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Honors in the Galapagos

This trip was packed with non-stop adventures. Upon arriving in Santa Cruz, we were immersed in the culture. The airport was not anything like the airports in the States. The way of life, I quickly realized, was very relaxed. We stayed at this hostel which was one of the highlights for me. The family was so welcoming and greeted us with juice and cold towels to put on our

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Old Roman Times in New American Minds

My Study Abroad experience was spent using Spring Break 2019 to explore Rome, Italy for 10 days with my Legendary Rome: Epic Founders, Wicked Emperors and Saintly Martyrs Classics class. During the semester, our knowledgeable professor and enthusiastic leader, Mrs. Knopick, taught us about how Rome was born, raised, and matured into the wonderful city that she is today. We learned about the myths she grew from with stories

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