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CECS Newsletter,  Volume 3, No. 3, Fall 2016

Dean’s Message


The week of August 22nd marked the start of a new academic year at UTC with a dizzying number of welcoming and orientation activities.  In the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), we saw the largest student population in the history of the college; 1,477 students embarking on or continuing their pursuit of engineering, science, and technology degrees.  We are privileged to educate, train, and mentor these students and are always mindful of the responsibility we have in shaping their future.

Take Gabi Norton, a sophomore Chemical Engineering major, who came to us from Caledonia High School in Caledonia, Mississippi. She is a Brock Scholar, and is already participating in undergraduate research, and is active as a member of the chemical car competition team, preparing for regional and national competitions.  Jonathan Ingram, a junior in Electrical Engineering, is from Chattanooga, by way of Colorado and Texas.  This past summer he interned at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston, South Carolina, and had a chance to brief a three-star general as part of his summer work.  After graduation, Jonathan will accept a commission as an officer in the US Navy, and begin work as a trainer at the Charleston Naval Shipyard.  Hiroshi “Chantz” Yanagida is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student who graduated from Hamilton County, Tennessee’s Hixson High School.  “Chantz” chose UTC for its close knit community and opportunities for undergraduate research and internships.  He has jumped right in to the leadership role of the College’s 3D Print Club recruiting like-minded students to develop wonderful activities including manufacturing plant tours for the club members.  Madison Chan is freshman from Knoxville, Tennessee who is exploring options for a major in Engineering.  As one of the College’s inaugural Volkswagen Scholars, she has been recognized for both her accomplishments in high school and her commitment to pursue a career in STEM.  Each of our students has a story like Gabi’s, Jonathan’s, “Chantz”’s, and Madison’s.  We are grateful for the opportunities to foster their intellectual abilities and to nurture their experiential learning. The College’s faculty and staff are delighted that they have chosen to pursue their educational goals through enrollment in CECS.  We are committed to affirming that they made the right choice, and are confident in their potential impact on our society when they finish their studies and move into the world.

These are typical student stories unfolding within College through transformative education and meaningful student learning experiences, led by our faculty and staff.  Stories developed by one activity, one class, one laboratory, one mentoring professor, one research engagement, one internship at a time.

This issue of CECS eNews contains some of those activities that took place over the past summer and during the current semester.  Our students, staff, and faculty were highly active in scholarly and service activities, received accolades, and traveled around the world, showing the vibrant state of the College and our efforts to expand and grow.

So, sit back and enjoy reading the accomplishments of the College.  We have much to celebrate.

Daniel J. Pack, Ph.D., P.E., Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science


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