Delta Zeta Sorority Comes to UTC

By: Sue Harris


CHATTANOOGA, TN (UTC/The Loop) — After months of interviews and planning, UTC Sororities have voted on which new sorority will come to campus: Delta Zeta.

Delta Zeta is an international organization that was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902. This sisterhood was founded by six women who came together to start a sorority on a male populated campus.

Delta Zeta's take a picture on Bid Day

Delta Zeta's take a picture on Bid Day

This organization’s symbol is the turtle, inspired by the fact that turtles always have a home. Their colors are Old Rose and Vieux Green, with a national flower that is the Killarney Rose.

Today, Delta Zeta has over 220,000 members and alumnae in the US and Canada. This sorority has a nonprofit organization for scholarships, leadership, philanthropy, and education called the Delta Zeta Foundation.

Delta Zeta was chosen out of the other three sororities for presenting to the campus the different ways they plan to contribute to the community.  Some of the main factors are:

  • Community Service
  • Civil Engagement
  • Fitting in to the UTC community

Delta Zeta showed how involved they would be with community service.  Their national Philanthropy is the Painted Turtle Camp, which is a nonprofit organization for speech and hearing.  The camp is an experience for children with life threatening diseases to have fun and life changing experience. They also have started a new campaign called Pink Goes Green for environmental awareness.

This group also plans to get involved by recruiting members that will be leaders on campus as well as in the community. The women they chose to join their organization will make it part of their pledge to be an active  community member.

A group of Delta Zeta's gather around their letters

A group of Delta Zeta's gather around their letters

Ashley Baker, UTC Senior and Student Development Intern, said they were a great choice for this campus because they will fit in with the lifestyle. “UTC Greek life cares a lot about every student on campus, and the campus as a whole.” Baker said.  “Delta Zeta showed the students they intend to be an active part in our community by making sure we are all an active part of their activities.”

Members of the Greek community are very excited to have this group come to our campus. Samantha Holder, UTC Sophmore and Panhellenic Vice President of Public Relations, said she knows Delta Zeta will make a great asset to the campus. “The Delta Zeta women showed me that they will be a great fit to the rest of the groups here.” Holder said. “I am very excited for them to assimilate and become an active part of the campus.”

Patti Phillips, UTC Junior and Panhellenic President, said Delta Zeta had great ratings after their presentation. “The women had a wonderful presentation and really showed the community how badly they wanted to be a part of us.” Phillips said.

After Delta Zeta starts recruiting their new chapter in the fall, they will begin the colonization process. This includes getting founding sisters of the chapter, and a new pledge class to kick things off.

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Sara Jahansouz, Dean of Students and Greek Advisor, said this new chapter will be the last new sorority to colonize for a couple of years.  Jahansouz said we will wait to see the outcome with this current new addition. The campus will wait another couple years to add another sorority.  

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The Race for A New Sorority Begins

by: Sue Harris

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (UTC/The Loop) — It’s off to the races for the four potential new sororities as they fight for a spot in UTC’s Greek system. Out of Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Mu, Alpha Phi, and Delta Zelta, only one can claim the position on our campus.

These four sororities competed March 15 – March 18 with presentations. Each group had the opportunity to meet individually with UTC’s staff, IFC Council, Panhellenic Council, and the Extension Committee.

After the individual meetings, the sororities put on an open presentation in the UC auditorium for the campus to attend. At these informational meetings, the women told background history about the chapters, and showed why they would be an asset to the UTC community.

A group of Phi Mu's sport their letters on their front porch

A group of Phi Mu's sport their letters on their front porch

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Ashley Baker, UTC Senior and Extension Committee member, said these meetings are important to the extension process so other members of the UTC community can have a voice in who will be chosen. “These women are the future of our campus.” Baker said. “We want to know what the leaders on our campus, and the rest of the community, think about each organization.”

Baker said one of the main things she is looking for in the potential group is to make sure they have the same values as UTC’s shared values. “Civic engagement, brotherhood and sisterhood, academic excellence, leadership development, and social responsibility are UTC’s shared values, and it is important for the new sorority to be able to embrace these values and really make them part of their own.”

The decision will be made by each sorority on campus voting. They will then take the information to the current sororities on campus and have them vote. The final decision will be made April 7. For more information on extension or Greek life, please contact Ashley Baker at

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UTC’s Panhellenic Conference Contributes to Neighborhood House’s Toy Drive

By Linda Elliott

Chattanooga (UTC/TheLoop) – UTC’s Panhellenic Conference, which consists of Kappa Delta, Sigma Kappa, Chi Omega, and Alpha Delta Pi, participated in a Christmas toy drive for Chattanooga’s Northside Neighborhood House‘s Santa’s Workshop program.

The Christmas Tree brings holiday cheer to the Neighborhood House

The Christmas Tree brings holiday cheer to the Neighborhood House

“It was truly a blessing to get the support of the UTC Panhellenic group this year,” says Rachel Gammon, Executive Director of the Neighborhood House.

The Northside Neighborhood House is a branch of United Way which serves the North Chattanooga area.  The Neighborhood House offers services such as bill pay assistance to those who have disconnected utilities, adult education, and a thrift store located next door.

The Neighborhood House holds a yearly toy drive to provide Christmas gifts to area children.  According to Gammon, this year’s Santa’s Workshop program will provide toys to between 400 and 450 children.

“One of the obstacles of providing toys for children is finding the toys,” says Gammon.  “So, we contacted UTC’s Panhellenic group and they decided to take that on as their project.”

Gammon says the Neighborhood does a Santa’s Workshop style program because it is more beneficial both to the parents and children participating.

“The parents get to come in and shop for their children,” says Gammon.  “It gives the parents a sense of ownership when they are struggling or having hard times because they can come in and pick out what their child would like.”

Children play on the playground at the Neighborhood House's afterschol program

Children play on the playground at the Neighborhood House's afterschol program

Christina Sjoberg, Community Service Chair for the Panhellenic Conference, says being able to give back to the community is a big part of why the group took on the toy drive.

“I have been involved in some sort of toy drive every year,” Sjoberg says.   “Being able to give back to my community makes me feel like I’ve made some sort of change, no matter how small it is.”

According to its mission statement, the Panhellenic Conference,  “Exists to promote the values of and to serve as an advocate for its member groups in collaboration with those members, campuses and communities.”

Staying true to the community service aspect of their mission statement is important to Sjoberg.

Toys wait to be part of the Santa's Workshop program.

Toys wait to be part of the Santa's Workshop program.

“Community Service is one of my passions and to be able to help families in need have a wonderful Christmas for their children makes me have a wonderful Christmas as well,” she says.  “I want to see every child have the best Christmas they’ve ever had.”

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