Finding the correct vendor number to use just got a little easier.  Two new vendor information reports are now available in IRIS that, used in conjunction with the XK03 – Vendor Search transaction, will aid you in determining whether the vendor number that you found is the vendor number that you need to use when processing an invoice for payment.  The new reports are:  ZAP_VENDOR_ADDR_DATA – Vendor Address/Data List and ZAP_REMIT_VENDR_LIST – List ‘Remit To’ Vendors for ‘1’ and ‘3’ Vendors.

The XK03 – Vendor Search transaction is very useful for determining if a particular vendor already has an assigned vendor number in the IRIS system.  However, using this transaction to view vendor address information or to determine if existing remit-to vendors will meet your needs often requires you to scroll through and/or drill down on several screens.  The two new vendor information reports bring all the vendor address information together on a single report results screen.

Using the ZAP_VENDOR_ADDR_DATA – Vendor Address/Data List report, you can search by Federal ID Number or Social Security Number to see all the vendor numbers associated with that ID Number – including ‘1’, ‘2’ and/or ‘3’ vendor numbers.  Each vendor number is listed as a separate line item along with the vendor name, vendor address information, and other data associated with that vendor number, as shown below.  This report makes it much easier to identify which ‘1’ or ‘3’ vendor number that you need to use.


If there are ‘2’ vendor numbers (remit-to vendor numbers) listed, you can then use the ZAP_REMIT_VENDR_LIST – List ‘Remit To’ Vendors for ‘1’ and ‘3’ Vendors report to identify which remit-to vendor number is actually associated with the ‘1’ or ‘3’ vendor number that you need to use.  The ‘1’ or ‘3’ vendor number entered for the search is listed on the results screen with all the ‘2’ vendor numbers that are associated with it – along with the vendor name and address information for each vendor number, as shown below.


Documentation is available for each of these reports by clicking Help > IRIS Help from either the report selection screen or the report results screen.  It is also available from the IRIS website at by clicking IRIS Documentation on the left side of the screen and then clicking Financial > Accounts Payable > Vendor Information.

For questions on this or any other IRIS topic, please contact the IRIS Helpdesk at