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Week of March 1, 2021

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Campus Events

Monday, March 1
Mindful Monday^ – 11:00am, Virtual (INFO)
Suicide Prevention Training for Everyone^ – 1:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Pre-Health Prep School: Applying to a Professional Program^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Chattanooga Volleyball vs. Mercer – 4:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
SGA Executive Branch Debate^ – 6:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Free Workshop: Excel Basics^ – 6:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
RHA Meeting – 7:30pm, Virtual (INFO)
A Walk in Her Shoes – Conversation with Local High Schoolers^ – 8:15pm, Virtual (INFO)

Tuesday, March 2
Free Workshop: How to Read a Scholarly Article^ – 12:15pm, Virtual (INFO)
Pre-Health Prep School: Crafting A Perfect Resume^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
De-stress and Refocus^ – 3:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
MEDTalk Insurance and Healthcare’s Struggle^ – 4:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Historical Footsteps^ – 5:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Kayak Sessions^ – 7:00pm, ARC (INFO)

Wednesday, March 3
Suicide Prevention Training for Everyone^ – 10:00am, Virtual (INFO)
Academic Abstract, Paper, and Poster Workshop^-12:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Messy_Middle Series: Difficult Conversations^ – 12:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Bible Study with Renaissance Presbyterian – 1:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Pre-Health Prep School: Avoiding Cover Letter Mistakes^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Free Workshop: How to Read a Scholarly Article^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
My Life as a Psychologist in a Women’s Prison Webinar* – 3:30pm, Virtual (INFO)
Free Workshop: Revising/Editing Papers^ – 4:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Getting Started in UR Workshop^ – 4:00pm, Virtual (INFO)

Thursday, March 4
Free Food Bags^ – 9:30am, 808 Vine Street (INFO)
Discovery Learning Seminar^ – 12:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Library Advisory Board Meeting^ – 12:15pm, Virtual (INFO)
Moving Forward Together: Doing Self-Work^ – 12:30pm, Virtual (INFO)
Pre-Health Prep School: Virtual Interviews 101^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Women’s History Month Trivia*^ – 3:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
University of Memphis School of Law Presentation^ – 6:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Delight Meeting – 8:00pm, Derthick Hall 201 (INFO)

Friday, March 5
Define Your Life: Expectations Planning Workshop^ – 10:00am, Virtual (INFO)
Free Workshop: Overcoming Writer’s Block^ – 12:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Finance & Economics Seminar: Is Wall Street Turning Blue?^ – 1:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Pre-Health Prep School: Virtual Interviews 201^ – 2:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Chattanooga Soccer vs. Samford – 4:00pm, Virtual (INFO)
Friday Night Log Rolling^ – 4:00pm, ARC (INFO)
Meditation for Beginners^ – 6:00pm, Soddy-Daisy Library (INFO)

Saturday, March 6
Weed Wrangle 2021^ – 9:00am, 400 Garden Road (INFO)
Chattanooga Softball vs. Butler – 1:00pm, Virtual (INFO)

Sunday, March 7
Worship with Renaissance Presbyterian – 11:30am, Virtual (INFO)
Chattanooga Softball vs. Butler – 1:00pm, Virtual (INFO)

* indicates an event that is part of UTC’s Women’s History Month Celebration
^ indicates an event that counts towards the Beyond the Classroom Challenge


Pre-Health Prep School
Are you preparing to apply to graduate or professional school this year? Or are you looking into applying for a summer internship/shadowing/volunteer experience? Join UTC Pre-Health Advising and the Center for Career and Leadership Development for Pre-Health Prep School March 1-5 to learn how to perfect you application materials. Join us on zoom each day from 2-3p to explore a different part of your application including: Resume cover letter, personal statement, interview, and application. Register for each day for the zoom link HERE!

WUTC “Pass the Aux” Looking for Student Organizations!
Pass The Aux is a radio show branching out of WUTC that highlights UTC campus organizations and events through playlists made by members of the orgs! Students are invited to create one show where they can play their choice of music and talk about why they love their organization and UTC. Find more information HERE!

Graduate Students: Fill Out This Research Survey!
A team of graduate social work students at UTC are researching the effects of COVID-19 against graduate school stressors. If you are a graduate student, please take the time to take the survey for a chance to win a gift card! Find the survey HERE!

Visit The Echo’s Webpage!
Check out the Echo’s weekly publications HERE every Tuesday to stay up to date on news, sports, features, and opinions in relation to the issues and events specific to UTC and the Chattanooga community!

Complete the Beyond the Classroom Challenge
The Beyond the Classroom Challenge is a great way for students to jump into a broad variety of FREE campus and community events, as well as learn more about UTC, Chattanooga, and themselves—all based on their own schedules and interests. Each week, this newsletter will identify events that count towards the challenge. You can also view more events HERE. Students participating in the challenge who participate and reflect on 10 events can earn awards and recognition. To learn more click HERE or contact the Experiential Learning Team at think@utc.udu.

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