Final Exams at UTC

By: Victoria Hampstead

Chattanooga, Tenn. (UTC/ The Loop) -For many, what happens in the next week or so will be a huge determinate for if their semester was considered successful or not. Yes, finals week has arrived on the campus of UTC.

Several students study at the Lupton Library

Throughout the semester time management, studying, and papers come and go but when finals begin there is a subtle shift in the air. For many, the tests, assignments, presentations, and papers due for finals carry much more weight than those due over the entire semester. For example, in one General Science class the research paper is worth over 25% of the final grade. With statistics like these, the notable influx to the Lupton Library is not without reason.

It’s true, the library is much more active during the last couple weeks of school. This is clear if you simply go to the desk and the answer is “we are out of computers”.  Does this indicate a change of study habits during finals?

Maggie Dougherty, a junior and communications major at UTC, said she notices the change in the library around finals saying she can’t focus because there are so many people.

Maggie Dougherty on the library during finals

Lauren Vantrese, a Junior Bio-Chemistry major, appreciates the Lupton Library during finals as a common meeting place for students.

Lauren Vantrese comments on the library

When it comes to studying in general, Jordan Foutch, 21-year-old Chemistry major says his study habits don’t change much when it’s time for finals. “My study habits are pretty much the same because they are so closely spaced together that you don’t have time to space them out.” Foutch also noted that while he retains information pretty well he feels that having to study in such a rushed manner causes him to put less effort into studying overall.  When asked what keeps Foutch motivated his answer was simple,

Brad Gibson, Chemical Engineering major, studying at the Lupton Library

“Getting accepted to Med School.”

Senior Kevin Brown, a mechanical engineering major, echoed Foutch in his frustrations about finals. Brown said by finals “I give up, I’m burnt out by the time they come around.” Although he is willing to admit “My study habits are sloppy, Helter Skelter if you will,” Brown said some motivators for him are will power in the form of friends and Red Bull.

Finals can be difficult for many but there are resources for help. William Rapaport, of New York at buffalo has several suggestions for handling exams. His article “How to Study: A Brief Guide” has helpful tips for studying in general but when it comes to exams he narrows it down.  He urges students to not simply re-read the text book, make a study outline, do sample problems, make flash cards, and finally stop studying when you are confident.

UTC takes note of the need and sometimes the time management issues students have for studying during finals and therefore the Lupton Library makes some changes for finals. Starting on Monday, April 25, Library hours extend to two in the morning on many weekdays and extend other hours throughout the week. This new schedule helps facilitate studying for many.

As exams approach, it may also be useful to note the exam schedule on UTC’s website.

UTC Library Construction: Why the Delay?

By Chris Worthington

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (UTC/TheLoop) — Although construction workers found the ground under the new library stable, there were a few spots that were not according to Theresa Liedtka, Dean of Lupton Library, said.

Despite speculation that the new library is having problems because it is being built on a cave, it is not true. “That explains the crack in the current library. It’s not that it’s sinking, it’s just the earth’s geography below us,” Liedtka, said workers continue to drill through rough spots. “The sinking library is an urban myth,” Colleen Harris, assistant professor and librarian, said.

Last semester, the school began building the library in hope to have it completed by early 2012. Since late last semester though, no work has been done. “Yes, it has painfully come to a stop,” Liedtka, said. The past four months, the Chattanooga Fire Marshal has been going over the plans and reviewing the safety of the building.

This is not the first time they halted the production of the library. Liedtka said that when there were issues with the state budget, the construction plan was ruled out to pay off some of the state debts.

Liedtka said that there are currently five construction firms that will get the bid to finish building.

“ As the foundation went up, the final drawings were being compiled and then they went to the fire marshal, who had the drawings for four to five months,” she said.  “It’s a fairly complex building that students can come in, swipe their card to get in study rooms and get out of the lock and key business.” Now that the plans are back, construction can continue.

Also Liedtka said the architect did mention that the building was one story below skyscraper status for Chattanooga code. This would have added more complex requirements regarding safety protocols.

“ Our only fear was that prices are starting to creep up for materials, so the faster we move the better deal we will get, so there will be extra money,” Dean Liedtka said. “The good news is that it is not a problem with the money. It’s there. It’s just taking forever.”

“The school was given  $48-million for construction, but that does not include actually moving the books and computers from the old building,” she said. “ So the school has to come up with a separate fund to get them moved in order.”

Students will now have to wait until spring 2013 to begin their study time in the new library.