The Department of Electrical Engineering is hosting a free, two-day workshop on Diagnostic Measurements on Power Transformers. The workshop, sponsored by Omicron electronics, will feature industry-leading presenters.

The Transformer Workshop is designed to provide you the essential information needed to determine the condition of your transformer assets. Participants will be introduced to the most modern and effective test techniques and practices that can be applied to power transformers today. Participants will learn transformer theory, diagnostic test methods, and data analysis strategies. All subjects presented are adequate for all levels of expertise, and all examples are derived directly from field experiences. This is a two-day event with four instructors bringing different areas of technical expertise.

The course objectives are to understand transformer failure modes and basic as well as advanced diagnostic test methods to assess the condition of transformers and ancillary equipment. The instructors will share their expertise in the area of diagnostic testing and analysis through presentation of actual field measurement and case studies.

A detailed agenda and registration form is available here. Live streaming of the event will begin at 8:00 am eastern time on June 22nd, accessible via the department’s website: