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New T-25 Form: Car Rental and Airfare

Direct Billing of car rental used for UTC business travel is a new service that World Travel provides. The process is the same as direct-billing airfare, and all trips involving direct-bill must have an approved Travel Request in IRIS. When renting vehicles in Chattanooga, a letter from Motor Pool stating no UT car is available must be attached to the T-25. We hope you will take advantage of this

Airfare Direct-Billing: Alternate Airports

Airfare which is direct-billed requires the originating city be Chattanooga. Travelers wishing to fly out of alternate airports must purchase the ticket and document cost savings with a quote for flying out of Chattanooga, and must include mileage/shuttle to the alternate airport. Billing of airfare for guest must list Chattanooga as the destination city. Using alternate airports usually includes mileage or shuttle to airport and additional meal reimbursement for


Effective immediately, new vendor payment forms are required due to IRS regulations. These forms must be scanned and attached separately in IRIS to the vendor request and include the W-9, Minority Status Form Vendor Payment Selection Form, and the Workers Classification Questionnaire. Creation of new vendors and updating payee addresses of current vendors require vendors complete the W-9, Minority Status Form, and Vendor Payment Selection Form.  Independent contractors must

Group Travel

When planning group travel, please note that travel policy states lodging and meals should be billed to the university whenever possible.  This is required in order to reduce travel advances from a limited petty cash account.  The policies are quoted below: Lodging. Lodging expenses should be billed directly to the university. When these expenses cannot be billed directly, the person responsible for the trip may obtain a cash advance