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Fraternity Champions, Pi Kappa Alpha.

  • Team MVP was Ian Walters.
  • Strategy changed on a game to game basis based upon how we thought we could best match up and utilize our strengths against every team. Our main focus was to push the ball in transition on offense, and play relentless defense on every possession in hopes of forcing turnovers and getting into transition.
  • Team motto was “If ya ain’t first, you’re last!”



 Resident Hall Coed, Lockmiller Lock-Down.

  •  Lockmiller’s MVP was Tyler Adams.
  •  The team strategy consisted of Chaos; offensively using the pick and roll, and defensively just pressuring the ball.
  •  The Team Motto “Lock Down, which was also the team’s name”.



Resident Hall Men, Boling Ballers.

  • MVP was Montel
  •  Boling squad strategy was to get up and down with pressure defense and creating chaos. And get us in transition into transition and run the teams off the court.
  • Team Motto – “Lock Up. Grab boards. Get Buckets”.


Open Women Champions, Chatt-Nast

Open Women Champions, Chatt-Nasty.

  •  MVP was Jenaya
  • Strategy was to make sure five girls showed up, execute when we had numbers and rotate the ball until open shot/layup.
  • Team Motto “Get Buckets”.

Open Men Gold Champions, Spain-Kenya

Open Men Gold Champions, Spain-Kenya.

  • MVP Matt
  • Strategy have fun and rebound.
  • Team Motto “Rebound?”


Open Men Blue Champions, Hand-Down Man-Down

Open Men Blue Champions, Hand-Down Man-Down.

  •  MVP Brandon
  • Strategy defense first, defense last.
  • Team Motto “Hand-down man-down”.


Open Coed, I Don’t Know.

  •  MVP Shep
  • Strategy get the ball to Shep, by any means necessary.
  • Motto “Pass the Ball to Shep”.

Sorority Champions

Delta Zeta Ninja Turtles. No picture available.

  • MVP Elaina
  • Strategy be the team that score the most points.
  • Team Motto “Refuse to lose”


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