car a world of  good.

Haven’t found the car that you want yet?? That’s ok. Before long, you will graduate and be able to afford a car that you actually enjoy driving.

There are some really great car dealerships in the area. I personally bought my Volkswagen GTI
right here in Chattanooga. Buying my first car was really exciting and stressful. It was love at first site when I saw my car and thoroughly enjoy driving it. It was especially exciting for me because my previous car was a Ford Taurus, which I thoroughly disliked from day one.

Having a car that you enjoy is very important. You need a car that fits both your personality and your needs for the automobile. There are many things to consider
whey buying a car.

  • How much money can you afford to spend?
  • How safe is the car?
  • How many passengers will you be carrying around?
  • What kind of warranty is available for the car?
  • How big of a car do you want?

Whether your buy new or used, my advice is to get something you truly love. It makes all the difference in your daily commute.