Andy Warhol Art Inspires Ballet in Nashville


By Courtney Archer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UTC/The Loop) — The Nashville Ballet, inspired by Andy Warhol, will perform a short program Friday at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts where a Warhol exhibit is on display.

According to a news release from the ballet, the performance at the center’s atrium will be inspired by Warhol’s aesthetic and artistic style. The performance will mimic Warhol’s art that features everyday objects, and will be set to popular music from the era of Warhol’s pop art and screen prints.

The exhibit is “Warhol Live: Music and Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work.”


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Grand Ole Opry Celebrates 85th Birthday

By Benji Aird

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/TheLoop) — The Grand Ole Opry threw an 85th birthday bash being serenaded by country music legend Dolly Parton’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

The party on Saturday night continued the celebration of the venerable music venue’s presence. WSMV-TV in Nashville reported that hundreds of people filled the pews for the party, which featured performances by Parton, Taylor Swift and Trace Adkins.

The festivities started Friday, when Crystal Gayle, Jimmy Wayne and Roy Clark performed.

Saturday’s festivities started with tours of the refurbished Opry House. WTFV-TV in Nashville reported that there was a picnic on the plaza of the Opry House with free live music during lunch.

The party came just months after a flood left the venue soaking in water. The Opry’s stage sat under nearly 4 feet of water at the flood’s height in early May. A months long restoration project cleaned the building and replaced the stage, dressing rooms and audience seating.

“They’ve done a wonderful job revamping it, and it’s even better than it was,” Parton said.

Parton sang three songs, including “Jolene,” ”9 to 5″ and “I Will Always Love You.”

Swift performed an acoustic version of her new, chart-topping hit, “Mine.”

The celebration also featured well-known stars from the Opry’s past and concluded with the presentation of a large birthday cake and a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday to You.”



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6 Reasons To Attend a Trade Show, Expo, or Convention

By: Kyra Inglis

CHATTANOOGA – (UTC/THELOOP) Many people do not realize how attending a convention, trade show, or exposition can be to their benefit. What they don’t know is about the wealth of information, not to mention freebies, that are made available .

There is also a chance to meet people who are either semi-famous or  knowledgeable in a particular area. Most events are held by theme, so there’s always something of interest for anyone.

Here are six reasons that you should attend one of these events in your area:

Free Stuff: The swag opportunities are incredible. I attended two trade shows in less than a week, and in that time, I racked up four tote bags, a water bottle, a t-shirt, a tire pressure gauge, coupons for products at a local grocer, sunflower seed packets and samples of three different ice creams.

According to Ardyce Mercier, Co-Founder of Cleaning Green, not only do they want your business, but they also want to show you how to clean green. “We come in and clean every surface of your house.” At the Cleaning Green booth, she gave out cleaning recipe cards that showed you how to clean your home in an eco-friendly way.

What is important to remember is that many businesses are going to be present at these events, and they have promotional materials so that you remember their name, and what service they offer. To them, business cards are not enough, and while you can lose or throw away a business card, a free tote bag is always going to be used. And that is free advertisement for them.

Give-Aways : There are countless give aways involved at these events. Each booth usually has an offer for you to sign up with. At the Eco Expo in Chattanooga on April 13th, the main give away was a scooter, that to register for, you had to take your program for the event and have each booth sign that you had visited that booth. Then when you were leaving, you took your program back to the entrance and entered yourself in the giveaway.

This was the prize available to all at the Chattanooga Eco Expo, Tuesday April 13.

This was the prize available to all at the Chattanooga Eco Expo, Tuesday April 13.

Most of these give-aways are not that complicated. Usually, it involves filling out a form with your contact information, your interests in that booth’s products.

Beware though, if it is not something you want to win, don’t enter. Those businesses use that information to do cold calls to sell you their product. They also use any e-mail information to send you information on upcoming product changes. So if you’re not interested in junk e-mail offers, don’t add your e-mail address.

Information: Depending on the theme of the event, there is a wealth of knowledge that is available to the attendants of these events.  At the Southern Women’s Expo in Nashville, travel deals and new cooking products were featured.  The Eco Expo in Chattanooga had eco-friendly products and services that are available in the Chattanooga area.

One of the most interesting exhibitors at the Eco Expo was EVS, or Engineered Verdant Solutions, that offered Green Roofs, Eco-Paving and LIving Wall Systems. The Living Wall System is something that Chad Norman of EVS, said that local restaurants are really getting into. “With a living wall, people are less likely to spray paint or put their cigarette out on your property.”

Knowing what kind of event you are going to, will give you a sense of what do look for and what kind of questions to ask. It will also give you a chance to find the best possible answer from someone who knows about what you are looking for and has probably worked in that field.

Opportunities: There are several types of opportunities available. The opportunity to support local businesses in your area is one.  The opportunity to what services are available to you through companies, such as Earth Fare. Earth Fare offers a pantry makeover program, where you can “trade in your conventional peanut butter, soda, cereal, salad dressing, or jelly and get a free Earth Fare Brand replacement.”

Meeting People: While you can meet people anywhere, it’s a little different at a trade show, expo, and very different at a convention. Depending on what the theme of the event is, there are usually guests that the event holder have arranged to bring in. At the Southern Women’s Expo in Nashville, one of the guests for the weekend was Johnathan Kayne aka Kayne from Project Runway Season Three.


People at the Southern Women's Expo in Nashville, on April 9th.

People at the Southern Women's Expo in Nashville, on April 9th.

At conventions meet and greets are extremely different. Attendants of Dragon Con in Atlanta and the most recent ConNooga can tell you, the emphasis is on Special Guests. It works a little different at these type of events, however. Generally, you have to pay for an autograph, or a photo opportunity. This can get pricey if there are several people you want to meet.

However, if your fandom has no boundaries, it’s a no brainer. According to Rachel Stewart, she met Terry Gilliam at the 2009 Dragon Con, and got to see a special screening of clips from “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.”

“It was really amazing,” said Stewart, “and because I am a Monty Python fan, I got Gilliam to sign some coconuts from ‘Spam-a-lot’ for me.”  Overall Stewart said it was a really great experience, adding that  “it was really epic, because he took five to ten minutes with each person.”

Fun! : So this is an obvious one, but it had to be said. The fun factor is the whole reason that you would go to events like these in the first place. Whether it’s the thrill of getting free stuff, actually winning one of those prizes, or just the road trip involved, for some, it’s a mini adventure. Make sure you do your research before you go, however. You don’t want to spend all your time filling out forms for giveaways, when there’s free ice cream to be had. Here are some tips to make your experiences the best :

Have labels printed out with your contact information. Stick them on the entry forms, for quicker results.

Hit the booths with the bags first. You will be handed a lot of samples and literature, so it’s best to have a bag to put it in.

Remember that if you don’t want your contact information used for junk mail, don’t enter the give-aways.

Do your research in advance. Find out if there is an admission fee at the door. Find out what kind of show it is.

Grill ripped from man’s teeth at Tenn. jail, officer demoted

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Lawyers in Nashville have worked out a settlement after a sheriff’s lieutenant ripped the grill off a man’s teeth at the county jail.

The incident in November started with McCoy’s arrest after failing to pay child support. A sheriff’s deputy told him to remove the gold grill attached to his teeth. But when McCoy, 31, told the deputy it was permanently attached, Lt. Tanya Mayhew stepped in. She put on a rubber glove, stuck her hand in his mouth and yanked out the gold jewelry grill cemented to his teeth.

For more information on racial profiling, click here.

This is the grill pulled from McCoy's mouth during his arrest in November.

This is the grill pulled from McCoy's mouth during his arrest in November.

McCoy was told to remove the jewelry from his teeth, but he said it was cemented to his teeth. But his attorney, David Raybin, says McCoy ended up spitting out blood and teeth after a sheriff’s lieutenant reached into his mouth and yanked out the grill.

For more information on curbing police brutality, click here.

Raybin says the enamel on McCoy’s front four teeth were ripped off and he was denied proper medical treatment afterward.

“He was spitting out blood and teeth into a trash can, and then told to get back in line,” said Raybin.

A $95,000 settlement is scheduled to go before Nashville’s Metropolitan Council on Tuesday evening.

Mayhew was later demoted and suspended for five days because of the incident. Metro is at a loss to explain why the lieutenant would try to remove the grill because there was no policy against having gold-plated teeth, even if they weren’t permanently attached. A new policy enacted since the incident forbids deputies from removing them.

Satisfaction Analysis by Ethnic Groups Winter 2009 in Nashville.

Information from: The Tennessean,

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UTC Hosts Chattanooga’s Best Dance Crew Competition

By: Louise Elliott

Chattanooga (UTC/TheLoop) – UTC’s Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity hosted the first annual Chattanooga’s Best Dance Crew Competition at the University Center Auditorium.

Five crews participated in the competition including, The Untouchables, Tennessee Rockaz, C@ution Crew, Final Destination, and Retro Swag. The crews consisted of members from Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta. Two of the crews, The Untouchables and Final Destination, included UTC students as members.

The Final Destination crew were the night’s winners. They walked away with a $1000 cash prize.

“The event was very successful,” said Porscha Boyd, one of the event coordinators. “It brought out a diverse crowd and we were very pleased.”

A canned food item donation was requested from those who attended the dance competition. Boyd said a substantial amount of food was donated to the Chattanooga Food Bank.

“I felt for our first dance competition, the show was well organized and was successful,” said Johnny Lester, a coordinator from Alpha Kappa Psi.  “I am pleased with all the performances and I look forward to seeing everyone back for Chattanooga’s Best Dance Crew 2010.”

Financial sponsors of the event included Dr. Victor Blake & Morehouse School of Medicine, Eric Buchanan & Assoicates, and the Alpha Kappa Psi chapter.