Flexibility for Summer Work Schedule

The end of the academic year is fast approaching, and I want to thank every member of our UTC team for their hard work and dedication – THANK YOU!  In line with the schedule flexibility provided last summer, we encourage campus leadership to allow greater work schedule flexibility during the coming summer months.   At the same time, we understand the operations of our campus are diverse and flexibility might mean something different for different units.  Each Vice Chancellor will collaborate with their leadership teams to identify opportunities within their division for a temporary period of schedule flexibility through July 31.  Business needs vary from unit to unit as will the flexibility options each unit will consider.   Some options to consider include establishing a compressed work week comprised of four 10-hour workdays, adjusted arrival and/or departure times (e.g., 7:30-4:30), telecommuting 1-2 days per week, prioritizing use of annual leave to recharge, or other creative flexibility options.

Of course, we must ensure we are supporting students, faculty, staff, community guests and prospective families at the highest level so no university office should be closed at any time during traditional work week hours.   We realize that not all units will be able to participate in the options noted above, and encourage areas experiencing a high workload during the summer months to establish other efforts for employee recognition throughout the summer, including celebratory luncheons, team retreats, professional development opportunities, resources to pursue creative passion projects, etc.   I have encouraged each Vice Chancellor to look for creative ways to provide options for every employee to have a change of pace and show our appreciation for all they do.


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