Regardless of the title used on various campuses, they all are a name for the single biggest networking event held on campus for employers and students.

Employers come looking for future employees that will fill the needs of their organizations, and students come hoping to find that first job after college that will start them on a successful career path.

Our company will attend 13 Career Fairs this semester.  Eleven will be on college campuses.  We, like most other employers I know, hope to meet students who have not only succeeded in their studies but also have made the effort to learn how to properly approach finding their first career opportunity after college. They’ve prepared a resume’ and had it reviewed by Career Services (they come with several copies); they’ve researched the companies that are attending the fair and chosen 5-10 that they want to focus on (they have a cover letter addressed to these companies); they’ve looked in their closet and picked out professional attire for the day of the fair (and ironed shirts and polished shoes); and they have their 1 minute introduction ready.

Employers come with company information to distribute, ready to tell their company story, eager to share opportunities for graduates and hoping to recruit the best and the brightest to their organization.

And the staff of Career Services organizes it all.

I think it’s a win, win, win.

See you soon.

Assistant Director of the Career and Student Employment Center at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Career Coach Specialist for The Workplace Coach

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