Ann Mayer knows why it’s important to be a member of the Sick Leave Bank—it was there when she really needed it.

Mayer joined the University 14 years ago. Her mentor at UTC strongly encouraged her to become a Sick Leave Bank member. During her UTC orientation, Mayer signed up for insurance and additional benefits, but neglected to sign up for the Sick Leave Bank. Her mentor reminded her to join, so during the next enrollment period, she did.

More than a decade later Mayer, Early Childhood Specialist and young toddler teacher at the UTC Children’s Center, experienced complications during a procedure performed to address an illness. She knew her sick leave days were running out, so she contacted UTC Human Resources. Mayer received forms by email, and within a few days of returning the forms, she was approved to use hours from the Sick Bank.

If your office or department wants to know more about the Sick Leave Bank, call Kendra Biggs in Human Resources at (423) 425-4753.

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