Strange Encounter at Lupton Library

By Erin Matthews/UTC Echo

Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Echo) — Police responded to suspicious activity at Lupton Library.

Upon arrival, police spoke with the complainant who said  an older black male was sitting beside her and a female friend in the library.

As he sat there, he became sexually aroused and continued to watch them and turned his chair toward her and her friend.

The complainant said this behavior made her uncomfortable and she contacted police immediately.

The complainant said this same male had followed her and sat by her in the library last year and would seek her out if she was in the library and ask to sit next to her or near her.

The complainant said she was uncomfortable and fearful of this unknown man due to his behavior.

The complainant identified him as a tall, older, black male in a white ball cap and gray pants sitting in the sofa chair area of the library.

This was the first floor, northeast corner of the library.  Police made contact with this male and escorted him outside to discuss the complaint. 

The male was identified by police to be 50 years old with no affiliation to UTC. 

The male stated he did not have conversations with the complainant, and he did not know he made the complainant uncomfortable.  

The male stated he did not do or state anything in the wrong to the complainant, and that he did not know her.  

The male stated that he decided he would no longer go to the Lupton Library.  

The male was advised he was not trespassing on UTC property.  

The male left the area without incident.  

Police spoke with the complainant and advised her of the outcome. 

No further police action was taken.