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Bachelor of Arts and Sciences?

The resume stated, “Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in XYZ “……… Seriously? On UTC’s campus we have a College of Arts and Sciences, but no such degree. If you don’t know the title/name of an important “tool” called “degree”, how can you convince an employer that you can apply that tool to their position?

The Product Called “You”

You are investing time and “someone’s” money in your education.  You are participating in class attendance, in information gathering and in testing of your knowledge.  This applies to all levels – Freshman through Graduate School. Along the way, there have been and will be opportunities to sample the professional world.  When you do, prepare for it.  Have your elevator speech ready, your updated resume copies in a folder or

“New” Year’s Resolutions

I know it is only the 11th of July.  On our campus the countdown to “First Week of School” began weeks ago.  I have been meeting our newest UTC family members this summer and am excited about the Class of 2018! I have also been saying congratulations and good-bye to the Class of 2014.  They have commonalities.  Both are entering new worlds full of both anticipation and some anxiety,

How to Make the Most Of Your Internship – A Grad Student’s Perspective

So you’ve done the hard part and secured an internship. Now what? An internship looks great on paper, but what you get out of it is what matters.  Below are some tips to help you make the most of your internship and future jobs. Keep a positive attitude As an intern, it is possible you may have some tasks that are less enjoyable than others. Make sure you keep a

Job Fairs, Career Fairs, Job Market, Career Showcase – An Employer’s Perspective

Regardless of the title used on various campuses, they all are a name for the single biggest networking event held on campus for employers and students. Employers come looking for future employees that will fill the needs of their organizations, and students come hoping to find that first job after college that will start them on a successful career path. Our company will attend 13 Career Fairs this semester.  Eleven

Things I wish I would have known before my Senior Year – A Grad Student’s Perspective

It’s never too early to start creating your resume Your resume will be one of the most important pieces of writing from your college career. Far too often students put this off until the end of senior year. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Start drafting a resume your freshmen year. Even if the jobs you’ve had up until that point aren’t in your desired career field, everything

“Dr. Who? And Other Networking Tips”

You have all been on the campus for almost four weeks.  Some of you could add the number of years to that count.  So, how is your networking going?  The kind that leads to your future career. Whether you are a Freshman or a Senior, networking will be the fuel that moves you toward career goals. (If you have no career goals, that’s another blog.)  Do you have a 15 second