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Halal in Chattanooga!

Food connects people, but everyone’s relationship with it is personal. Many factors affect our food choices: health, ethics, or simply taste. For many people, food also connects deeply to spirituality. In many religions, it is important to eat or avoid certain foods. For example, Muslims and Orthodox Jews typically avoid pork, while many Hindus forego meat altogether. Most followers of Islam follow a halal diet. Halal is Arabic for

Caffeine Culture in Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s coffee culture has shifted over the last few years, with an increase in the number of local coffee shops and heightened demand for our favorite sugary caffeinated beverages. With roughly 20 cafes occupying Downtown and North Shore, and more than 30 within city limits, Chattanooga definitely has your caffeine addiction covered. According to E-Importz, a company which monitors coffee consumption statistics, more than 50 percent of Americans over