I know it is only the 11th of July.  On our campus the countdown to “First Week of School” began weeks ago.  I have been meeting our newest UTC family members this summer and am excited about the Class of 2018! I have also been saying congratulations and good-bye to the Class of 2014.  They have commonalities.  Both are entering new worlds full of both anticipation and some anxiety, characteristics of “new.”  Both have a recent piece of paper called a diploma.  And both need a ticket, another piece of paper, to work on for their new world – a resume.  A resume can open or close doors; can introduce a professional or a novice; can give the best picture of your experience or can make you look totally inexperienced; and can make or break your chances for being considered for the opportunity.  If you are not sure how to start your resume or how to grow it, the UTC Career and Student Employment Center is ready to meet you for the first time or to see you again for the umpteenth time.  There are no limits on the number of times of service, and the same services available to the Class of 2018 are still available for the Class of 2010!  Let “work on resume” be at the top of your new world/new year’s resolution list!

Assistant Director of the Career and Student Employment Center at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Career Coach Specialist for The Workplace Coach

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