Ph.D., Industrial Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, 2019

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • Dissertation Topic:
    • Numerical Evaluation of Research Project Performance
  • Engineering Management Research, Design of Experiments, Analytical Methods for Engineering Management, Theory & Practice of Engineering Management, Productivity & Quality Engineering, Nonlinear Optimization, Advanced Optimization via Simulation, Stochastic Processes, Reliability of Lean Systems, Statistical Methods, and Industrial Systems Engineering Seminar.

M.B.A., Finance, 2013

  • Lincoln Memorial University, Knoxville TN
  • Thesis:
    • Does Coal Have A Future? The Implication of U.S. Dependence on Coal Compared with Dependence on Natural Gas.
  • Finance Management, Marketing Management, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Public Policy & Finance, Contemporary Management & Leadership, Accounting, Economics, Operations Management/Quantitative Analysis, Portfolio Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Business Strategy, and Research in Finance.

B.S., Biological Sciences, Microbiology, 2011

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN
  • Strong focus on bioinformatics research.
  • Conducted research as an undergraduate research assistant
  • Proficiency in PHP & SQL programming
  • Exceptional work in Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Office
  • 158 Undergraduate Credit Hours.
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