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Germany is the Place for Me

My experience through my study abroad trip to Germany is one that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. There were so many things happening all at once, all of them molding me into a better person. From the hustle and bustle of Berlin, to the peace and quiet in the small city of Wolfenbuttel, this trip was everything I could have asked for and

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What A Time

  This May I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in Germany. I stayed in Berlin and Wolfsburg during my time in Germany and I loved every minute of it. Once we got to Berlin, I was instantly shocked of all the buildings and the size of the city. There is always something to do in Berlin and to be able to jump on train

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Business in the Balkans

Our trip to the Balkans included stops in Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo, all in just ten days. We flew into Dubrovnik (aka where they filmed Game of Thrones!!), and the city was beautiful. Our first experience with the locals in Croatia was at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and it was very interesting to hear how they view business. The idea for most people there was that

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My Study Abroad Experience in the Balkans

I original choose to study abroad in the Balkans because I got one of those mass emails that I think every student at UTC gets. For some reason I decided to read that email instead of just deleting it and boy am I glad I did. All I knew about the Balkans before this class was that when Clinton was President there were ethnic cleansings taking place there. I

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Balkans Unplugged

“Doing Business in the Balkans” was hands down the best study abroad program I have ever been on. Our travels took us through Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania, and it was very apparent both Dr. Asllani and Dr. Wheatley took considerable amount of time to curate the most authentic experience for the students. I have traveled with several study abroad groups but nothing like this. First

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A Tour of Germany

The German culture appreciates the fine art of formal education. The students there have it made. I feel that the country has a lot of growing to do coming from the world wars era. The culture is also up and coming I was very impressed with all the research they have put into their products such as the Volkswagen, but they also have room for family companies to thrive.

My Study Abroad – Berlin, Germany

I was a bit anxious about traveling to Europe alone, but now that my trip has ended and I’ve landed safely in the USA, I can say it was the most exciting, exhilarating, and educational experience of my life! Berlin, Germany was nothing like, and everything I expected. Despite the warnings I’ve read about German’s being rude and distant, I experienced quite the opposite. Case in point, after landing,

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A Semester in Antigua, Guatemala

I have always known that I wanted to studying abroad at some point in college. I never had any one place in mind — my only specification was that the country should be Spanish-speaking, since I am a Spanish major. Then, by accident, I learned about a program based in Guatemala for the upcoming semester. The timing couldn’t have been better — from the day I found out about

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Costa Rica Adventure

In Spring 2018, I went to San Jose, Costa Rica and attended Veritas University. After arriving the first day, I have to admit that I was really nervous even though I didn’t want anyone else to know that. Having only a little Spanish background, I found it really difficult to communicate with my family as well because they only spoke Spanish. That was something I was not aware of. But after a week

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Back to the Balkans

In the fall of 2013 I had the opportunity to study abroad with UTC. I lived in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and studied for four months at the American University in Bulgaria, commonly known as AUBG with the students. This experience instilled a deep love and respect of the Balkan region in me and four months simply was not enough time there. When the opportunity presented itself for me to return

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