PaymentWorks Announcement

The University has entered into an agreement with PaymentWorks to provide a vendor portal for the university. This will be implemented in early 2020.

Once operational, the responsibility to provide data to create vendor records will shift from departments to vendors. Departments will simply send an invite to vendors through the vendor portal. Vendors will then be responsible for creating an account in the portal and supplying all of the necessary documents. PaymentWorks will work directly with the vendor on any issues. PaymentWorks will also assist in validating the information provided by the vendor. This will reduce the University’s susceptibility to fraud and assist in compliance. This new process will also eliminate several forms that departments were required to collect and submit. Vendor updates will be handled in a similar manner.

Amazon Business Announcement

On December 9, 2019, Amazon Business is scheduled to be available in the UT Market Place. All employees have access to the UT Market Place, but they will need a procurement card to purchase business related items from Amazon. The University has purchased a system-wide business account that will provide free-shipping along with other benefits.

Therefore, reimbursement for individual Amazon Prime accounts is no longer necessary or permitted.

All Amazon purchases must have a business reason and personal purchases are prohibited.

Certain product categories that conflict with existing competitively procured agreements will be blocked. These include, but are not limited to, office supplies, computers, and scientific equipment.

New Conus Rates

New Conus Rates go into effect on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Travel Policy Revision FI-0705 effective 8/29/19

The requirement for guests having to sign or certify is no longer required on Guest Travel Expense.