CHEM 1110 Practice Tests

CHEM 1110 Practice Tests

This page contains old tests given by Dr. Potts since Spring 2003. They do not necessarily reflect the material that will be on your test, but they should give you some idea of how her tests are written. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the files.

Spring 2016 (Book: Burdge and Overby)

Spring 2013 (Book: Burdge and Overby)

 Spring 2012 (Book: Burdge and Overby)

 Fall 2011 (Book: Burdge and Overby)

Spring 2011 (Book: Brady and Sinese)

Fall 2009 (Book: Brady and Sinese)

Spring 2009 (Book: Brady and Sinese)

Fall 2008 (Book: Brady and Sinese)

Fall 2007 (Book: Brady and Sinese)

Spring 2007 (Book: Brady)

Fall 2006 (Book: Brady)

Spring 2006 (Book: Brady)

Fall 2005 (Book: Brady)

Spring 2005 (Book: Olmsted and Williams)

Fall 2004 (Book: Olmsted and Williams)

Spring 2004 (Book: Olmsted and Williams)

Fall 2003 (Book: Olmsted and Williams)

Spring 2003 (book: Olmsted and Williams)