You are investing time and “someone’s” money in your education.  You are participating in class attendance, in information gathering and in testing of your knowledge.  This applies to all levels – Freshman through Graduate School.

Along the way, there have been and will be opportunities to sample the professional world.  When you do, prepare for it.  Have your elevator speech ready, your updated resume copies in a folder or portfolio, and one more thing … have your professional clothing ready.

Your resume and your elevator speech will not stand a chance if your appearance and clothing speak against you.  Your gpa may be 4.0, but the employer will be distracted by your chewing gum, your cowboy hat, or the chandelier in your navel. (Why would your navel be showing anyway?).

Come see us if you need help choosing your professional wardrobe.  We’ll tell you which tie or shoes look best.  At the Fall Career Fair on September 24th, be ready to present your professional best to the 86 employers participating. They are coming to meet YOU!

Assistant Director of the Career and Student Employment Center at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Career Coach Specialist for The Workplace Coach

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