Due to the COVID-19 situation and mail services no longer delivering interdepartmental mail,
starting immediately, we will be accepting Transfer Vouchers electronically to our Accounting
Services email, acctserv@utc.edu.

The Transfer Voucher form has been updated. We will only accept Transfer Vouchers that have
certified digital signatures or have been printed out, signed in any color ink besides black, and
scanned. Please label the email subject line “Transfer Voucher”. The new process can be found
on the Accounting Services website under Accounts Payable. Scroll down and under the forms
you will see the heading “New Digital Transfer Vouchers”, click on the links for training, digital
signatures, general ledger numbers, and the new Transfer Voucher.

Please work with faculty and staff to get them signed up for the certified digital signatures in
Adobe if they aren’t already.

Thank you so much for patience as we move to this new electronic process for Transfer