UTC Dining; The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Healthy

By: Emily Noey

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (UTC/The Loop) – UTC students are less than thrilled about the dining options offered on campus.  Several students are voicing their concerns about the not so healthy choices the university has to offer.

Emily Scherba, UTC junior, said she would eat in the UC more regularly if there were more options.


For a brief period of time, Tazikis was offered in the University Center.

“All we have on campus is junk food,” Scherba said. “There just isn’t enough variety for students who would like to eat healthy.”

There have been improvements and changes made around campus concerning dining.

Some of the current dining options UTC offers:

  • Subway
  • Moes
  • Chik-Fil-A
  • Burger Studio

For a brief period of time Tazikis was located in the UC. Tazikis offered an array of salads and sandwiches; a nice alternative to burgers and fried chicken.

Kendall Koch, UTC sophomore, feels UTC could make a quick fix with the dining issues by adding variety.

“Other universities consistently and regularly change out their restaurants on campus,” Koch says. “This keeps students happy, and can provide healthy options.”

Not only is clean eating an issue; several students are vegetarian or have food restrictions.

Chaney McKinney, UTC junior, struggles with finding food on campus that can accommodate her.

“The food on campus doesn’t appeal to vegetarians. It is almost impossible to get my daily serving of vegetables,” McKinney said.

Students are not only upset about the limited options; they are also concerned about the price.

“It is so expensive and incredibly hard to afford eating on campus as a poor college student,” McKinney said.

The university has made proactive steps in pleasing students, such as creating a Campus Dish website. This website offers ways to eat healthy and accommodate food restrictions.