Mohammad Ahmadi, management, has published the following journal articles and other work in 2008.

1.”An Exponential Smoothing Model for Predicting Traffic in the Library and the Reference Desk,” The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, Volume 21, Number 2, 2008. This paper was chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2008. (Co-Authors: Dileepan, Murgai, Roth)

2. “Online Teaching and Problem Solving Skills: A Performance Oriented Investigation,” International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE), Volume 2, Number 2, 2008. (Co-Authors: Asllani, Roth, C. White)

3. “Technologies in Support of Mass Customization Strategy: Exploring the Linkages between E-Commerce and Knowledge Management.” Computers in Industry, Volume 59, Number 4, April 2008. (Co-Authors: Ettkin, Helms, and Jih)

4. Test Bank to Accompany Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics, Fifth Edition, Cengage Publishing. (2008).



Nesli Alp, engineering management, attended the Linden Washington Program to visit embassies and agencies for international students to develop pipelines and recruit more international students to UTC. She was also selected as an Executive Board Member for Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) of East Tennessee and North Georgia Mentorship Program, which assists high school students in pursuit of careers in the construction industry with mentoring and scholarships.



Tom Bissonette, Counseling and Career Planning Center, published the book, “Peace Outings – How to End the Sex War” this spring. The book offers a framework for frank discussion between men and women; allowing a much deeper understanding of each other. It exposes how we are set up by our culture and economic system to be natural enemies. With the help of this book we can discover how to bridge the gender gap by stripping away the facade and opening ourselves to discover the wonder of the humanity we have in common. Healthy relationships and sexuality are also defined. The book addresses the darker side of human sexuality as well; when relationships descend into conflict and violence.



Janetta F. Bradley, education, completed course work and practicum requirements for the English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement and participated in a Spanish Immersion Program in Costa Rica.

Awarded State of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediation Certification

Served as a panel member, U.S. Department of Education, Safe Schools/Healthy Schools Federal Grants for Public School Programs, Washington D.C.

Watson, S. & Bradley, J. F. (2009) Modeling Secondary Instructional Strategies in a Teacher Education Class.Education. (in press)

Professional Presentations:
Rutledge, V., Bradley, J.F., Smith, L. (2008). University of Tennessee at Chattanooga ESL Summer Institute Program. Poster presented at the Southeastern Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (SETESOL) conference, September, 2008, Birmingham, AL.

Bradley, J.F., Warren-Kring, B., Mitchell, J., & Levine, J. (2008). RTI in Action: Reading intervention in a Professional Development School Setting. Presentation accepted to the Teacher Education Division of Council of Exceptional Children National Conference, November, 2008, Dallas, TX,.

Scheduled Presentations and Professional Paper Submissions:

Bradley, J. F., & Bentz, J. (2009). Using Technology to Broaden Horizons in Special Education Teacher Preparation Programs.

July, 2009, International Learning Conference, Barcelona, Spain
July, 2009, International Association of Special Educators Conference, Alicante, Spain

Bradley, J. F., & Bentz, J. (2009). Using technology to broaden horizons in special education teacher preparation programs. Submitted to IASE conference proceedings publication.



Ethan Carver, biological and environmental sciences, attended two meetings and was part of three poster presentations, including:

Poster presentation: (Awarded 1st place in Cell and Molecular Biology group)
“Characterization Of The Tnxb Gene In Zebrafish.” authored by Cofer, M.R.*, Bramblett, J.*, Culiat, C., and Carver, E.A. at the Tennessee Academy of Science, 118th Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee. November, 2008.
* denotes student authors

Poster Presentation: “Dead Elvis Zebrafish Motility Mutation-Mapping and Phenotype Characterization” at the The Southeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama. March 27-29, 2009.

Poster Presentation: “Dead Elvis Zebrafish Motility Mutation-Mapping and Phenotype Characterization” at the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship located at UTC-University Center Atrium. April 16, 2009.



Chris Cunningham, industrial-organizational psychology, secured the following peer-reviewed publications, referred conference presentations, and chaired several graduate student theses to defense since January 2009. The details on these accomplishments are as follows:

Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009). Keeping work in perspective: Work-nonwork considerations and applicant decision making. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 21, 89-113.

O’Leary, B. J., Durham, C. R., Weathington, B. L., Cothran, D. L., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009). Racial Identity as a Moderator of the Relationship between Perceived Applicant Similarity and Hiring Decisions. The Journal of Black Psychology, 35(1), 63-77.

Biderman, M. D., & Nguyen, N. T., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009, April). Common method variance in NEO-FFI and IPIP personality measurement. Poster presented at the 24th annual conference of The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Dorio, J. (co-chair), Cunningham, C. J. L. (co-chair), Bandelli, A., Greene-Shortridge, T., Kessler, S., & Schmidt, G. (2009, April). Beginning the Journey: Peer mentoring for individuals starting their careers. Panel discussion presented at the 24th annual conference of The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Owens, J., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009, April). Examining the relationship between proactive personality and career success. Poster presented at the 24th annual conference of The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Ghorbani, N., Watson, P. J., Rezazadeh, Z., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009, February). Self-Control and Integrative Self-Knowledge: Relationships with Muslim Religious Commitment and Experience in Iran. Paper presented at the Second Conference of the International Association of Muslin Psychologists, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Cheng, J.-M. (2009). Modeling the relationships among stressors, Big Five personality traits, and strains within a sample of Chinese respondents. Unpublished master’s thesis, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN.

Owens, J. (2009). Further examination of the relationship between proactive personality and career success. Unpublished master‚Äôs thesis, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN.

Patel, S. (2009). Work-family balance and religion: A resource-based perspective. Unpublished master‚Äôs thesis, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN.



Leroy Fanning, health and human performance, has been selected by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) to construct and present the AAU Girl’s Basketball Complete Athlete Seminars at the 13: Under through 16: Under Girl’s Basketball National Championships. Dr. Fanning will present information to approximately 12,500 student athletes covering the role of the student athlete in the community, in the classroom and on the basketball court. The seminar centers around Competitive Greatness in each area as well as NCAA and University eligibility requirements for collegiate basketball.



Angelina Forde, criminal justice, was been appointed to the Academic Advisory Board for McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Learning Series-TAKING SIDES: Clashing Views in Adolescence and TAKING SIDES: Clashing Views on Social Issues.



William Harman, philosophy and religion, presented a talk during the second semester to the UTC Council of Scholars on his research on dynamics in the Sri Lankan civil war. He presented an overview of India Studies in the Introduction to Asia Conference sponsored by UTC in February. His article, “Laughing Until it Hurts…Somebody Else — The Pain of a Ritual Joke,” will appear late summer in a volume edited by Corinne Dempsey and Selva Raj entitledLevity in South Asian Ritual Traditions, to be published by SUNY Press. He delivered three addresses as the keynote speaker at the Lyman Coleman Memorial Religious Studies Lecture Series, Lafayetee College, April 6-8, 2009. His article, “Goddesses and Illness in Southern India,” has been accepted for publication in Fabrizio Ferrari’s edited volume Disease, Possession and Healing: Negotiating Health in South Asia, forthcoming with Rougledge Press circa 2010.



Gale Iles, criminal justice, article “The Effects of Race/Ethnicity and National Origin on Length of Sentence in the United States Virgin Islands” is accepted for publication in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (Forthcoming in May 2009).

Gale Iles, criminal justice, entry on the United States Virgin Islands will appear in the Crime and Punishment Around the World Encyclopedia (Vol. 2) (Forthcoming in Fall 2009).

David Eichenthal and Gale Iles prepared a report on “Crime and Public Safety in the Chattanooga Region.” Report was written as part of the 2008 State of Chattanooga Report.

Gale Iles and Vic Bumphus presented the paper “Assessing the Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment for Female Offenders: Does Treatment Participation Impact Recidivism” at the November 2008 American Society of Criminology Annual Conference.



Rowan Johnson, English. “You float” Wordriver Literary Review. University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Apr. 2009.



Bryon Kluesner, Office for Students with Disabilities, was elected as Vice Chair for the Chattanooga’s Mayor’s Council for Disability on May 4, 2009. He will serve one year in the position.



Sydney Roberts, theatre and speech, was recently named an Associate Artist with Georgia Shakespeare in Atlanta. She has designed with them for 8 seasons, most recently, A Midsummer Night‚Äôs Dream:



Valerie Rutledge, education, and Linda Johnston, education, contributed to Michele Valadie’s December 2008 article published on CYC-Online entitled, ‚ÄúAre Early Childcare Providers Ready for Inclusion?‚Äù

Valerie Rutledge, Kim O’Kelley, education and Mrs. Linda Rivers, Children’s Center, presented at the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities in Cincinnati, Ohio, in October 2008. The presentation was entitled ‚ÄúA Partnership of People, Places, and Possibilities.‚Äù

Rutledge was recently appointed to a three year term as a member of the Tennessee State Board of Examiners (BOE) for Teacher Education. The BOE is comprised of representatives from higher education, P-12 education, state-level personnel and participates in joint accreditation visits with NCATE as they review teacher education programs throughout the state.



Erika Schafer, music, performed on trumpet with the Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz Band as part of the Chattanooga Jazz Festival held from May 1-3.



Rebecca St. Goar, music, served as a judge for the 2009 Grace Moore Memorial Scholarship Auditions for vocal performance. They took place at MTSU in April, awarding $2000 for singers in the Young Artist and Student categories.



Victoria Steinberg, foreign languages, has been asked to review the Praxis examination, required for licensure in French, by the Tennessee Department of Education for ETS (Educational Testing Service).



Jim Tucker, graduate studies, along with Eleanor Cooper, a doctoral student from the Learning and Leadership program, presented an invited address to the regular assembly of the Kettering Foundation, Dayton, Ohio, March 18, 2009. The title of the presentation was “The Chattanooga story and the Center for Whatever It Needs to Be.

Jim Tucker, graduate studies, was named ad-hoc reviewer for the peer-reviewed journal, Preventing School Failure

Jim Tucker, graduate studies, continues as co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. His recent editorial in that journal was entitled “Commentary: Forgotten practices and sins of omission. Ethical human psychology and psychiatry, 10(3), 133-135.



Randy Walker, physical therapy, earned the privilege of being named a Certified Mulligan Practitioner in April 2009 by passing the required written and practical examinations. Walker is one of four physical therapists from Chattanooga who have earned this advanced clinical practice recognition.



Thomas Ware, English, had two articles published during the Spring 2009 term.
“Fiction Still Fights the Civil War: ‘It Ain’t Over Though It’s Over.’” War, Literature & the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities 20: 1 & 2 (2009): 329-338.

“The Remarkable Spring of 1945: A Memoir.” Kentucky Humanities (April 2009): 20-26.

In the Spring Session of The English Department Annual Series “Works In Progress,” he read an essay, “The Irony of Disintegration in Ann Enright’s ‘The Gathering’; Or ‘What It Takes to Win a Man Booker Award These Days.’”

March 20-22, he served as The Official Host of The Southern Regional Meeting of
The American Conference for Irish Studies in Chattanooga



Sandy Watson, education, was awarded Outstanding Teaching/Advising Award: College of Health, Education and Professional Studies.

She was also named as an NCATE Program Reviewer.

Her presentations so far this year: Society for Values in Higher Education (Chicago, IL). University as Wal Mart: Consumerism in Academia.

Articles published or in press in 2009:

Watson, S. & Miller, T. (2009). Classification and the dichotomous key: Tools for identification. The Science Teacher, 76(3), pp. 50-54.

Watson, S. & Bradley, J. (2009) Modeling Secondary Instructional Strategies in a Teacher Education Class. Education. (in press)

Watson, S. (2009) Teaching Science Investigation with Discovery Bottles. Science and Children, 45(9).

Invited Book Chapter:
Watson, S. (2009). Telementoring in Teacher Education: IGI Global Communications Publishing Co.

Edited Book: Johnston, L. & Watson, S. (Eds). (2009). PDS: A Beginning to Education in a Diverse Society: Pearson Custom Publishing: Boston, MA.

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