Young Democrats Protest Ann Coulter’s Presence at UTC

Conservative lightning rod Ann Coulter, known for her flashy and highly controversial political commentary, was true to form Oct. 5 during a UTC speech in which she railed against the Obama administration and questioned the intelligence of female voters.

Students protest in downtown Chattanooga

Protesters stood outside UTC’s Fine Arts Center prior to the speech by the controversial  pundit.

“We are here to let Ann Coulter know that her divisive and venomous rhetoric has no place at an institution of higher learning,” said Taylor Thomas, president of the Hamilton County Young Democrats and a student at Chattanooga State Community College. “She feeds off the animosity, bigotry and the shock factor [of what she says]. She has no solutions.”

The protesters were upset because of Ms. Coulter’s hateful, sexist, and racist rhetoric. They stood quietly on a sidewalk with their signs while often being yelled at by passersby.

Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter

Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter

According to Coulter’s opposition, Ms. Coulter  presented a poorly-timed stand-up routine, pausing awkwardly for laughs or applause that often didn’t come. Her “facts” most often called out her opponents while failing to mention similar transgressions of those she supports.


Young Democrats Emblem

According to Taylor, the reason Ms. Coulter  received so few questions from “liberals” is because the audience inside the Roland Hayes Concert Hall was made up of her supporters. Very few students or faculty were issued tickets to this University-sponsored event. The swapping of venues and lack of publicity about how to acquire tickets led many on both sides to leave disappointed.

“UTC spent $25,000 for an hour and a half of Ann Coulter’s vitriol then didn’t allow students to be in the same room. That would nearly cover the tuition for five students or the salary for an English lecturer, who could teach hundreds of students, for an entire year. As the University cuts back classes and staff, I hardly think this was a responsible use of funds.”