Chattanoogans Become Bassheads

By: Elizabeth Patterson


A packed venue, multicolor lights flashing, and people dancing this is the trademark of Bassnectar, one of the new DJ’s sweeping the nation.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn( AP/ The Loop)- Raving has become the most popular all night dance party in our generation. The synthesized and heavy bass attracts all kinds of people especially those of  teens and young adolescents.

The drug scene is presentable but most are there for the music.  Talking to ravers I noticed a specific lingo to describe their experience using words like rowdy, drug references and calling themselves Bassheads.

Chattanooga has become involved with the rave scene.  There are many raves held in the downtown area and welcome anyone who is willing to put on their dancing shoes.  Bangers Ball located on Market St.  is just one of the all night parties that Chattanooga holds for the price of five dollars.  Chattanooga also has its fair share of up and coming djs.

2009 Summer Camp - Afternoon Set Credit: Chad Smith

Bassnectar throwing down the bass

One of the most popular dj’s that has started the revolution of electronic/dubstep craziness is no other than Bassnectar.  Not only does Bassnectar allow you to let loose and dance the night away, his music also leaves the audience open minded with his socialist ideas.

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Bassnectar a.k.a Lorin Ashton started off underground in the Bay Area with his insane parties and mixtapes that eventually led him worldwide. “What started back in the mid nineties as an experiment fusing youth culture and social action has turned into a multi-faceted, multi-faced creature called Bassnectar, “says bassnectar himself.

Bassnectar is very popular in Chattanooga, Nashville and Atlanta. “His shows are crazy as all get out, the atmosphere is incredible,” said UTC student Kara Livingston.  I also spoke to people who are extremely into the rave scene and create their own style of music. ” Bassnectar has been a huge inspiration towards making my own music,” said student Brent Murphy.

Bassnectar Family

I myself have had the experience of seeing Bassnectar live.  The crowd does get extremely rowdy by throwing glow sticks and water.  The atmosphere is like no other with people dressed in the most interesting outfits with hulu hoops.    It’s a very different scene but definitely one you will never forget.

Bassnectar next show is December 30 in Atlanta at the Tabernacle.  Come out and experience the craziness of the show and become a basshead( bassnectar fan).