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Chuck’s “How to Create a Newsletter document” … info as of 6.30.22

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Image Caption describes the subject or action. Choose “Medium Large 610px” style. 

How to compose and send newsletters

Newsletters are WordPress custom posts with templates that are optimized for display and delivery to email clients. Because there are so many clients on so many different devices, the templates and styles are very simple and limited.

Tips for newsletter content:

  • Use basic text styles such as Headings, paragraphs, lists, and hyperlinks.
  • Separate sections with a horizontal rule line.
  • For images, use full-width, horizontal/landscape images. Choose “Medium Large 610px” style; do not align images. Image captions may be used.

To create a newsletter:

  • Hover or click the + New menu item and click Newsletter
  • Title the post with the date range: e.g. “April 1 – April 8, 2022”
    • Title becomes part of the first paragraph:
      “What you should know for the week of April 1 – April 8, 2022”
  • Add a Classic block to the content area (just begin typing “/class” and it’ll appear for selection)
  • In the Newsletter tab, under Templates, select the Campus Weekly Newsletter template
  • Use the WordPress visual editor to compose a simple post with text and images
  • Publish or Update the newsletter, then click View Newsletter the “Page updated” message that appears in the editor

Newsletters use the Classic block for content; choose Campus Weekly Newsletter as the Template

Sending a newsletter to a UTC Raven email list

  • View the newsletter page in FireFox or Chrome web browser
    • Right click on the page and select View Source or View Page Source
    • A new window will open and display the source code for the page
      • Select All & Copy the source code
  • Open http://raven.utc.edu and log in.
    (if you don’t have an account, click “get a new LISTSERV password”)

    • Find and click the name of the list to which you want to send your newsletter:
      UTCNEWS ListServ (or TUTCNEWS for test)
    • In the Options box, click Post New Message
      • Add a Subject
      • Change the Content Type drop down to HTML
      • Paste the source code in the Message area
      • Click Show Tests
      • Click Send Test to Self & review the message in your email client
      • If you are satisfied, click Send Message to send to the mailing list

Heading 2 Section with horizontal line above

Live Long and Prosper. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Many say exploration is part of our destiny, but it’s actually our duty to future generations and their quest to ensure the survival of the human species.

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Heading 3 normal heading with hz line

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise:

Another heading with some additional information and text links

Captain, the most elementary and valuable statement in science, the beginning of wisdom, is:


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