Our seniors are some of the most important staff members we have, their experience and knowledge of the UTC Campus Recreation facilities, services and duties have made Campus Recreation the success it is today!

Here are their profiles and their plans:

 Brian Harder


Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN

Major: Exercise Science and a minor in Philosophy

Future Plans: I plan to go to graduate school in physical therapy, but it is unknown if that will work out yet. I’m still in the application process. I will probably pursue occupational wellness if that doesn’t work out.

Most Interesting Event: Hmm, most interesting experience… My entire freshman year was full of laughs, and I’ve progressively gotten more and more boring as the study time has increased. During freshman year spring break, I cracked my collar bone playing football Florida. During my x-ray, the nurse was sure to tell me that they had to increase the x-ray strength because of the density of my chest. Anyway, Mom ended up with a mysterious medical bill from a Florida hospital. HAHA!

Wish me luck after graduation!

Bianca Hopson 


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: Exercise Science

Future Plans: Worksite Wellness

What was the most interesting event during your time here at UTC?

Most Interesting Event:: Even as a senior, the most interesting event during my time at UTC was a Susan G. Komen event that was held during October 2009, my freshman year.  That was the year that everyone met on Chamberlain Field wearing their pink Breast Cancer Awareness shirts and stood in formation to make the big pink ribbon.  We were trying to break a record of having the most people in the picture.  The greatest thing was seeing so many people that supported the cause. It was pretty great!

 Cortland Archie


Hometown: Memphis, Tn

Major: Business Administration: General Management

Future Plans: My future plan is to attend graduate school. My goal is to become a successful CEO of my own fortune 500 company. I plan to own a chain of ice cream treateries.

Most Interesting Event: The most interesting event during my time with Campus Recreation was weekend training we had at Camp Lookout. It was a great way to bond with everyone in the department. The most interesting overall event during my time at UTC has to be the beginning of the 2011 spring semester, when classes were canceled for almost the entire first two weeks due to snow and ice.

Kayla Johnson


 Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: Marketing

Future Plans: I plan to go work for Bridgestone back in Nashville where I got offered a job.

Most Interesting Event: The most interesting event that happened while I was here was the event I worked on with a group of friends to help students become more aware about AIDS.

Mylan Johnson


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: Biology Major

Future Plans: My future plans are to become a successful Forensic Analyst, get married and raise a family, grow to be a better person and travel the world.

Most Interesting Event: The most interesting events at UTC I was part of were the Pink Symposium in 2009, NAACP Fashion Show in 2013, Campus Rec Staff Training at Camp Lookout, and the UTC Outdoors snowboarding trip 2014.

Taylor Reece Jordan


Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Major: Sports and Leisure Administration: Outdoor Recreation

Future Plans: After college, I will join the populace of recent graduates in mass hysteria trying to find jobs.  We’ll see where it goes from there!

 Taylor Rines

taylor r

Hometown: Morristown, TN

Major: Psychology; minor: nutrition

Future plans: go to grad school for physical therapy.  Get my PhD.  Then become a traveling physical therapist and travel around the world doing what I love and living life to the fullest!

Most Interesting Event: The most interesting thing that has happened to me here at UTC, is first of all, too many to count, but the top ones would be: starting of my college days with mocs camp, all of the crazy costumes I had to walk around campus in for ADPi shows, getting the opportunity to study abroad in London during the summer Olympics and having athletes buy your drinks and of course meeting and making life long friends.

 Felicia Stevens


Hometown: Sewanee, TN

Major: Psychology with an Education minor

Future plans: Attend graduate school for a Masters in School Psychology and work with elementary aged children as a School Psychologist.

Most Interesting Event: Interesting event during time at UTC- receiving national service award in Pittsburgh, PA this summer for Omega Phi Alpha Sigma Chapter at UTC.

 Nathan Wanuch


Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Major: Secondary English Education

Future Plans: Get a teaching job. Publish a novel. Get my Masters of English with an concentration in Literary Studies.

Most Interesting Event: Becoming an All-Region finisher in cross country and leading the Mocs to a sixth place finish and the top team in Tennessee

Paul F. Robinson Jr.


Hometown: Jackson, TN

Major: LAS (Legal Assistance Studies)

Future Plans: After school my plan is to join the military to enhance my leadership abilities and to complete my law degree and from there continue my career in the military or open a private practice to help the people.

Most Interesting Event: The most interesting event since entering college was the experience of growing from a boy to a man. College has geared me ready for the world and to crave my niche in it.

 Rickeé Linzy Roper


Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tn

Major: HHP: Exercise Science

Future Plans: My near future plans are to catch up on sleep and enjoy my summer before I have to become a full-time adult. My long term future plans are to find a job in my field that I will love, which would be to become an Athletic trainer in the corporate world and also travel the world.

Most Interesting Event: My most interesting event during my time time here at UTC would have to be the “great blizzard” of 2012 right before the spring semester began. We were out of school for the first week of school because of so much snow. Everybody was playing outside in the snow like a little community on strike. I can’t explain how much excitement I had running through me during that time. It was a great time for the students to interact with each other outside of just passing each other on the way to class. Students were knocking on each other’s doors just to see what they doing because there was really nothing to do but be friendly. It was so awesome!

 Grant Michael Cook


Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Exercise Science

Future Plans: As soon as I graduate I start the next step in my life as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army.  I am so ready to start that stage with Emily Fillmore, because I can’t imagine beginning any worthwhile adventure without having her next to me.

Most Interesting Event:
Being involved with the Chattanooga Rugby Football Club, from the debaucherous rugby Bonnaroo known as Pitch-A-Tent to slicing my foot open during my revealing Zulu Warrior run I have never experienced a group with more camaraderie and passion as the men of this team and was privileged to be a part of them.

Maria Matty


Hometown is Tullahoma, TN.

Major: Psychology

Future Plans: I plan on traveling after graduation.

Most Interesting Event: My favorite event is the dive-in movies.

Andy Taylor


Hometown: Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Major: Political Science

Future Plans: Aside from being a stay at home trophy husband and dog owner, I will move on to pursuing a career as an officer in the United States Army.  When asked about my most memorable moment at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the only one that comes to mind is meeting the great people of Campus Recreation.

Jeff Prosise


Hometown: Brentwood, TN

Major: Exercise Science

Future Plans: After graduation I plan on working towards earning my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. My goal is to work with top level athletes to achieve their maximum potential in strength and fitness.

Most Interesting Event: I couldn’t pick one time in particular. I’d say my time here at UTC has been one big interesting event. It always seems like there’s a good time to have and never a shortage of awesome friends to share them with.

 Alec Miller 


Hometown: Somerville, TN

Major: Biology: Pre-professional

Future Plans: Grad School

Most Interesting Event:  Best Memory: 100 ft. Banana Split every year!

Roddriquis Cortez Mosby


Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Exercise Science

Future Plans: After school, I plan to live here in Chattanooga for a few years and develop a team of people to help start on a plan of mine that involves opening up a diabetic and obesity clinic. This clinic will be used to help educate and train people who are diagnosed with diabetes or declared obese to live a better and educated lifestyle with their condition.

 Most Interesting Event: My most interesting event here at UTC was when I joined the greatest fraternity known to man,Omega Psi Phi Incorporated, and i got to participate in a probate in front of the student body

Darius Gray