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CECS Newsletter, Volume 4, No. 3, Fall 2017

Dean’s Message

Dr. Daniel J. Pack

Greetings from the beautiful campus at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,

On the morning of Saturday, May 6th, while waiting in the procession line to enter the McKenzie Arena for the 2017 Spring graduation ceremony, I was approached by a woman with a big smile and teary eyes.  She gave me a big hug and thanked me for what the college has done over the past five years for her daughter, who was graduating that day with an electrical engineering degree.  As Pomp and Circumstance began to play and the procession started, I moved to my appointed location without getting her name nor the name of the student.  Later, I found out she was the mother of Sarah Roberts, one of 184 Spring 2017 graduates from the college.

Sarah experienced both academic and financial difficulties during the last year of her academic program.  She persevered, overcame the challenges, and successfully completed her program, to be immediately hired by the Tennessee Valley Authority as an engineer.  Sarah later told me that she was grateful to so many faculty and staff members of the college who were sensitive to her needs and provided her with support, instruction, and counsel, especially during her senior year.

Reflecting on the encounter with Sarah’s mother, I was reminded once again of the important roles our faculty and staff play every day in the college.  We cultivate abilities in our students to learn, strive, and succeed in their life journeys, through offering challenging academic programs, providing opportunities to gain life experiences in internships, co-ops, research, and community service, and creating an environment for students to participate in extracurricular activities, all made possible by caring faculty and staff, alumni, and friends.

In this e-News, you will find some of those cultivating activities that took place over the summer and resulting accomplishments.

As we welcome new students, and welcome back our returning students for the 2017-18 academic year, we are committed once again to educate, strengthen, and prepare our students for the lives they face.  I am sure of the commitments of our faculty and staff toward student success, and I am confident that Sarah will agree.


Dean Daniel Pack


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