Coming to UTC: “Walking is Overrated”

CHATTANOOGA (UTC/The Loop) — Matt Glowacki is coming to UTC in October as a featured speaker.

Glowacki was the owner of three successful businesses and represented his country at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000. As a member of the United States Sit-Volleyball Team for eight years, Matt was bestowed with the honor of wearing his countries uniform. Not the military kind, but one that still allowed him to fight and represent what we believe in as a nation all round the world.

Matt was born without legs, and lives the mantra, “Walking is Over-Rated.” The nature of his disability made him realize people’s expectations for others are based on preconceived  stereotypes, limited personal experiences, and prejudices. His new common sense approach to tackling ignorance sets him apart from the crowd of educators and puts him in a new class of “Revolutionary.” The use of humor is always present in his illustrations of absurdity, when it deals with the judgment of others.

On Monday, October 18 Matt will have a climbing wall event in the ARC at 10:00 am. Around noon, there will be an “Invitation only” luncheon in the Multicultural Center. At 3:00 pm, Matt will have his “Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy” speaking event.

Watch for further details on The Loop about his visit to the UTC Campus.