This summer I had the privilege to volunteer at a local Boys and Girls Club in Chattanooga. My group worked with middle school aged kids once a week. Our goal each time was to educate them on various health and nutrition concepts. This is a passion of mine and I was very excited to have this opportunity. The group of kids each week consisted of around 20-30 students. This opportunity was both challenging but rewarding.

Each week we started each session with a lesson in order to educate the kids on the particular concept of the day. Then, we would follow that up with reinforcing activities to help put the concepts they learned into practice. Many times the group of kids could get very loud, so it would become hard to settle them down. Therefore, the more activities helped us reinforce our lesson. This was extremely helpful for many kids who had trouble understanding the lesson. I remember one week in particular when our lesson was over healthy plates. We talked about eating a diet that contains all of the food groups in it. After the lesson we gave students the chance to make a healthy plate by choosing a food from each food group. It became very clear by the end of the activity that many students had grasped the lesson! This was very encouraging to see students learning.

Overall, these students were engaged and learned many valuable health and nutrition concepts this summer. To see middle schoolers learning important truths about their health and diet is awesome. This is encouraging because they are young, therefore, what they learned this summer they can apply for the rest of their life! I am very thankful for this opportunity and for all of the kids that we helped at the Boys and Girls Club!

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