Spring 2010

Richard Allen, UC Foundation Professor, Management
First Tee of Chattanooga Board Member – actively participated as a board member.  The new joint UTC-First Tee facility is opening this spring.  This will engage 500+ area youth in golf and life skill building programs and serve as a practice facility for the UTC men’s and women’s golf teams. Akan, O., Allen, R. S. and White, C. S., (2009) Equity sensitivity and organizational citizenship behavior. Small Group Research. 40(1): 94-112.

Richard Apgar, Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Presented a paper entitled “Pedagogues on the Road: Intra-European Travel Accounts of the Late Enlightenment” at the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting, ETSU, Johnson City, TN.

Thomas Balazs, Assistant Professor, English
Thomas P. Balazs, English, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his short story, “The Music Man,” and was awarded “Honorable Mention” in the Biennial Chattanooga Theatre Center Festival for his play, “Two Virgins.”

Boris P. Belinskiy , UC Foundation Professor, Mathematics
“Existence Criteria for Solutions of Linear Stochastic Differential Equations with Skew-Symmetric Differential Operator and Additive Fractional Brownian Noise,” (with P. Caithamer), Stochastics and Dynamics 9, No. 1, 153-167 2009. “A Double Sum with the Gamma Function,” (with O. Saleh and T. Walters),The College Mathematics Journal, 1, Vol. 40, 59-60 (2009). “Some Nonlinear and Nonlocal Sturm-Liouville Problems Motivated by the Problem of Flutter,” (with J. V. Matthews), E. J . Qualitative Theory of Diff. Equations, Spec. Ed. I, No. 7, 1-15 (2009). Prepared 4 referee reports for different mathematical journals. Prepared several reports for Mathematical Reviews.

Stylianos Chatzimanolis, Assistant Professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Published the following papers: Chatzimanolis, S., M. S. Engel, A. Newton and D. Grimaldi. 2010. “New ant-like stone beetles in mid-Cretaceous amber from Myanmar” (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae). Cretaceous Research 31(1): 77–84. 28. Clarke, D. and S. Chatzimanolis. 2009. “Antiquity and long-term morphological stasis in a group of rove beetles” (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae): Description of the oldest Octavius species, from Cretaceous Burmese amber and review of the “Euaesthetine subgroup” fossil record. Cretaceous Research 30(6): 1426–1434. 27. Chatzimanolis, S and J. S. Ashe. 2009. A revision of the neotropical genus Ocyolinus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylinini). Zootaxa 2162: 1–23.26. Engel, M. S. and S. Chatzimanolis. 2009. “An oxyteline rove beetle in Dominican amber with possible African affinities” (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae). Annals of the Carnegie Museum 77(4): 425–429.

Marisa A. Colston PhD, ATC, UC Foundation Associate Professor in Health and Human Performance, Health and Human Performance
CAATE Continued Accreditation for the Graduate Athletic Training Education Program; Successful site visit following a 1,600 page self-study report. 100% compliance with accreditation standards for a maximum 10-year accreditation cycle. Article: Colston, M.A., Buchanan, C. “Injury to the Medial Collateral Ligament of the Knee,” Athletic Director & Coach, January, 2010. Article: Allen, B, Colston, M.A. “ACL Injuries in Athletes,” Athletic Director & Coach, October, 2009. Online article: Colston, M.A., “Finding the Right Path” (An Article on Ethics and Professionalism), Athletes in Action Website August, 2009. Presentation: “Lumbosacral Spine”  February 5, 2010, for competencies in athletic training at the Annual SEATA Student Symposium, Atlanta, GA. Poster Presentation:  “Dietary Profile of Collegiate Football Players Using the Mediterranean Diet Score” February 6, 2010, Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association Educator’s Conference, Atlanta, GA. Poster Presentation: “Back Extensor Fatigue Resistance and Trunk Range of Motion as Indicators of Risk for Back Dysfunction,”  June 16, 2009, World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy, Third World Congress, San Antonio, TX. Presentation:  “Lumbosacral Spine”  February 7, 2009, for competencies in athletic training at the Annual SEATA Student Symposium, Atlanta, GA. Research Contract-Chattem, Inc.- $11,278.00. “Effect of topical counterirritant application on muscle performance”; Awarded August, 2009. Two cross-sectional and one longitudinal investigation on core function and stabilization. Faculty Research Grant – $2,480.28.  “Testing physical performance capabilities for injury risk quantification and implementation of preventive measures”; Awarded April, 2009. Speaker and Special Events Committee Funding – $200.00.  “Team ENHANCE – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Psychosocial Care”, April 13, 2009. Award: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Service Award; to be presented in June 2010. Award: Exceptional Merit; University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; 2009. Athletes in Action-Mission trip to Guatemala, May 23-29, 2009.  Presented various sports medicine-related topics including: Professionalism and Ethics, Iliofemoral joint assessment and Injury Prevention and the Identification of Injury Risk Factors. Co-editor: Athletic Director-Coach Magazine-Sports Medicine Column, 2009 – Present. Manuscript reviewer: Journal of Athletic Training. Manuscript reviewer: Athletic Therapy Today. Athletes in Action-UTC Videoconference to Guatemala, 2009 – present.  Co-coordinator of monthly videoconference presentation to operative and non-operative sports medicine physician for the Professional Soccer League in Guatemala (Guatemala City). Service: UTC CHEPS Curriculum Committee Service: UTC DHHP-ATEP SACS Accountability Management System Coordinator Service: UTC DHHP Research and Engagement Committee.

Linda Collins, Associate Professor, Biology/ESC
Published a laboratory manual to accompany a Human Physiology textbook.
Laboratory Manual for Sherwood’s Human Physiology, Seventh Edition, Cengage Learning, 2009

J.R Clark, Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise
Clark had five articles published in the 2009-2010 academic year, “Censoring and Destroying Information in the Information Age,” Cato Journal; “Suppressing Liberty, Censoring Information, Wasting Resources, and Calling It Good for the Environment,” Social Philosophy and Policy (Cambridge University Press); “Are High School Economics Teachers the Same as Other Social Studies Teachers: The Results of a National Survey,” Social Education; “Recent Trends and New Evidence in Economics and Finance Education,” Journal of Economics and Finance Education; and “Suppressing Liberty, Censoring Information, Wasting Resources, and Calling It Good for the Environment,” Natural Resources, the Environment, and Human Welfare (Cambridge University Press). An Op-Ed, “Climate Crisis Was Too Good To Waste”, hit both newsstands and the Internet world-wide on December 30, 2009 in Investor’s Business Daily. Selected to serve as a judge for the Atlas Foundation’s Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award, an international award that recognizes the single publication for 2010 that made the greatest contribution to world understanding of a free society. Serves as Secretary/Treasurer for both The Association of Private Enterprise Education (administering grants from both the Koch and Earhart Foundations) and the Southern Economic Association, organizing both associations annual international conferences and publishing their respective professional journals. In addition to serving as editor for both the Southern Economic Journal and The Journal of Private Enterprise, Clark has recently become an associate economic editor for the Journal of Economics and Finance Education. Serves on two additional journal editorial boards. This past fall, presented “Too Safe to Be Safe: Government Safety Efforts that Increase Danger” as part of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton School of Business BB&T Distinguished Lecture Series. The Center for Economic Education, under Clark’s leadership, was awarded a grant from the National Council for Economic Education to present a teacher’s workshop in June 2010. Serves on the board of directors of the Mont Pélerin Society.

Chris Cunningham, UC Foundation Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology
Textbook, Weathington, B. L., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Pittenger, D. J. (2010). Research methods for the behavioral and social sciences. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 978-0-470-45803-7. Journal Publications: Ghorbani, N., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Watson, P. J. (in press). “Comparative analysis of integrative self-knowledge, mindfulness, and private self-consciousness in predicting responses to stress in Iran”. International Journal of Psychology. Pegues, D. A., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (in press). “Diversity in leadership: Where’s the love for racioethnic minorities?” The Business Journal of Hispanic Research, 4(1). Panda, M., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2010). “Addressing and preventing stress, fatigue, and burnout in health care providers” [Abstract]. Journal of Investigative Medicine, 58(2), p. 460. Panda, M., Cunningham, C. J. L., Rybolt, A., & Queen, S. (2010). “Attitudes of residents, patients and caregivers to house calls: Better than sliced bread? [Abstract] Journal of Investigative Medicine, 58(2), p. 497. Technical Reports: Cunningham, C. L. L. (2010). VIRTUS and Child Lures Safety Program Evaluation Report. Technical report delivered to the Office of Safe Environments for the Diocese of Burlington, Burlington, Vermont. Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009). Summary report: 2008 Tennessee Teen Institute Evaluation Enhancement Project. Technical report delivered to Tennessee Teen Institute, Chattanooga, TN. Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations: Panda, M., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2010, February). “Addressing and preventing stress, fatigue, and burnout in health care providers”. Presentation delivered at the 2010 Southern Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Panda, M., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2010, February). Addressing and preventing stress, fatigue, and burnout in health care providers”. Presentation delivered at the 2010 American Federation for Medical Research Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Rybolt, A., Panda, M., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Queen, S. (2010, February). “Attitudes of residents, patients, and caregivers to house calls: Better than sliced bread?” Presentation delivered at the 2010 Southern Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Trevor, T., O’Leary, B. J., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Weathington, B. (2009, November). “Organizational justice, equity sensitivity, and workplace attitudes”. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Management Association, Asheville, NC. Cheng, J.-M., Cunningham, C. J. L., Wang, M., & Shi, J. (2009, November). “The relationship between personality, stressors, and strains among Chinese workers”. Poster presented at the 8th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009, November). Understanding and using multiple mediation models in occupational health: An introduction and guide to application. In V. Magley (chair), “Methodology in occupational health research, Part 2: Stepping forward into new methods”. Symposium presented at the 8th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Patel, S. P., & Cunningham, C. J. L. (2009, November). “A resource-based perspective on work-family balance and religion among a sample of Hindus”. Poster presented at the 8th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Chijioke, C., Scherer, K., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Panda, M. (2009, October). “Addressing and preventing stress, fatigue and burnout in health care providers: Relaxing, rejuvenating and rejoicing in residency”. Poster presented at the International Conference for Communication in Health Care 2009, Miami, FL.

Lucien Ellington, UC Foundation Professor of Education/Asia Program Co-director, Teacher Preparation Academy
Authored the book, Asia in Focus: Japan, (ABC-CLIO), 2009, 463 pgs. Coauthored, “East Asia in Survey Courses: Assessment and Comparative Digital Resources,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, Volume 31, 2009, pgs 233-241. Editor of two Key Issues in Asian Studies Booklets (Association for Asian Studies) Diane Mines, Caste in India,2009, 93 pgs. Richard Davis, Global India circa 100 CE: South Asia in Early World History, 75 pgs. Editor of three issues of Education About Asia, the teaching journal of the Association for Asian Studies, Volume 14, (2009) nos. 1-3. Invited Panelist at the National Council for the Social Studies Vital Issues Session at the Atlanta Annual Meeting of NCSS to discuss the findings of the 2009 study that I coauthored entitled “Social Studies in Our Nation’s High Schools.” The study of 1,201 teachers was funded by the Bradley Foundation and conducted by the Center for Survey Research and Analysis. Recipient in 2009 of Wilbur Foundation funding to do work on the history of educational thought at the Russell Kirk Center Library in Mecosta, MI. Chair and Panelist in the session, “East Asia in Survey World History and Geography Courses” at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Assocation for Asian Studies, January 2010, Louisville, KY.

Gene Ezell, Professor, Health and Human Performance
Anspaugh, David and Ezell, Gene. 2010. Teaching Today’s Health. 9th Edition.Benjamin Cummings Publishing, San Francisco, CA.

Greg Grant, Grote Professor, Chemistry
Published three papers, UTC  undergraduate co-authors indicated by an asterisk.
“Platinum group metal thiacrown complexes as precursors for self-assembly reactions”; Grant, G.J.; Naik,R.D.*; Benefield, D.E.*; VanDerveer, D.G.; Supramolecular Chemistry, 2010, 22, 109. “Antimony-Carbon Bond Activation in a Pt(II) Complex: The Crystal Structure of [Pt(9S3)(SbPh3)(Ph)](PF6)”; Grant, G.J.; Benefield, D.E.*; VanDerveer, D.G.; J. of Organometallic Chem.,  2010, 695, 634-636. “Thiacrown Pt(II) Complexes with Group 15 Donor Ligands”; Grant, G.J.; Benefield, D.E.*; VanDerveer, D.G.; Dalton Trans., 2009, 1872-1882. Presented two invited seminars. Invited departmental seminar; presented to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Auburn University,  Auburn, AL, November 12, 2009. “Lords of the Thioether Rings: Squares, Triangle, Square Pyramids, and Triangular Bipyramids in Pt(II) Thiacrown Chemistry, Invited departmental seminar; presented to the Department of Chemistry, Eastern Illinois University,  Charleston, IL, Sept. 14, 2009. “Lords of the Thioether Rings: Squares, Triangle, Square Pyramids, and Triangular Bipyramids in Pt(II) Thiacrown Chemistry.” Invited Symposium speaker: “Squares, Triangles, Square Pyramids, and Trigonal Bipyramids:  Heteroleptic Thiacrown Complexes with Platinum(II)”; presented at the 61st Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Juan, Puerto Rico,  Oct. 21 -25 2009; Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Symposium “Current Trends in Inorganic Chemistry”, Paper 165.

Timothy Gaudin, UC Foundation Professor, Biological & Environmental Sciences
Article: Gaudin, T. J., R. J. Emry, and J. R. Wible. 2009.  “The phylogeny of living and extinct pangolins (Mammalia, Pholidota) and associated taxa: a morphology based analysis”.  Journal of Mammalian Evolution. 16(4): 235-305. Book review: Gaudin, T. J. 2009.  Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful: South American Mammals.  A review of Mammals of South America.  Volume 1.  Marsupials, Xenarthrans, Shrews, and Bats.  A. L. Gardner (ed.).  Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2008. Journal of Mammalian Evolution. 16(4): 307-308. Co-authored and supervised the oral presentation given by UTC undergraduate student Erich Eichler at the 119th meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, October 30, 2009, Knoxville, TN. Erich’s project was entitled “New records of the nine-banded armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Dasypodidae), in southeast Tennessee.” Erich’s presentation won a 3rd Place Award in the Student Presentation competition for the Zoology Oral Presentations Session (first and second prize were both won by graduate students). Presentation: “The Wormtongue’s tale: A brief history of anteater evolution,” Brown Bag Lunch Presentation Series, Nashville Zoo, Nashville, TN, Feb. 4, 2010. Named as Book Review editor of the Journal of Mammalian Evolution, beginning January 1, 2010. Served as judge for student talks, Zoology Oral Presentations Session, 119th meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, October 30, 2009, Knoxville, TN. Elected to serve as Zoology Session Chair for 2010 meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science. Served as list manager for EVOLISTTN, a listserv discussion group sponsored by the American Insitiute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) designed to assist biologists and biology teachers to teach evolution and combat creationism in the public school system of Tennessee.

Ruth Grover, Director and Curator, Cress Gallery of Art
Nominated and elected in November 2009 to the Board of Directors of The AIM Center, Inc., Chattanooga, TN. The AIM Center provides services to those with mental illness that promote an individual’s recovery in living, working, learning, and social environments. As a Board Member, Grover also serves on the AIM Center’s Member Services Committee which, among other aspects towards the life enhancement and discovery of purpose of its members, guides the newly created Arts Program at the Center. Selected to serve as Juror for “The Dogwood Arts Festival”, Knoxville, TN, to open April 2, 2010. “The Dogwood Festival” organizers work to create a venue with emphasis on cutting edge art and craft towards becoming a leader the Southeast. Its “Call for Entries” targets and attracts quality artists and craftsmen from across the nation.

Sumith Gunasekera, Mathematics
Two research papers: Gunasekera, S. and Ananda, M. M. A. (2010). “Generalized Inferences for the Common Scale Parameter of Several Pareto Populations,”International Journal of Statistics and Management System 5(1-2), 118-126. Cooray, K., Gunasekera, S., and Ananda M. M. A. (2010) “The Weibull-Inverse Weibull Composite Distribution for Modeling Reliability Data,” accepted for publication in Model Assisted Statistics and Applications.

June Hanks, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, CLT, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
At the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Section Meeting in San Diego, CA in February 2010, I conducted 3 presentations relative to my work in Haiti, including a presentation entitled “Building a Sustainable Rehabilitation Program in Haiti.” In 2001, I started the Advantage Program, an assistance program for persons with physically disabling conditions located in Les Cayes, Haiti. The program now has 4 components: (1) Rehabilitation Clinic & Prosthetics/Orthotics shop (2) Vocational/Life skills program for women with disabilities called the Bernice Johnson Center (3) Blindness/Low Vision program (4) School sponsorship program for inclusion of children with disabilities into the regular classroom/sponsorship to attend special needs school, if necessary. Since the initiation of the Bernice Johnson Center, we have had 2 groups of students complete the 4 year training program. These graduates are now working in a sewing/production self-help project earning money for themselves and their families. One of the women is working in the rehabilitation clinic doing secretarial work and is being trained as a rehabilitation technician. Another is serving as the leader of a Peer Support group for persons with disabilities. Since the earthquake in Haiti Jan 12, 2010, I have written a strategic plan for physical rehabilitation in south Haiti and am working to obtain money to accomplish the goals of disability adaptation, awareness, advocacy and accessibility. The Prosthetic/Orthotic shop that I supervise was named the most functional shop in Haiti before the earthquake and is currently preparing to be the major provider for the south of Haiti, as many persons with amputation need prostheses. To this end, I have started the “Step Forward & Reach Out” initiative through which an individual or group can purchase an artificial limb or an orthosis for a person in Haiti. We are using the International Committee of the Red Cross system for fabricating devices in developing countries. These activities lead to multiple research opportunities. I have established the website, www.advantagehaiti.com. I feel privileged to have been able to work in Haiti for the past 10+ years and look forward to assisting Haiti in developing sustainable rehabilitation for its citizens.

Diane Halstead, Mary Harris Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Published “Service Provider Use of Christian Religious Messages in Yellow Pages Advertising” in Advertising and Society Review with co-authors Dr. Valerie A. Taylor and Dr. Paula J. Haynes, 2009, 10 (4). Published “Developing a Strategic Framework of Key Account Performance,” in Journal of Strategic Marketing, Special Issue on Strategic Sales, with co-authors Dr. Keith A. Richards, Eli Jones, and Frank Q. Fu, 2009, 17 (3-4).

William Harman, Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Delivered the Lyman Coleman Memorial Religious Studies Lecture Series, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, April 6-8, 2009. Named to an additional 3-year Term of Service on 4-Member International Board of Directors for the Conference for the Study of Religion in India, 2010. Publications: “A Miracle (or Two) in Tirucchi,” in Dempsey, Corinne and Selva Raj, The Miracle as Conundrum in South Asian Religions. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2009, pp. 105-119 (b) “Laughing Until it Hurts…Somebody Else–The Pain of a Ritual Joke,” in Dempsey, Corinne and Raj, Selva, Sacred Play: Ritual Levity and Humor in South Asian Religions. Albany: State Univerisity of New York Press, 2010, pp. 107-123. Wrote “Possession as Protection and Affliction: The Goddess Mariyamman’s Fierce Grace” in Fabrizio Ferrari (ed.), Health and Religious Rituals in South Asia: Disease, Possession and Healing. Oxford: Routledge, forthcoming, 2011. Presentations: “Violent Disciplines: Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers and the Militant Ascetic Traditions of India,” November 7, 2009 at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Montréal, Canada. Revised version presented as Department of Philosophy and Religion Lecture Feb. 22, 2010. “Religious Visionaries in a Brutal Terrorist Group,” Conference for the Study of Religion in India, to be presented June 14, 2010 in Toronto Canada. “Devotion, Possession, and Illness in the World of the Goddess,” International Association of Asia Studies, Bonn, Germany, to be presented July 18, 2010 pending travel funds approval. Reviewed: New Homelands: Hindu Communities in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. Dustjacket endorsement and argument summary. Shiv Sena Women: Violence and Communalism in a Bombay Slum. by Atreyee Sen, Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2007, Journal of Asian Studies, forthcoming 2011. Saivism in the Diaspora: Contemporary Forms of Skanda Worship by Ron Geaves. London and Oakville, CT.: 2007. Journal of Hindu Studies., forthcoming, 2011. Recommendation to publish, with modifications, accepted by East-West Press, University of Honolulu, Hawaii. Global India circa 100 CE: South Asia in Early World History by Richard H. Davis. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies, 2009. Pre-publication review with revision recommendations.

Gregory W. Heath, Guerry Professor and Head, Health and Human Performance
Published the following manuscripts: Heath GW. “Physical activity epidemiology” Exploring Exercise Science. Wilson, Gregory (Ed) McGraw-Hill, NY, NY, 2009, pp. 170-181. Ballew P, Brownson RC, Haire-Joshu D, Heath GW, Kreuter MW. “Dissemination of effective physical activity interventions: are we applying the evidence?” Health Educ Res. 2010 Feb 15.[Epub ahead of print] Soler RE, Leeks KD, Ramsey, LT, Brownson RC, Heath GW, Hopkins DP, and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services. “Point-of-Decision prompts to increase stair use: A Systematic Review Update”. Am J Prev Med. 2010 Feb;38(2 Suppl):S292-300. Heath GW. “The Role of the Public Health Sector in Promoting Physical Activity: National, State, and Local Applications” J Phys Act Health. 2009 Nov;6 Suppl 2:S159-67. Heath GW and Brown DW.  “Recommended levels of physical activity and health-related quality of life among overweight and obese adults in the United States”: 2005.  Journal of Physical Activity and Health.  2009;6(4):403-411. Heath GW.  “Physical activity transitions and chronic disease”. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Jul 2009; vol. 3: pp. 27S – 31S. Awards: 2009 Charles C. Shepard Science Award, Prevention and Control (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):  “Cost Effectiveness of Community-based Physical Activity Interventions” Co-Author.
Served on the following national institute of health research study committee: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)Center for Scientific Review Study Section-Kidney disease, Nutrition, Obesity, and Diabetes (KNOD)-Member of Committee- Reviewed 30 grant proposals in 2009-2010. Served on the Tennessee Task Force for Obesity Prevention.

George Helton, Professor, Graduate Studies Division
George Helton and Barbara Ray published an article entitled “Administrative Pressures to Practice Unethically: Research and Suggested Strategies,” Journal of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry (2009, 11, 2, 112-119).

Christopher Hensley, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Co-wrote the following two publications: “The social and emotional context of childhood and adolescent animal cruelty: Is there a link to adult interpersonal violence?” International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 53(5), 596-606. “Childhood bestiality: A potential precursor to adult interpersonal violence,” Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 25(3), 557-567.

Nicholas Honerkamp, Professor, Sociology, Anthropology
Compiled and wrote an introduction for a 2009 volume entitled “Perspectives from Historical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Plantation Life,” published by the Society for Historical Archaeology. With co-author Rachel DeVan, presented a paper entitled “Thirty Five Years and Counting: Plantation Archaeology on Sapelo Island, Georgia” at the 2009 meetings of the Southeastern Archaeology Conference, Mobile, AL. With co-author Colin Bean, presented a paper entitled “Defining Frame Slave Cabins at the Thomas Spalding Plantation, Sapelo Island, Georgia” at the 2010 meetings of the Society for Historical Archaeology, Amelia Island, Florida. Elected to the Board of Directors, Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology (2010-2013).

Christopher Horne, UC Foundation Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Political Science, Public Administration, and Nonprofit Management
Published “Preparing MPA Students to Succeed in Government-Nonprofit Collaboration: Lessons from the Field” with Tommi Paris in the Winter 2010 issue of Journal of Public Affairs Education.

Debbie Ingram, UC Foundation Professor, Physical Therapy
Appointed to the University of Tennessee Alumni Association Strategic Planning Task Force; serving as chairperson for data management. Received acceptance for presentation at the 2010 American Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference in Boston, MA; “Badmouthing of Healthcare Professionals by Physical Therapist Clinical Instructors”. Elected Delegate to the American Physical Therapy Association Annual House of Delegates.

Sara Jahansouz, Assistant Dean/Greek Life, Student Development
Chosen to serve as the Fraternity and Sorority Knowledge Community Coordinator for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Region III.

David Levine, Walter M. Cline Chair of Excellence, Physical Therapy
Serving as the Scientific Chairperson for the 6th International Symposium on Veterinary Physical Therapy, Auburn University, August 2010.
Presented a paper “The Ability to Assess Temperature Differences by Palpation: A Comparison of Experienced Manual Therapists and Lay Individuals” with Dr. Randy Walker (Physical Therapy) at Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Katherine S. Lindgren, Nursing
Selected to serve as Vice Chair of Board, Memorial Health Care System beginning January 2010. Served as a Consultant for the Penn State School of Nursing’s Accelerated RN to BSN Program June 2009.

Robert Mebane, Professor, Chemistry
Co-author with Dr. Tom Rybolt the book entitled “Environmental Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method,” Enslow Publishers, 2010. Co-authored with student Sam Chill the paper “A facile one-pot conversion of aldehydes into nitriles.” Synthetic Communications, 2009, 39, 3601.

Brendon McDermott, Assistant Professor, Health and Human Performance
Publications: McDermott BP. NATA Youth Sports Safety Summit. Training and Conditioning. January 2010. Beasley KB, Lee EC, McDermott BP, Emmanuel H, Yamamoto LM, Armstrong LE, Casa DJ, Maresh CM, Kreamer WJ. “The Effect of Oral Versus Intravenous Rehydration on Circulating Myoglobin and Creatine Kinase”. J Strength Cond Res. 2010;24(1):60-67. McDermott BP, Lopez RM, Casa DJ, Yeargin SW, Ganio MS, Huggins RA, Glaviano NR, Myers SL, Stover EA, Maresh CM. “Examining Sweat Rate, Sweat Electrolyte Composition, and Hydration Habits of Youths at a Five-day Summer Football Camp”. J Sport Rehab. 2009;18(4):535-552. Stearns RL, Casa DJ, Lopez RM, McDermott BP, Ganio MS, Armstrong LE, Maresh CM. “Influence of Hydration Status on Pacing During Trail Running in the Heat”. J Strength Cond Res. 2009;23(9):2533-2541. Armstrong LE, Klau JE, Ganio MS, McDermott BP, Yeargin SW, Lee EC, Maresh CM. “Accumulation of 2H2O in Plasma and Eccrine Sweat During Exercise-Heat Stress”. Eur J Appl Physiol Occ Physiol. 2010;108(3):477-482. McDermott BP, Casa DJ, Adams B, Bunt CW, O’Connor F, Brennan AH, Troyanos C, Yeargin SW, Armstrong LE. “Cold Water Dousing with Ice Massage to Treat Exertional Heat Stroke: A Case Series”. Aviation Space Environ Med. 2009;80(8):720-722. Presentations: McDermott BP. “Heat Illness and Hydration as it Pertains to Youth Sports Participants”. Youth Sports Safety Alliance Summit. Sacramento, CA. January 2010. McDermott BP. “New Insights Regarding Intravenous Rehydration for Dehydrated Athletes Considering Combined Oral and IV Options”. American Medical Athletics Association Conference at the Marine Corps Marathon. Washington, DC. October 2009. Professional Abstract Presentations: McDermott BP, Lee EC, Yamamoto LM, Beasley KN, Armstrong LE, Anderson JS, Pescatello LS, Casa DJ, Maresh CM. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. J Athl Train. June 2010. Emmanuel H, Lee EC, McDermott BP, Beasley KN, Yamamoto LM, Armstrong LE, Casa DJ, Maresh CM. “Appearance of D2O in Sweat During Recovery and Exercise-Heat Stress Following Oral and Oral-Intravenous Rehydration”. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. J Athl Train. June 2010. McDermott BP, Lee EC, Yamamoto LM, Beasley KN, Armstrong LE, Anderson JS, Pescatello LS, Casa DJ, Maresh CM. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD. Med Sci Sports Exerc. June 2010. Armstrong LE, Ganio MS, Lee EC, McDermott BP, Klau JF, Yamamoto LM, Marzano S, Lopez RM, Casa DJ, Jiminez L, Bellego LE, Chivellotte E, Leiberman H. “Mild Dehydration Degrades Mood and Symptoms, not Cognitive Performance in Females: A Placebo-Controlled Study”. Experimental Biology Annual Meeting. April 2010. Anaheim, CA. Media Appearances: Capitol Weekly – “Hayashi to Introduce Pair of Bills to Protect Kids Who Play Sports” January 14, 2010. Medical News Today – “Summit Raises Awareness, Safety of Youth Athletes” January 12, 2010. Sacramento Press “Youth Sports Safety Summit in Sacramento.”

Vicki N. Petzko, Professor, GSD: Education
Presented a paper titled “Connecting the Perceptions of New Principals to the Content of Principal Preparation Programs and the ISLLC Standards” to the South Regional Council of Educational Administration Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Invited guest and speaker for the National Association of Secondary School Principals podcast “Voices of Experience: Knowledge and Skills Necessary for Success as a Middle Level Leader” aired February, 2010. Invited judge for the National Association of Secondary School Principals “Annual Middle Level Dissertation Award”.

Gretchen E. Potts, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Chemistry
Presented a paper entitled “Not Just An Eyesore: Analysis of Metals Leached From Cigarette Litter” at the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, October 21-24, 2009 in San Juan Puerto, Rico. Gave an invited talk at the Girls Preparatory School about women in science.

Richard Rice, Professor, History
Published “Racial and Ethnic Imagery in 19th Century Political Cartoons” in Seeking a Voice: Images of Race and Gender in the 19th Century Press (West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press, 2009), pp. 27-34. Read Paper:  “The Role of the Identity Museum in Presenting Ainu Culture,” Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies, January 16, 2010.

Tom Rybolt, Professor and Head, Chemistry
Published the article “Comparison of gas-solid chromatography and MM2 force field molecular binding energies for greenhouse gases on a carbonaceous surface” in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 338 (2009) 287-292. Thoams R. Rybolt, Kevin T. Bivona, Howard E. Thomas, Casey m. O’Dell. Published the following four science experiment books (Enslow Publishers, NJ): Ace Your Physical Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas Robert Gardner, Madeline Goodstein, and Thomas R. Rybolt. Ace Your Science Project About the Senses: Great Science Fair Ideas Robert Gardner, Thomas R. Rybolt, Leah M. Rybolt, and Barbara Gardner Conklin. Ace Your Food Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas Robert Gardner, Thomas R. Rybolt, and Salvatore Tocci. Environmental Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method Thomas R. Rybolt and Robert C. Mebane. Co-authored research presented at the Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Puerto Rico: “Use of Porous Carbons for Drug Storage and Delivery” Sarah E. McCary and Thomas R. Rybolt. “Applications of Molecular Mechanics in Determining Molecule-Graphene and Molecule-Graphite Binding Energies for up to Eight Million Organic Molecules based on Thirty Framework Ring Structures” Aaron M. Evans and Thomas R. Rybolt. “Interaction of Various Gases with the Nanoporous Carbon, Carbosieve S-III” Megan E. Busch, Howard E. Thomas, Aaron M. Evans,Thomas R. Rybolt

Christine B. Smith, UC Associate Professor, Coordinator FNP Concentration SON, Nursing
Publications: Sticher, M., Davidson, S. & Smith, C. (2010). “Reducing heart disease through the vegetarian diet using primary prevention”. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 6. Keown, T., Smith, C. & Harris, M. (2009). “Metabolic syndrome among college students”. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 5, 754-759. Owens, S., Smith, C. & Walker, S. (2009). “Updated Guidelines for the Treatment of Skin/Soft Tissue Infections in the Era of CA-MRSA in Primary Care”. The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 13 (4), 21-30. Traveled to Haiti post earthquake with the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti in February 2010 to provide primary care to earthquake victims in Leogane, Haiti.

Rebecca St. Goar, Professor, Music
Rebecca St. Goar performed with the Chattanooga Bach Choir singing Bach’s Cantata 80 as soprano soloist. Rebecca St. Goar served as Head Judge for the Georgia NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Artist Auditions at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA.

Felicia B. Sturzer, Professor of French, Acting Head, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Published a review of  Wife-abuse in Eighteenth-Ceutnry France by Mary Trouille (Oxford, UK: Voltaire Foundation, SVEC 2009:01) in XVIII-New Perspectives on the Eighteenth Century, Vol. 7, No. 1 (Spring 2010). Presented a paper entitled “‘Je ne fais pas un roman’–Epistolary Configurations and Riccoboni’s Lettres de Mylord Rivers a Sir Charles Cardigan“, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, March 18-21,2010, Albuquerque, NM. Session chair for “Fictionality: Manipulating the Reader through Language, Setting, and Innuendo”, Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, February 18-20, 2010, Johnson City, TN.

Valerie A. Taylor, Frank Varallo Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Taylor, Valerie (2009), “Brand Name and Price Cue Effects Within A Brand Extension Context,” Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 13 (2), 59-75.

Bart Weathington, UC Foundation Associate Professor, Psychology
Weathington, B.L., Cunningham, C.J.L., & Pittenger, D.J. (2010). Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 978-0470458037

Gary Wilkerson, Professor Department: Health and Human Performance
Presented a research report entitled “Effects of Sequential Ankle Ligament Sectioning and Ankle Taping on Internal Rotary Displacement of the Foot Segment of a Cadaver Specimen” at the June 2009 World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy in San Antonio, TX. Presented a 90-minute workshop entitled “Pre-Participation Screening for Injury Prevention” at the June 2009 Annual Meeting of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association in San Antonio, TX. Presented a featured lecture entitled “Clinical Prediction Rules in Athletic Training” at the June 2009 Annual Meeting of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association in San Antonio, TX. Presented a featured lecture entitled “Pathomechanics of the Ankle and Subtalar Joints” at the August Annual Meeting of the American Society of Orthopedic Physician’s Assistants in Memphis, TN. Presented an invited lecture in October 2009 entitled “Development of Clinical Prediction Rules in Sports Medicine” for Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, Physical Therapy Program, and Athletic Training Program at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. Received a $45,497 contract in August 2009 to conduct research for Chattem, Inc. that will investigate the possible beneficial effect of Icy Hot ointment on quadriceps activation following knee surgery. Received $32,665 of grant funding from the Weldon F. Osborne Foundation in October 2009 for purchase of a diagnostic ultrasound unit. Original research report entitled “Identification of Cardiometabolic Risk among College Football Players” was published in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Athletic Training. Informed in February 2010 of selection for the Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame.

Wayne K. Williams, Laboratory Manager/Teaching Associate, Geology
Williams was named “Gem of the Geology Club”, which is a member of the year award for outstanding service provided to the Chattanooga Geology Club in 2009. Williams acts as a contact member within the club for the UTC Geology Department. He has participated in their field trips and given lecture presentations in their monthly meetings. He will be leading a week long field expedition in summer 2010 for the club to the Black Hills in South Dakota.

Kimberly Wingate, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Siskin Training: “Setting Your Child Up for Success: Environmental Supports for Home & School” February 25, 2010. Center for Social and Emotional Early Learning (CSEFEL) Trainer: Through these trainings I provide professional development focus on enhancing social and emotional development for young children. Training sessions have included: September 11 and November 13, 2009 and February 5, 2010. Publications: Meece, D., Rivers, L., & Wingate, K. (2009). “Establishing Positive Verbal Environments: Strategies for Promoting Social Development through Positive Guidance”. Education: Resources Information Center, ED507400. Meece, D.W. & Wingate, K.O. (Winter, 2009). “Providing Early Childhood Teachers with Opportunities to Understand Diversity and the Achievement Gap”. Journal of the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE) Presentations: McWilliam, R.A. & Wingate, K.O. (March 2010). “How to Address Functional Skills in Everyday Routines for Young Children”. Presentation at the Child Engagement Conference. McWilliam, R.A. & Wingate, K.O. (March 2010). “How to Address Functional Skills in Everyday Routines for Young Children”. Presentation at the Child Engagement Conference. Meece, D.W., O’Kelley, K.E., & River, L. (November, 2009). “Maintaining Positive Verbal Environments in Early Childhood Settings: Strategies for Promoting Social Development through Positive Guidance”. Presentation at the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Casey, A.M, McWilliam, R.A., O;Kelley, K.E. (October, 2009). “Where is Everybody? Organizing Adults to Promote Child Engagement”. Presentation at the Division of Exceptional Children 25th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families. Wingate, K.O. (September, 2009). “What Pushes Your Button: Challenging Behaviors”. Presentation at the Chattanooga Area Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Chattanooga, TN. Wingate, K.O. Valadie, M. (June, 2009). “Relationships: Challenging Behaviors”. Presentation Siskin Childrens Institute.

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