Chattanooga’s Essence of a Queen

When you hear the word pageant you think of Ms. U.S.A. or Ms. World. However, Chattanooga has their own pageant called Ms. Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant

By Bryson Simpson

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(UTC/TheLoop)–Several different pageants take place around the world. From baby beauty pageants, teen pageants, gay pageants, and scholarship pageants. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated hosts scholarship pageants called Miss Black and Gold Pageants all over the United States.

The bylaws of Miss Black and Gold Pageant states, “That under the sponsorship of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is an outgrowth of the long standing tradition of the Fraternity chapters recognizing outstanding young women, their achievements and talents. The Fraternity recognizes the valuable contributions of women scholars in the undergraduate community.

The first national Miss Black and Gold Pageant was held during Alpha’s 1976 General Convention in New York City where Miss Denise Smith, representing Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded the first prize.

The Eta Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha hosts a Annual Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant ever since they have been reactivated in 1998. The Eta Phi Chapter was chartered on the campus of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the campus is the usual location where the pageants are hosted. Phillip Rosser, The Chairman of The Miss Black and Gold Pageant, said,” The Pageant this year is separated into six sections which are dance, Introduction, swimwear, talent, formal, and question and answer.

This year the Eta Phi Chapter had their annual pageant on Oct. 27 in the University Centers Auditorium. The theme they chose for the nine contestants was “The Fruits of The Spirit” which are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.Each of the contestants chose a spirit and had to pick out fruits that represented them.

The contestants of the pageant were

  • Shanee Driver
  • Kaila Warren
  •  Amanda Thompson
  • Ciera Conley
  •  Alyssia Morales
  •  Kayla Hyatte
  • Jessica Ornsby
  • Faith Henderson
  • Ashley Robles

After the Question and Answer section the judges were making their final tallies of the contestants so the new 2010 Miss Black and Gold could be announced. Ciera Conley was awarded Miss Congeniality, Kaila Warren was awarded Best Talent, Faith Henderson was awarded Miss Black and Gold Runner Up, and Jessica Ornsby was awarded 2010 Miss Black and Gold.

Jessica Ornsby, 2010 Miss Black and Gold, said,”I enjoyed myself throughout the whole process of the pageant. I have established great relationships with the other contestants and I am looking forward to progressing to districts.”

The winner of Miss Black and Gold will move on to the district, which is held in Chattanooga as well on Nov.22.

The Night of The Gentlemen Scholarship Pageant

By Janay Roberson

Chattanooga, Tenn. (UTC/The loop) — Slow and sexy music, extravagant suits, and the swim wear contest was just a little bit of what UTC students saw during the 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Scholarship Pageant. The gentlemen hit the UC auditorium stage, concluding in the crowning of a UTC freshman.

About 135 students, most of them adoring and screaming fans of the five contestants, watched as the gentlemen competed for the chance to win scholarship money and for the opportunity to be crowned Gentlemen of The Evening. The contestants included Justin Brown, Jonathan Henderson, Alex Nelson, Robert Sharpe III, and Russell Smith.

The contestants in The 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

The contestants in The 2010 Night of The Gentlemen Pageant. From left to right: Justin Brown, Jonathan Henderson, Robert Sharpe III, Alex Nelson, and Russell Smith.

The show started off with a choreographed number where  all the contestants moved about the stage to “Stepping to the Bad Side.” The show then moved to swim wear where the gentlemen showed off their bodies in hopes of getting a good response from the crowd.

Next, the gentlemen dressed their best from top to bottom in the formal wear portion of the pageant. And then there was the question-and-answer where  the five contestants were asked questions such as “What is the top problem facing the school system?” and “How do you feel about the new health care bill?” Robert Sharpe III , who had the health care bill question, is in favor of the bill. “I think that it is a really good thing. The fact that that people who can’t afford health care are now able to get it, is great,” Sharpe  said.

Jonathan Henderson, Winner of The Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

Jonathan Henderson, Winner of The Night of The Gentlemen Pageant

Third place went to Alex Nelson, Runner-Up went to  Sharpe  but in the end, the judges were won over by UTC’s Freshman Jonathan Henderson.

“I felt honored and astonished,” Henderson said. “Winning this pageant just means a lot to me. This is just the beginning of great things headed my way.”

Students voted  for their favorite contestant via e-mail and the winner was contestant Robert Sharpe III,who was named Mr. Popularity the night of the show.

The pageant was sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi and all of the proceeds went to The American Heart Association for patients with Cardiovascular disease.