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CECS Newsletter, Volume 4, No. 4, Fall 2017

Dean’s Message

Dr. Daniel J. Pack

Greetings from the beautiful campus at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,

On Thursday, 2 November, the college hosted a reception for our beloved Dr. Mike Jones, who retired over the past summer after serving the college and the university over the past 42 years.   During his tenure at the university, Dr. Jones received numerous awards including UC Foundation Professor, All-Southern Conference Faculty Team Award, and more than 20 teaching excellence awards.  Dr. Jones embodies the character of a quintessential educator who is passionate for the education of his students, as evidenced by the number of teaching awards he received. The college is reaping the benefits of the work of people like Dr. Jones through the success of our students.  In this version of e-News, you will find national recognitions our students received, success stories of alums, new and continuing partnerships with industry partners, and college activities to cultivate student success which occurred during the last quarter.  I hope you will find the articles informative and engaging.

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Toward the end of the reception, Dr. Jones spoke to the crowd and said how much he treasured the 42 years he spent teaching at the college, because that’s what he loved to do.  He continued by exhorting the attendees to pursue their passion.  I am pleased to report that the college is full with faculty and staff who are passionate about the education and success of our students.  I am also certain that the college will continue to carry the torch of putting students first, left behind by Dr. Jones and so many other great former faculty members.

Daniel Pack



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