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Accounting Services

Disbursements is becoming part of a new department called Accounting Services.  The location for Accounting Services is 207 Race Hall previously known as Disbursements.  Accounting Services now includes the following functions: Accounts Payable Grants & Contract Accounting Transfer Voucher Processing Travel UC Foundation Accounting Campus Training for all of the above functions Accounting Services is headed by Harriet Neely, Director of Accounting Services.  Additional staff includes: Virginia Moore, Assistant

Finding the Correct Vendor Number in IRIS

Finding the correct vendor number to use just got a little easier.  Two new vendor information reports are now available in IRIS that, used in conjunction with the XK03 – Vendor Search transaction, will aid you in determining whether the vendor number that you found is the vendor number that you need to use when processing an invoice for payment.  The new reports are:  ZAP_VENDOR_ADDR_DATA – Vendor Address/Data List

Vendor Payment Selection Form

Regarding the new Vendor Payment Selection Form, emphasis needs to be made to the vendors to read the form so that they know they WILL NOT be receiving an actual card – only a card number – and they have to be able to run credit card payments. Many vendors are signing up for e-payments since they are NET and then when UT sends payment they realize they cannot

Revised Travel Meal Fiscal Policy

Treasurer Charles (Butch) Peccolo has announced the following new fiscal policy. The policy is effective July 1, 2014. Effective July 1, 2014, the travel meal per diem for the first and last day of a trip will be reimbursed at 75% of the daily reimbursement rate. It will no longer be calculated based on the number of hours in travel status. This change in policy will bring UT in