Effective immediately, new vendor payment forms are required due to IRS regulations. These forms must be scanned and attached separately in IRIS to the vendor request and include the W-9, Minority Status Form Vendor Payment Selection Form, and the Workers Classification Questionnaire. Creation of new vendors and updating payee addresses of current vendors require vendors complete the W-9, Minority Status Form, and Vendor Payment Selection Form.  Independent contractors must complete the W-9, Minority Status Form, Vendor Payment Selection Form, and the department must complete the Workers Classification Questionnaire. Treasurer Charles (Butch) Peccolo announced the new fiscal policy effective April 1, 2014 which may be viewed in the link below.

FI0500 – Accounts Payable – Vendor Creation Policy

All university business managers and departmental personnel should read and understand the guidelines provided in this policy.

Training materials including videos, PowerPoint, IRIS documentation and tutorials are available at


Forms may be found on the Disbursements home page.