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Intramurals Coming This Fall

Intramural Flag Football, Volleyball and Indoor Soccer Leagues will be returning this Fall to UTC’s Campus Recreation.  All current UTC students and staff with a Campus Recreation membership are eligible to participate.  Both men and women are encouraged to participate in all sports, and there are different leagues, including ones pertaining to Greek organizations and residence halls.   Those interested must register online using the IM Leagues site.  Flag

Fall Fitness Announcements

This Fall 2014 semester, UTC Fitness is fighting the “Freshman Fifteen!”   To start the semester off, anyone interested in staying fit should come to the annual ARC Fitness Launch Party, held in the ARC Basketball Courts Monday, August 25, at 6 P.M.  Here, Campus Recreation’s fitness programs will be demonstrated, including Zumba, Boot Camp, Kickboxing and P90X.  Additionally, there will be fitness prize giveaways, refreshments and great energy!

Fall Outdoors Schedule

UTC Outdoors has some great trips scheduled in the great outdoors!   August 22-Batcave Canoe on Nickajack Lake 23-Rafting on the Ocoee ($45, includes lunch) 29-Whitewater Kayaking ($45) – three day clinic learning to kayak Class-2 whitewater)*   September 5-Batcave Canoe on Nickajack Lake 6-Whitewater Tubing and Kayaking* 19-Mountain Biking 20-Whitewater Kayaking* 21-SUP Boarding 27-Mountain Biking   October 10-Skydiving ($180) – Sign-up starts September 19th; must register in advance

Route-Setters Needed!

Principal Functions To strip and set roped routes and boulder problems (5.5 – 5.13 and VB – V10). To maintain climbing wall safety and function through regular inspection and repair.   Responsibilities To maintain appropriate route distribution. To forerun, give and receive constructive feedback, and make appropriate adjustments and changes to routes. Hold washing. Facility maintenance. To be available for special events such as competitions, promotional affairs, etc. To

Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee

On Saturday, August 23, UTC Outdoors will have a whitewater rafting trip on the Ocoee to begin the Fall semester.  The trip begins at 10 a.m. and will last most of the day. Those interested must sign up in the UTC Outdoors office on the bottom floor of the ARC. The cost of the trip is a non-refundable $45, payable only by cash or check.

Back-to-School Club Sport Expo

On Monday, August 18th, from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M., there will be the “Club Sport Expo” at Heritage Plaza (also known as the center of campus, between the University Center, Grote Hall, Lupton Library and Brock Hall).  For new or returning students interested in joining clubs or gaining extracurricular activities, this event is helpful.

UTC’s Famous 100-Foot Banana Split

The same day as the paintball tournament, Campus Recreation will hold its yearly “Famous 100-Foot Long Banana Split” on Saturday, August 16th at 6 P.M.  As well, all students are invited to join, especially new students.  The banana split will be on the Aquatic Recreation Center’s (ARC’s) east lawn, between the ARC and parking garage. There will also be a pool party in the ARC’s pool to follow the

UTC Welcome Week-Paintball Tournament

Campus Recreation will be showcasing a few specific events during UTC’s Welcome Week, one of which is a paintball tournament held in the Intramural Fields on Saturday, August 16th at 1 P.M. The tournament is free for students.  Bring clothes that can be spattered with paint.

UTC Outdoors Trips

UTC Outdoors is sponsoring a few trips in July: Batcave Canoeing at Nickajack Lake, beginner-level kayaking on the Hiwassee and stand-up paddleboarding every Wednesday night this month and next (except for July 2).  All trips are free with a refundable $20 check deposit that will be returned the day of the event.  ARC members must sign up in the UTC Outdoors office, located on the bottom floor of the

UTC Aquatics Announcements

UTC Aquatics is offering aqua fit classes to all ARC members this summer as well as swim lessons to members and guests!   -Aqua Fit Aqua Fit is a low-stress workout in water to high-energy music that helps improve strength, cardiovascular health, endurance and flexibility.  As well, it is great for injury rehabilitation.  UTC Aquatics offers Aqua Fit classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30 through Friday, August