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UPS Driver Turned Healthcare Worker: Hal Wright’s CNA Success Story

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  While working as a UPS driver, Hal Wright served on UPS’s health and safety committee. During that time, Hal researched ways to improve the health and well-being of the drivers and realized that he enjoyed learning about healthcare. He decided to go back to school and become an RN, and in his pursuit of gaining experience for an RN program, decided to take UTC’s Certified Nursing Assistant course! Interestingly enough,

Ray-Bans and Logistics: Raul Maya’s CSCP Success Story

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    After earning his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad del Noroeste, Raul Maya began working in logistics. He’s stayed in the field throughout his career but has had the opportunity to work in different environments, such as in the warehouse for General Motors and currently in the retail industry as the Senior Director of Engineering (Automation & Innovation) for Luxottica. (You can think Raul for

From Cruise Ship Counselor to Cruise Ship HR Manager: Gabe Biser’s SHRM Certification Story

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  When Gabriel Biser began working on a Disney cruise ship as a youth counselor, he never imagined that his path would lead him to become a SHRM-certified human resources professional. As he climbed the Disney ladder from counselor to youth training coordinator to HR liaison, Disney offered Gabe a position that would allow him to keep expanding his HR expertise. After a few years at Disney, he continued to gain experience working in HR at theme parks such

Honoring Mom Through Hospice Care: Diana Buchanan’s CNA Success Story

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  After earning more than a decade of experience in insurance, Diana Buchanan ended her time in the field when her mother began hospice care. After her mother passed away eight months ago, Diana and her husband had a life-changing conversation. Their discussion made Diana realize that she wanted to give back to others like her mother’s nurses did. She decided to honor her mom and start a career in healthcare, and she recently began a job at Siskin Hospital as a CNA!    Marah: How did you find out about UTC’s Certified

From Child Care to Clinicals: David Krueger’s Phlebotomy Tech Success Story

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  As a day care teacher, David Krueger spent his time creating lesson plans and reading stories to his students. While he enjoyed the eight years he spent in the child care field, David wanted a career change and was interested in healthcare. He knew doctors who suggested that he look into pursuing phlebotomy tech because it’s a great way to learn foundational medical field skills. David had a friend who completed UTC’s Phlebotomy Tech course and encouraged

Following Her Passions: Kyla Jolly’s Paralegal Success Story

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  Kyla Jolly began her undergrad career at UTC, like many incoming freshmen, wondering what major to declare. After her freshman year classes, Kyla would go home and turn on the TV to watch investigative shows. One day, she thought to herself, “Why don’t I do that and work in law? It’s thrilling!” She declared a major in criminal justice and fell in love with the content she was learning. Kyla graduated from UTC in

Logistics and the Legal Field: Meredith Chester’s Paralegal Success Story

  After spending several years overseas working as an educator and editor, Meredith Chester decided to take a leap of faith and move back to the States…while ALSO changing her career! Upon moving back, she took a career aptitude test recommended by her dad. The results showed that a legal career would not only be fulfilling for Meredith but also suit her strengths and personality. Meredith discovered that the

A Casual Hobby Turned New Profession: Justin Mayhew’s CompTIA ITF Success Story

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    Having worked in the banking industry for his entire career, Justin Mayhew implemented his IT hobby into his work from time to time by building mobile banking apps. When the pandemic hit, he decided to turn his hobby into a new profession. Justin enrolled in UTC’s CompTIA ITF course to sharpen his foundational IT skills. Now, he has plans to continue expanding his IT knowledge as he

From Professional Drummer to Supply Chain Director: Gene Pledger’s CSCP Success Story

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  Many experiences have led Gene Pledger to where he is now. After working as a professional musician for over a decade, he transferred into the graphic design space for almost 20 years. After his graphic design tenure, Gene decided he wanted to pursue a new career and began working in procurement. He now serves as the supply chain director for D&F Equipment Sales in Crossville, Alabama. Gene’s story

Student Success Story: Kayla Brown, PMP

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    While many people associate project management with industries like construction and information technology, it is actually used in almost every industry–including design. Former PMP Exam Prep student Kayla Brown uses her project management knowledge while serving as the project manager for Simple Focus, a design agency. I recently sat down with Kayla to hear about how she is implementing PMP practices to create smoother experiences for her