UTC Blogs supports 3 Menu positions:

  • Top Menu in the blue bar beneath the header image
  • Footer Menu in the gold section near the bottom of the page
  • Menu Widget in a widget position

Blog Administrator user role capabilities

Blog Administrators have full capability to add, edit and arrange Custom Menus via the Appearance admin menu.

Blog Administrators may configure a menu to “Automatically add new top-level pages…” so new top-level pages will receive a menu item.

The UTC WordPress theme has 2 menu regions:

  • Top menu (blue menu, beneath the blue header)
  • Footer menu, a simple text list in the footer

Blog Editor user role capabilities

Editors can set page hierarchy while editing a post in Page Attributes by assigning a Parent. Pages with “no parent” are top-level pages, while pages with a parent will get a menu item below the parent.

Dropdown menus

The Top menu in the UTC WordPress theme has each top level item as a trigger for the dropdown menu, so there is no link action other than the dropdown (this is intentional, for mobile touch support and accessibility).

To create a dropdown menu:

  • Create index pages with some introductory text as the top level pages
  • Associate child pages via Page Attributes so they will appear as menu items below the top-level menu items

The dropdown menu is only 1 level deep (again, for mobile and accessibility support)

Additional information resources

For a visual and video guide to creating and editing WordPress menus, please view:

More info is available via the WordPress User Guide.

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